You can use the Cuisines window to classify the restaurants that you deliver to. The cuisines here show up in the pop-up menu on the Restaurants window. So, if you just made your first delivery for a Bosnian restaurant, you would make a new Cuisine here called “Bosnian.” Then you would go to the Restaurants window and make a new restaurant called perhaps “Bills Bosnian Buffet” and use the Cuisine pop-up menu to assign it to the Bosnian cuisine.

Classifying restaurants by cuisine is a lot trickier than you might imagine. First, there are no “official” classifications. Second, many chefs and restaurants want to differentiate themselves and make their eatery a very special snowflake that defies classification. So, sometimes you have to do research, and maybe even call the restaurant and ask them.

You will also have to decide how granular you want to be. For example, each region of Italy has its own cuisine, and New Jersey has its own popular variation. Also, are pizzerias Italian? Is Dominoes an Italian restaurant? Should it be in the same category as Lucali, who’s prices are triple those of Dominoes?

You can classify restaurants any way that makes sense to you. And you don’t have to have all the answers in advance. You can always go back and move a restaurant into a different cuisine. Ultimately, we want to classify restaurants into groups with clienteles that have similar tipping-habits. For example, suppose that you use three categories: Pizza, Italian, Upscale Italian. And after doing a good number of deliveries, you find that they tip $2.50, $3.25, and $4.50 respectively. So, when a new upscale Italian restaurant becomes a Postmates partner, and you start getting lots of pings for them, you know that the tipping will likely be very good.