Meanwhile, Back at the Russian Embassy: Crickets

“We were invaded, is what it boils down to.” – Keith Olbermann

The Democrats proclaim that the USA has been invaded by Russia. And yet they are doing nothing to fight off the foreign invader. We see them “bravely” smashing windows at Starbucks, pepper-spraying college girls at Berkley, and marching around in “pussy hats,” but where are the demonstrations in front of the Russian embassy?


Of course, if you really believed that your country had been invaded by a foreign power, you wouldn’t just protest, you would burn down their embassy, and run them out of the country. But will our patriotic Democrats ever do such a thing?

Hell, no.

So, we have to ask: Are they cowards, or liars?

Is it possible that Keith Olbermann is a lying sack of shit?

Yes. Yes, it is.