What Planet is John Bolton Living on?

Today on Fox News, I saw John Bolton say that the pro-Mubarak supporters in Cairo were wholesome, upstanding citizens just trying to restore order.

Can you imagine? I have a question for Bolton: if you are really just doing your civic duty and trying to get everybody to play nice, do you run up on Anderson Cooper of CNN and punch him in the face?

No, you do not. You wouldn’t worry about the media filming your good deeds. Yet Bolton’s “good Samaritans” were clearly hunting journalists.

Not only that, but CNN reported that Mubarak’s rent-a-goon squads are veterans of his rigged elections, and are paid to bust heads. They get $40 and a Viagra pill, which allows them to do more raping.

Another question for Bolton: are you a fan of the Iranian Basij too?