Where Did the Crazy Go?

When I was boy, people were totally crazy. They were going to EST seminars, taking orders from Charles Manson, joining cults, drinking the Kool-Aid, and committing mass suicide. Howard Stern lived in a TM monastery, Robin Quivers was a disciple of Paul Larsen and his “Summit” cult, and bombs were dropped on the MOVE cult in Philadelphia.

I remember when I first went on the internet in 1995; you couldn’t click ten feet without hitting a Scientology flame-war. And today? Crickets. Nobody is talking about Scientology, cults, deprogramming, or anything crazy.

So, where did the crazy go? Is everybody cured now?

Ha, ha! That will be the day!

Actually, people are crazier than ever; it’s just not as visible. Today, young people are drugged with Ritalin, and jacked into the Matrix, alternating between playing “first person shooters” or watching an infinite stream of porn.

Have we made progress? On one hand, a video game can’t make you drink poison Kool-Aid. So, that’s a good thing. On the other hand, cults made their thralls work hard, often giving them valuable work skills that could be used later in life, after deprogramming.

It’s a tough call. I suppose that parents would consider it progress. At least their kids are still at home, and don’t require kidnapping out of a cult.