Trump is Soft on Immigration

You might think that I’m crazy for saying this in light of Trump’s hard-line speech on immigration last night. However, none of Trump’s ten points addressed the record level of legal immigration that the USA is currently experiencing. Nor was the term “H-1B” even mentioned in the speech.

Our massive food-stamp population of 43.5 million people is hard proof that our economy is not able to absorb the giant tidal wave of a million legal immigrants per year, plus a huge contingent of legal visa workers.

The truth is that our legal-immigration problem is a far more serious economic problem than illegal immigration. Not only do we need to reduce legal immigration, but we probably need at least a ten-year moratorium on all immigration to absorb all the people that we have already taken in.

And not one word from Trump? WTF?

If you think that you can rebuild the middle class without drastically reducing legal immigration, you are sadly mistaken.