Wednesday’s Trading – 9/8/2010

One of my jackass stalkers sent me a nasty-gram that read:

“You need a new dog. All you do is dog everyone else. How about some news we can use?”

But on the night before the market topped, I published a “TRIN Alert” and wrote:

“The odds definitely favor the bears at this juncture.”

Note to jackass: Exactly which part of “favor the bears” don’t you understand?

My “Fractal Dimension Index End-of-Trend Signal” from Saturday also worked well. If you had a futures account, you could have put a short position on Sunday and caught all of Tuesday’s drop. Even if you shorted SPY at the open on Tuesday, your trade was in the green all day, except for a brief dip into the red at 9:45am.

Note to jackass: If you couldn’t make any money on Tuesday, then your wife should take away your trading account.