Send us Your Maniacs, Yearning to Kill Freely

As the judicial branch of our government debates whether or not the President can stop jihadis from coming into the country, it’s a good time to look back in history and realize that we have seen this movie before.

Like Barack Hussein Obama, who spirited thousands of potential jihadis into the USA toward the end of his Caliphate, another soft-headed Democrat, Jimmy Carter, did the very same thing during his last year in office. In 1980, Carter welcomed huge numbers of Cuban refugees with zero vetting. Fidel Castro took the opportunity to empty his prisons and sprinkled his maniacs in with the good people – just like ISIS does today, sprinkling in jihadis with Syrian refugees. Maybe they got the idea from Castro…

After the Mariel Boatlift, Miami became the lucky recipient of Cuba’s entire prison population, and civilization in the city came to an end. I didn’t move here until 1995, but I am told that for awhile there in the 1980s, Miami Beach was a no-go zone. Police had to patrol in squads of three or more patrol cars or be subject to attack.

Miguelito Perez – bad hombre

Scarface is an example of a “Marielito” but his character was not made from whole cloth. Miguel “Miguelito” Perez was a real-life Marielito. After arriving in Miami, he went to work for the blood-thirsty Colombian cartel kingpin, Griselda Blanco. Perez killed Blanco’s rivals by the dozens. She would even pay him a bonus if he killed their children too. He was imprisoned for machine-gunning a 2-year old. Democrats like to scoff when President Trump talks about bad hombres, but they do indeed exist, and they want to come here.

Imagine you embark upon a life of crime in Somalia. On the fist day of your new career, you mug 10 people. But they are, alas, Somalians and none of them had anything more than spare change in their pockets. Now, imagine if you could come to the USA and mug 10 Americans. For the exact same amount of crime, you would get 6 iPhones and 4 Androids. You would be crazy not to come here.

Order was not restored in Miami by the Carter Administration. And it wasn’t restored by Crockett and Tubbs either. Miami wasn’t pacified until President Reagan sent the feds in. And he didn’t just send FBI & DEA agents. For awhile there, Reagan had the U.S. Navy and the Coast Guard patrolling off the coast of Colombia, seizing drug shipments. Today, Mexico is getting off easy with just a wall.

Now, imagine if a judge had ruled that President Reagan was not allowed to save Miami. What would have been the city’s fate? Would it be a narco-state like Mexico is today? Maybe. And so, any judge who rules that President Trump cannot control who comes into the USA should be arrested and tried for treason.

Note: Jimmy Carter was David Rockefeller’s first puppet president, so it’s no surprise that Carter thought that throwing open the borders to all comers was a fabulous idea. The Rockefeller’s had been scheming to erase our borders since the 1940s. Today, it’s George Soros, and the multinational corporations spawned by Rockefeller’s globalist trade policies who have taken up the torch for the grand cause of dissolving America into the Third World.

Note: If you are vetting refugees who have no papers you can still do a couple of things. First, check them for prison tattoos. No convicts allowed. Second, pop them in the MRI to scan them for psychopathic brain structure. Not all people with psychopathic brain structure are criminals, of course, but if all such people were kept out, you would drastically reduce the number of violent criminals admitted.

Note: For the details of what happened in Miami, see the documentary series Cocaine Cowboys.