Poverty: USA vs. Venezuela

With the wheels coming off of socialist Venezuela, you might think that there are more poor people there than there are here in capitalist America. But that is not that case. As a matter of fact, we have more people who are unable to feed themselves than Venezuela has people. Currently, we have 42 million people on food stamps while Venezuela’s total population is 31 million. See the chart below.

You might say that poverty is an unintended consequence of socialism. However, increasing poverty is a policy goal of Robberbaronism. Busting America’s uppity middle-class workers down to paying rent to slum-lords instead of making mortgage payments on their houses in the suburbs has been the heart-and-soul of our economic policy for decades. And it is working. Those 42 million people on food stamps are there by design; manufactured by the twin pincers of mass-immigration and mass-offshoring of jobs.

Those are not Capitalist policies; they are robber-baron policies. And they were never approved by the American people. Rather, they were imposed by the King of All Robber Barons, David Rockefeller, and his Washington Consensus. The people sent Donald Trump to Washington to put an end to Robberbaronism, but so far, Trump has only made a couple of small adjustments. The twin pincers march on.