Just Say No to Keto

If you want to drop weight fast, there is no better way than by using a ketogenic, low-carbohydrate, Atkins type of diet. However, you will be dropping mostly water weight, and will reflate just as soon as you can no longer stand the hideous side-effects of ketosis. A keto diet is a powerful diuretic.

MMA fighters, boxers, and wrestlers often drop weight to go down a weight-class and beat-up on smaller opponents. They do this primarily by dehydrating their bodies, and may drop as much as 30 pounds before they have to weigh-in. Then they have to frantically rehydrate before their bout, because fighting in a dehydrated state is very dangerous. The human brain is 73% water, and the more it is dehydrated, the less cushioning it has, and the the easier it is for the fighter to get knocked out.

This is why you can reduce your weight so fast on a keto diet: your body is 60% water and water is very heavy. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, your body contains 90 pounds of water, and even a small percentage loss translates into a large loss shown on your scale.

That’s How They Get You

That fantastic weight drop creates a life-long impression that a low-carb diet is the only thing that works. Then the gurus sell you all kinds of low-carb books, supplements, and expensive specialty foods. They make millions while you get fatter.

How a Ketogenic Diet Makes You Fatter

The dirty little secret of low-carb dieting is that the fat content of your body creeps upward as you eat excess calories. The diuretic effect of ketosis causes your weight to drop on the scale almost completely regardless of the number of calories that you eat. So, when a guru tells you that you can eat all the bacon that you want and still lose weight, he’s not lying. But make no mistake, he is concealing the truth that you are probably storing more fat while merely losing water-weight. An eat-all-you-want low-carb diet masks increased fat storage.