How to Smash Public-Sector Unions

Back here, Rachel Maddow complained:

“Killing the unions is the strategy for turning Wisconsin red, not just for now, but for generations to come in an irreparable way. This is about partisan politics. It is about destroying Democrats’ chances of competing with Republicans.”

But is it really only the Republicans who are responsible?

How to smash public-sector unions:

Step 1 – Adopt “free trade” and allow global labor arbitrage to smash the larger private-sector unions.

Step 2 – As blue-collar workers are escorted from their position in the middle class, state & local tax revenue sags.

Step 3 – What remains of the middle class must now decide to accept higher taxes to compensate, or slash the public-sector unions to cut costs.

Step 4 – The ground is now prepared to bring in the Scott Walker and Chris Christie types to save the day by heroically breaking the unions that are draining the public treasuries.

Of course, we would not have globalization without bi-partisan support. Bill Clinton got the ball rolling with NAFTA and President Obama just did three more “free trade” deals with South Korea, Columbia, and Panama.

So, I say to you Democrats: enjoy Walker and Christie because they are your creations.