What Planet is John Bolton Living on?

Today on Fox News, I saw John Bolton say that the pro-Mubarak supporters in Cairo were wholesome, upstanding citizens just trying to restore order.

Can you imagine? I have a question for Bolton: if you are really just doing your civic duty and trying to get everybody to play nice, do you run up on Anderson Cooper of CNN and punch him in the face?

No, you do not. You wouldn’t worry about the media filming your good deeds. Yet Bolton’s “good Samaritans” were clearly hunting journalists.

Not only that, but CNN reported that Mubarak’s rent-a-goon squads are veterans of his rigged elections, and are paid to bust heads. They get $40 and a Viagra pill, which allows them to do more raping.

Another question for Bolton: are you a fan of the Iranian Basij too?

24 thoughts on “What Planet is John Bolton Living on?

  1. SPY to fill the Tuesday gap? Hope so. Funny, there was a lot of good news the past several days. But, as 2th says, that’s priced in. 😀

  2. There are 78 million Egyptians and 200,000 brothers wanting to take power. If those brotherhood were the only ones on the election list I’d guess they’d punch a few faces too. There has not been an islamic democracy in a thousand years and the brotherhood does not want one. No wonder Mubarak was trying to politely tell Obama he doesn’t get it and the media probably doesn’t get it either.

  3. Yup G, good news = market up and bad news = market up. ‘Cause QE3 is getting ready to set sail and REALLY get the inflation fires burning. Did you see the Manufacturing subindices? Input prices are going through the roof!!!!

  4. George,

    I’ve been running the same version of WordPress for a while now, so nothing on the site has changed. What do you have for your security setting in MSIE?


  5. Yo, Bond King, are you in on TBT? Looks like the bottom was in last year in August after 20 years of bear.

  6. See…bad news = no reaction since the Fed has your back. 🙂 There is ZERO risk to investing now–just buy the dip and hang on for higher prices. They’ll come thanks to the sailing of QE2 and future QE3 already being talked about if things don’t go as planned.

  7. Here’s Dip-Buying. A 60min chart to catch trends on get into a trend already in progress.

    Note a couple of days ago there was a whipsaw where the red line crossed the green signaling a short. However, that trade would not have been taken on the inverse because it did not meet the rules of price crossing the black line with a stochastic bottom breaking to the upside.


  8. I can’t wait to charge $2,000 for a crown! I promised my staff something special if we break $1M in revenues this year or next…could do it just on 20% price increases! 🙂

  9. Got the feeling that the market is on shaky ground right now. But consolidation makes me feel that way often.

  10. I agree with Tooth (and Phil), there is no downside to this market, all dips are bought, shorts are dreaming, next stop S & P 1500…

  11. Wow G, I’m on the high side in my area at $1,200…you must have a World Famous dentist, or a mouth full of gold!

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