Tech Hiring Frenzy

Friday’s jobs report was weak relative to recent reports, but look at these two stories I came across. There seems to be an insane hiring frenzy going on in the tech sector. This guy is complaining about the quality of available programmers:

“There’s a boom on… Everyone’s desperate to hire developers…”

And this University of Washington professor has a more detailed analysis titled: “Red Hot: The Computer Science Job Market“. He says that his students are being recruited with salaries as high as $105,000 and $30,000 signing bonuses.

One student got an internship with a big company paying $30 per hour. He asked if he could work in their London office, and they sent him right over.

This is tempting me to come out of retirement and do a project or two. It just so happens that I have a computer science degree, and I can code circles around these punks. If Groupon or LinkedIn wants to throw money and stock options at me, who am I to stop them?

Of course, this type of feeding frenzy might be the sign of a top. Is Groupon just the reincarnation of Time will tell, but at the moment, there is no jobs-related gloom in the tech industry. has a thing that makes employment trends charts. If you are looking for a new career, Search Engine Optimization seems to be on fire (click chart to enlarge):

The Java programming language seems to be top dog:

I suppose that has a lot to do with Google’s Android apps being written in Java.