Carl Quintanilla is a Boot-Licker

If you think that firing well-paid American IT workers, and replacing them with badly-paid immigrants is a dumb idea, CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla thinks you are an idiot. At 2:15 into the video below, the CNBC propagandist says:

“Some are still trying to make the argument that it’s actually harmful to Americans here, who are living natively, who are long-term unemployed.”

This is the same fool who thought that having senior citizens death-marching ten miles a day in warehouses was a festive Christmas tradition. See Carl Quintanilla is an Airhead.

And look who Quintanilla is talking to in the video above. Steve Case. Remember him? He’s the guy from AOL who invented the thing where they make you jump through flaming hoops to close your account. Something that is now a “best practice” and destroying productivity all over the nation as people are given the run-around after making a simple customer-service request.

Case is also a member of President Obama’s jobs council headed by notorious job-exporter, Jeff Immelt. You know, the foxes guarding the hen house. Case should clearly recuse himself from the H1-B immigration debate since he probably just wants a fresh wave of cheap labor from India to avoid hiring American citizens for his start-up companies. Of course, if everybody like him recused themselves, there would be nobody on that side of the argument.

Read this story and ask yourself: should a guy like this be allowed anywhere near making national policy?: AOL’s Dirty Little Secret: 60% of AOL’s Profits Come From Misinformed Customers.

What you see in the video above is a prime specimen of the Oligarchy’s mass-immigration propaganda, which I discuss extensively in my book: Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy.

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