Thomas L. Friedman, Patriotic Globican

“Globican” is a word that I coined to describe a globalist who lives in the USA. Calling such people Americans isn’t quite right because their loyalties lay with the multinational corporations that run the world.

The first person that I inducted into my globican club was Larry Kudlow. But don’t think that globicans are only found in the Wall Street Journal. As a matter of fact, the most odious globican of all writes for the New York Times: Thomas L. Friedman.

And Friedman is not only a globican, but he is a raging, psycho, globalist cheerleader. What does he say when unemployment is still over 8%, and there are 46 million Americans on food stamps? See for yourself:

“Forget about ‘outsourcing.’ In today’s hyper-connected world, there is no ‘in’ and no ‘out.'”

According to Friedman, only rubes and bumpkins believe in the “myth” of outsourcing. There is no “in” or “out” because there are no borders; no USA – only multinational corporations arranging the people of the globe to suit their profit margins.

Friedman carries on about how we have to get better educated, and high-tech to compete in the futuristic global economy. But isn’t that what the American IT workers at IBM were doing? As we speak, they are being kicked to the curb by the thousands; replaced with mainly Indians. The labor-arbitrage profits are so huge that even Warren Buffett came to wet his beak.

What does Mr. Friedman have to say about this mass-slaughter of middle-class jobs? Not a damn thing; he’s too busy kissing IBM’s ass. Here he is giving a talk at IBM’s “THINK Forum”:

At 28:22 into the video, Friedman gives advice to parents:

“Get your kids to think like new immigrants…We are all new immigrants today… We are new immigrants to a hyper-connected world. And how does the new immigrant think? He or she starts everyday and says: Nothing is owed me. Nothing is owed me in this world. There is no legacy place waiting for me at IBM or Harvard or my state university…”

You see, in Friedman-land, your US citizenship counts for nothing – not even a spot in a school funded with your tax dollars. And that, of course, is exactly what you should teach your children. Because Mr. Friedman is not joking or exaggerating. Multinational corporations have little use for citizenship, patriotism, or sovereignty. Your children truly will be just another few bodies in a sea of billions.

If Thomas L. Friedman doesn’t make your skin crawl, you just might be a globican yourself.

And I’m not the only one holding this opinion. As a matter of fact, Belén Fernández wrote a book about Friedman: “The Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman at Work.” She has a video showing Friedman’s buffoonery at full blast, blathering about a “terror bubble” in Iraq that we had to pop:

I understand the need for propaganda to keep Americans sedated while their nation is dismantled, but really? Really, New York Times? This guy?

Note: Funny how the outsourcing at IBM, one of the nation’s largest employers, isn’t a campaign issue, right? The Democrats and Republicans are going on and on about unemployment, food stamps, and offshoring, and not a peep about IBM. This is one of the ways you can tell that the USA is no longer a sovereign nation, and that the multinationals are calling the shots.