Tech Hiring Frenzy

Friday’s jobs report was weak relative to recent reports, but look at these two stories I came across. There seems to be an insane hiring frenzy going on in the tech sector. This guy is complaining about the quality of available programmers:

“There’s a boom on… Everyone’s desperate to hire developers…”

And this University of Washington professor has a more detailed analysis titled: “Red Hot: The Computer Science Job Market“. He says that his students are being recruited with salaries as high as $105,000 and $30,000 signing bonuses.

One student got an internship with a big company paying $30 per hour. He asked if he could work in their London office, and they sent him right over.

This is tempting me to come out of retirement and do a project or two. It just so happens that I have a computer science degree, and I can code circles around these punks. If Groupon or LinkedIn wants to throw money and stock options at me, who am I to stop them?

Of course, this type of feeding frenzy might be the sign of a top. Is Groupon just the reincarnation of Time will tell, but at the moment, there is no jobs-related gloom in the tech industry. has a thing that makes employment trends charts. If you are looking for a new career, Search Engine Optimization seems to be on fire (click chart to enlarge):

The Java programming language seems to be top dog:

I suppose that has a lot to do with Google’s Android apps being written in Java.

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  1. It’s my belief that when economic times are bad the tech area ramps up to provide savings through technology.

    JAVA is slick but slower than some other languages. But there are always trade-offs in programming languages.

  2. As you’ve pointed out with DMD Matt, “gaming” the Google search algorithm is all the rage these days, and those SEO hirings prove it again. It actually reminds me of when “website design” was all the rage back in the dot-com boom and people were charging anywhere from $1 to $100,000 for a website depending upon what the market would bear. Seems like SEO engineers are getting some pretty big bucks for adding a few lines of code and gaming the system. Just my take. Glad they are getting jobs though!

  3. That *is* a beauty G!
    Nearly at my target to take profits. Really kicking myself for not placing a conditional order for above 1340 to get some more shorts while I was on vacation, but safety first when you can’t watch the markets. Off to the office to see what needs to get taken care of before appointments start rolling in.

  4. 2th,

    Better safe than sorry. Even the daily Renko can change rather rapidly so it has to be watched during the day – the weekly too of course, when it comes to its end.

    Maybe a monthly Renko would be better for very long-term like EOD.

  5. BTW, as I recall, no subscription is needed to get the daily and weekly Renko. I can’t tell because I am a subscriber. I’ll test that somehow, but try it if you aren’t a subscriber and let me know.

  6. I did “In Private” browsing and could make the daily and weekly Renko. So, no sub needed.

  7. Thanks G. It was more the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to get to a computer/phone and place orders, etc… so just wanted to sit on a basic short position. But when I saw that it popped above 1340, I was itching to make a trade. 🙂
    Enjoyed my golf much more with NO more risk added.

    1290 getting defended pretty vociferously by the bulls.

  8. profit stop taken out on the short ETF below 1290, so only mildly short and heavy in cash. Actually looking for a long entry now. 🙂

  9. alert the press…I’m officially long at 1285 with one last piece of short ETF to sell off on a rebound. whodathunkit?

  10. 2th,

    It would be fascinating to find out what percentage of the SEO industry is “black hat” and what part is “white hat”. I’ve never seen any stats on that though.

    One “white hat” SEO technique is to put your most important keywords into the title of your page. For example, if you Google “phoenix dentist”, you will see that the top four listings all have it in their title. Google puts a lot of weight on your page titles.

    Of course, your patients might find you by Googling your neighborhood instead of “phoenix”. Or maybe you want to target a specific procedure, and a better title might be: “Root Canal – Phoenix Dentist.” But there are a good number of such white-hat techniques that can improve your ranking a bit.


  11. Matt,
    Agreed. Phoenix dentist is such a *HOT* and high priced search term, and paying for google adwords for that one is a killer. I’m proud to say that if you google dentist and my zip code, I’m #1 (and have been) for a few years now. I definitely have room for improvement (don’t we all) in my website and it is one of my focus areas for the rest of the year, now that I am on facebook as well. Thanks for giving your expert opinion…I appreciate it greatly!

  12. 2th, your call is looking good!

    Futures up while European stocks opened lower again (which really doesn’t mean much on an EOD closing basis but mainly psychological.)

  13. We’ll see G. Let’s just say that this futures move will allow me to place my stop at purchase price plus commissions so no loss can occur, and we’ll manage the trade from there as the day unfolds. GLTA.

  14. Yup G, SPX backtested the downtrend line and bounced back up off it in the first 30 minutes. Let’s see if that bullish wedge plays out.

  15. SPX just hit the 15-min 36MA ceiling and backed off. Let’s get through it and get a nice Fib retrace of the 1345-1285 move!

  16. When the daily is down trending, there’s always a chance there will be a Humpty on the 15min.

  17. 38% retrace (1291.25) of the up move so far (1285-1295) with 1288.08 being the 62% retrace level. Nearly got to the 50% retrace at 1290. If she is going up, a breakout above 1295 should be powerful.

    I hear ya G on the humpty.

  18. got the 15min 9/36 cross on the SPX finally, so at least the bounce is officially an uptrend instead of a good guess by a dentist. 🙂 the 60-min MACD histo is positive as well. When we get a decent blast off from here, the very last of the short ETF will be jettisoned and the entire SSO position will be free to make money unhedged.

  19. Heh, Parabolic move to the downside. Now at 15min double bottom. The 5min lost the MACD which was a sell (with the 1min MACD falling below zero).

  20. G, got stopped out on the SSO at $50.40 for a profit on the way down, still have the sliver of SDS, but mostly cash right now. Let’s see how the market handles a third day of closing outside the BB on the SPX!?!

  21. That is unusual, 2th for the BB to get violated like that. Must show the seriousness of the selling.

  22. Yeah G, that is serious selling. Just like the serious “riding the BB up” that happened for the past 2 years! That is why I prefer to swing trade and set stops so I can concentrate on work without worrying about getting clobbered. Glad I set the SDS stop generously so it didn’t get taken out by the mini-bounce up today. Since I sold most of the SDS lot at $21.95, it made a nice profit down from the high 1300’s. How did you trade today?

  23. The market dropped because of some Geithner remarks about the economy. I got the message alert on the iPhone from CNBC-RT but I can’t find the story.

  24. 2th, I did fine yesterday. I have a core position using the weekly Renko which is now in the inverse. I’m still swinging the intraday – normally the 5min so I don’t have to watch as much.

    Here’s the sell signal I got yesterday before Bernanke and Geithner tanked the market.

    Here’s my charts showing the final exit on SSO (which I didn’t know at the time was the final). In this setup I key off the 1min cross of the MACD zero line to the downside. I know this means the 1min could possibly start a downtrend.

    I then look at the 5min and 15min to see if the 1min move is going to make them turn down – i.e., if they have peaked. They turned so I exited.

    I had exited half the position on the 5min stochastic/MACD peak.

  25. I used the same setup to get into SKF.

    Here is the 1,5,15min charts. Waiting on a cross of the 1min that moves the 5 and 15min. Note the 5min RED line must cross the MACD zero line.

    Why not just wait on the 5min or 15min and not use the 1min? That can be done, however, often there will be a Humpty on the higher timeframes so the 1min is better for stops and exits.

    It’s all a matter of the lower timeframes controlling the higher timeframes and watching as that action unfolds.

  26. g

    just sold 50% of SDS@ bought may 31

    bought @ 20.28

    sold premarket 22.02 and 22.04

    still have 2000 left

    did you like haydiks late may/ early june top call?…

    he is spot on again

  27. p

    NICE! Yes, good call.

    Yep, if some of those lower gaps get filled, we’ll all be rolling in the “hay”. 🙂

  28. Nice demo G, thanks for sharing.
    I was pretty free yesterday, but was working on a patient during the last hour of the trading day, so had to just set a stop and heard it trigger during the procedure. Wish I could have seen the MA crosses in real time, that would have gotten my attention.

    Nice work Phil, as usual.

  29. 2th, I hope the trigger didn’t make you jump while you had that drill in your hand. {ouch} 😀

  30. 2th



    im going wild now with UCO and SCO

    the double oil etfs …….

    makes SDS seem like a snail

  31. Nah, tiny bells on a computer don’t get me riled up. 🙂

    Okay, update. Grabbed 1/3 position of SSO at 49.80 and then 2/3 filled at 49.65 (both sub 1280) for a nice bound/rebound play. So far, so good, but I’ll just keep watching for now. Sliver of SDS will get sold off as the bounce gets legs–SSO is above $50.10 as I finish this…nice!

  32. 2th, I’m assuming that alarm is the sound of a cash register (the old type with a bell). Ha!

  33. CHA-ching. Yup, took 1/3 position profits at $49.95 and just got stopped out of the rest at $49.85. CHA-ching. A nice counter-trend rally play completed.

  34. Thanks G….just trying to apply the lessons learned here.

    If it is a counter-trend, get in, get out, TTMAR!

    Nice futures dump down to 1270 after hours and sprung right back up 5 points. Still holding sliver of SDS, but again, mostly in cash after the counter-trend round trip today. Ka-ching.

  35. Bought more SDS at the “channel line” for a swing trade back to the other channel line (60 min chart). If the market would have gone down to start the day, I would have grabbed SSO at the lower channel line and looked to swing that up to the other side. Traveling today, so looking for low risk, easily defined trade for risk/stop and profit exit (2×1 reward to risk ratio built in with this one–yeah).

  36. “Corn prices hit record high on CBOT.” (Source: CNBC-RT)

    Capital Hill is getting what they want: Higher corn prices so they can drop the subsidies. Part of that scheme was to use corn as fuel (our state requires all fuel to be at least 10% ethanol) to reduce edible consumption creating more demand.

    Why not use alge or switch-grass, etc? Nah, not political enough.

    More “stuff” is made from corn than any other crop. Just wait until meat takes more of a hit than it already has.

  37. Corn made a higher high with low momentum on all 3 daily, weekly, and monthly charts with slight overextension over the 7ma on the monthly chart. Looks like a sizable correction downward could be coming in the next few weeks.

  38. Almost done getting the mountain place opened up. Stopped out on blast up out of channel. Worth a try. Have a great night everyone

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