The Egyptian Army is a Paper Tiger

Yes, the Egyptian Army is equipped with a vast array of American weaponry, but Israel has no need to worry. The USA only allows Egypt a few day’s supply of ammo and spare parts, according to Eric Margolis.

Of course, being on the wrong end of an onslaught of such an army for “only a few days” wouldn’t be a picnic. But I’m guessing that an Egyptian attack on Israel is not very likely no matter how crazy the next regime may be.

Could the Egyptians build their own ammo and spare parts? I doubt they would be able to keep their American jets flying for very long without extensive outside help, but they do build the American M1A1 battle tank themselves under license. I couldn’t find much information on this, but according to this page, only 40% of the M1A1 parts are made at the Egyptian plant, with the rest being imported from the USA.

Another factor in Israel’s favor is that the Arabs are counting on the Israelis to help them fight off the Persians. If Iraq becomes an Iranian satellite after the USA is gone, then all of a sudden both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will be effectively sharing a land border with Iran. Look at the maps: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait.

Will Iraq fall to Iran? Some observers think so. Muqtada al-Sadr, who was hiding out in Iran, recently returned to Iraq. Only three years ago, Iraqi troops were cracking down on Al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army in Basra.