Russia’s Role in the American Civil War

The great thing about U.S. history is that there are so many fascinating things to learn. Why is that? Because quite a lot of events have been falsified or tossed down the memory hole for propaganda purposes. For example, I have been alive for 53 years, have read numerous books about the Civil War, watched all the movies, and never once did I come across the fact that Russian war ships patrolled our coasts during 1863-1864. From Wikipedia:

“In 1863, during the American Civil War, the Russian Navy’s Atlantic and Pacific Fleets wintered in the American ports of New York and San Francisco respectively. Some historians credit this visit as a major factor in deterring France and England from entering the war on the Confederate side.”

A special educational DVD of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln will be sent to all middle schools and high schools in the USA. Of course, the film does not mention the Russians. True, Lincoln had a narrow focus, but in real life President Lincoln sent his wife to New York City to greet the Russians, who were the toast of the town.

In the near future, I expect this tidbit of history will remain in the memory hole. Russia has lots of oil reserves that it refuses to sell to our oil companies and will likely be demonized until it agrees to be carpetbagged.

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