Tech Rumblings: Twitter Clones

Twitter has angered a good number of software developers who make apps for their platforms. Twitter is cutting off the numerous “client” apps that sprang up around their API, thus rendering the investment in those apps worthless. Here’s a story: “Twitter to Devs: Don’t Make Twitter Clients… Or Else“.

Angry coders are contemplating rebellion by launching a Twitter rival. They are pinning their hopes on Can the rebellion succeed? I don’t know, but with tech superstars like Dave Winer involved, Twitter has cause for alarm. Mr. Winer is not working on a Twitter clone himself, but he is providing wisdom to those who are. From his blog: “If I were making a Twitter clone…“.

Twitter says that they are not going to do an IPO anytime soon. However, by killing off client apps, it seems obvious that they are wanting to monetize their service by corralling all the eyeballs. In any case, if the rebellion gains traction, and Twitter rushes an IPO to market, investors would want to evaluate whether or not Twitter is trying cash-out before it’s too late.

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