Trump Guilty – of Being Elected

It’s pretty clear that President Trump is being persecuted for nothing more than winning a presidential election, which as far as I can tell is not an actual crime. So, in effect, and purely for partisan political motivations, the FBI is trying to impeach the president, a power not granted to them by the Constitution. Only Congress can impeach the president, and the fact that the FBI has usurped this power is clear evidence that Constitutional government has come to an end.

So, President Trump should not fire Robert Mueller. Rather, Mueller should be captured and imprisoned as an enemy combatant by U.S. soldiers, who are sworn to protect the Constitution.

So far, the President has been soft on The Resistance, which, I hate to break it to you, has already started the civil war. Just ask Steve Scalise if the war has gone hot or not. It’s time to round up these jokers and re-establish order.

Note: On June 12, 2017, Pat Buchanan wrote that Trump “…must purge the deep state…” But you read it here first nearly four months prior in my Trump Must Crush the Deep State.

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