Carl Quintanilla is an Airhead

The “entitlements” meme is designed foremost to convince us that programs like Social Security are actually generous when in reality they are stingy. Some retirees can’t even afford running water and electricity. Others have a new Christmas ritual: roaming around like gypsies in RVs looking for work. And they end up being driven like sled dogs in America’s new sweat-warehouses.

At 2:10 into the video below, you can see CNBC airhead Carl Quintanilla lay on a thick coat of corporate happy-talk as he raves about the fabulous “mobility of the modern workforce”:

To get an idea of what it’s really like to work in these places, read: “I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave.”

Jane Wells is also in the video. Back in January, the Quintanilla/Wells duo teamed-up to have a chuckle over child slave labor. Nice, huh?

To read more about how stingy Social Security actually is, read: “The Fiscal Cliff is a Lie” by Michael Lind.

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