Of Course Romney Exported Jobs

Last week, the Washington Post published: “Romney’s Bain Capital Invested in Companies that Moved Jobs Overseas“.

I’m shocked, shocked, that our leaders are exporting jobs.

Who knew, right?

Recently, Bill Clinton defended Romney against Obama’s “anti-business” attacks. And it was Clinton, along with Newt Gingrich, who signed NAFTA into law and got the job-exporting going on a large scale.

Jeff Immelt has moved GE lightbulb factories to China while acting as President Obama’s “Jobs Czar”.

As we speak, Warren Buffet has teamed-up with IBM to export middle-class jobs to India.

So, of course Romney exported jobs; that’s what our leaders do. Exporting jobs has been the business of America for many years now. President Obama has done nothing to stop it; and neither would a president Romney.

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