Will Record Immigration Sink Obama?

During the Great Depression, President Roosevelt shut down immigration to a trickle. He got re-elected – twice. The man was literally, President for Life. During the Great Recession, instead of following Roosevelt’s proven strategy, President Obama did just the opposite. He kept legal immigration going at a record pace. (See my charts here.)

What’s even crazier is that the Democrats seem to think that the immigration issue is their trump card.

I can hardly believe this is happening.

Maybe recent immigrants vote Democratic, but what good is that when their weight on the labor market drives down wages and working conditions thereby minting an even larger number of voters eager for a change of national direction?

The USA has become more conservative over the past year, and many states have turned from blue to red. (See this Gallup poll). And even with the specter of a Republican sweep in November, the legal-immigration issue is not even discussed.

All of the immigration debate is around illegal immigration. I watched almost all of the Republican debates, and I don’t recall a single instance when legal immigration was even mentioned.

And that shows that legal immigration is not a partisan issue. Sure, I think it could sink Obama, but I doubt a Republican president would have done anything different.

People hate it when I write non-partisan political commentary. Both sides howl for the red meat like so many rabid dogs.


The multinationals want cheap labor in the USA; just like in their beloved China. President Obama is taking one for the team – Team Plutocracy.

One million legal immigrants per year poured onto an economy already sagging with 13 millions unemployed, and 46 million on food stamps?

Insanity for Americans; nirvana for multinationals.

You partisans are playing small ball. Like my blog motto says: “It’s the sovereignty stupid!”

2 Responses to “Will Record Immigration Sink Obama?”

  1. bob says:

    amen. here’s more stupidity from democratic senators schumer and reid:

    “Amid Indian IT firms’ concerns over restrictive US visa policies for their employees, a top American senator has assured that he is working on a bipartisan bill that will reform immigration laws and allow more Indians to come to America.”


  2. admin says:


    Thanks for the link. God forbid that immigration laws should “adversely affect the business and work” of Indian body shops whose “business and work” is to outsource well-paid IT jobs held by Americans.

    Of course, body-shopping is hugely profitable, and I’m sure generates plenty of cash to purchase Senators.


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