It’s Time to Work on a Special Relationship with China

After the British adopted “free trade” and de-industrialized, they eventually lost their empire. However, they were able to maintain a geopolitical status a bit higher than it otherwise would have been because they developed a “special relationship” with the new superpower – the USA.

Now that we have decided to follow the same path of de-industrialization and imperial decline, it seems logical that we should get busy on our own special relationship with China. Hopefully, they will take us under their wing and shore us up over the next 100 years.

Of course, some people would say that the special relationship with the Brits has been the work of MI6 and Perfidious Albion. And if that’s the case, then the CIA had better get busy on Operation Perfidious America.

To kick things off, we might do a deal were Beijing tears up their $1 trillion worth of Treasury bonds in exchange for Pacific Command not answering the phone when Taiwan calls in a panic over a “surprise” Chinese invasion. Or maybe we can send troops to help them pacify Tibet, or prison-advisers to help suppress the Falun Gong. We’re really good at prisons.

It’s not going to be pretty, but those are the consequences of de-industrialization.