Donald Rumsfeld Has Gone Senile

Donald Rumsfeld recently gave a lecture at The Citadel Military College to instruct the cadets on the subject of history. I hope that the cadets had the good sense to not write this down on their notepads:

“With the advent of these lethal weapons, weapons of mass destruction, the idea of waiting until you are attacked to defend yourself is one thing if someone is going to come across your border with conventional forces. Quite another thing if you’re going to be attacked with weapons of that lethality. And you don’t have the option, really, to wait until you’re attacked as had been previously the case when the worry was ground forces, or a bomb, or a conventional weapon of some kind. That caused the president to fashion what became known as a Bush doctrine, in part, of anticipatory self-defense. The realization that, in fact, if you wait, it’s too late.”

Can you imagine? The man is still peddling the “weapons of mass destruction” line of propaganda. He is even implying that WMD are a recent development. “In fact,” as Rumsfeld likes to say, we have been under threat of WMD attack since the Soviets conducted their first atom bomb test in 1949!

I haven’t finished listening to the whole lecture yet, and I’m sure that Rumsfeld says a lot more crazy stuff. If you want to listen to the lecture, you can download it from the C-Span “Lectures in History” podcast on iTunes. The quote above comes at the 34:30 mark.