Don’t Unify the Country

Democrats are calling on Trump to “unify” the nation. But what do they actually mean by that? Answer: they want him to hire Hillary, and renege on his campaign promises. No wall, no bringing the factories home, no immigration actions, etc.

They want him to walk everything back until the special snowflakes stop bawling.

F*** that noise.

I remember being surprised when Obama hired Hillary after the nasty primary battle they fought. Turns out, that was the very dumbest decision Obama made. She blew up the entire Middle East, and that will be pinned on his legacy. By supporting Hillary’s career, he created a monster who bungled the 2016 campaign. And now Obama is faced with the prospect of Trump overturning his entire legacy. Obama ruled by decree, so Trump can overturn most of his policies just as easily.

Live by the executive order; die by the executive order.

Obama has only himself to blame. If he had boosted the career of a more-competent politician, he might not be faced with his legacy being erased.

If Trump wanted to appoint Hillz as D.C. dog-catcher, I would confirm the appointment. But any “unifying” beyond that is out of the question.

Damn the snowflakes; full speed ahead.

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