New Psyop: Softening Terrorism

A new psyop has been launched in the mass-media with the apparent aim of softening terrorism.

Here are some sightings:

Malcolm Gladwell in the “Road to Damascus” episode of his Revisionist History podcast pleads the case for embracing reformed terrorists, and literally compares them to Saint Paul on the road to Damascus. (The podcast is also available on iTunes.)

In The Expanse science-fiction book series & TV show, the mysterious heroine, Naomi Nagata has been revealed to be a former terrorist. When she was a young woman, she blew up a spaceship filled with hundreds of people. Everybody still loves her though.

Journalist Eric Margolis recently wrote:

“While Trump of Arabia was blasting the Qataris as ‘terrorists,’ a word of no meaning whatsoever but beloved of propagandists…”

Really? No meaning? WTF?

Once a propaganda campaign like this gets rolling, its memes can be picked up by people who are not Deep State operatives, but just plain, old, sympathetic useful idiots.

What is the goal? Here are three possibilities:

1) An effort is being made to soften the image of jihadis so that the mass-immigration of Muslim cheap labor can keep flowing into the West.

2) We are seeing a lot of jihadi sympathizers and supporters gaining influence in the Democratic Party. So, perhaps the ground is being laid for when one such person is running for president and is revealed by Wikileaks to be a former terrorist. This would be a form of jury tampering done in advance of expected accusations.

3) George Soros might be looking to add more virulent “protestors” to his stable. As it is, when your typical left-wing professor dons his black-block outfit, and heads into action, the most he will do is hit a girl with his bike-lock, while a jihadi will lop her head off with a machete. So, if you want to go to the next level of street violence, you need more-savage troops.

Needless to say, if you are a writer (without morals) and want to get your novel published, make sure you have a former terrorist character in there before you submit it. There are marching orders to propagate these memes.