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PizzaBoy Menu Commands

File –> Save Configuration

This command will save all of the windows that you have open so that the next time your run PizzaBoy, you will have the exact same window configuration.

File –> Refresh Top Window

This command will reload the data for the top-most window. So, for example, if you have Restaurant Analyzer open while you are entering some new deliveries, it won’t automatically update itself. After you use this command, or press F5, the Restaurant Analyzer will reload with the latest data.

File –> Remove Sample Data

PizzaBoy comes with a sample database filled with fake data so that you can see how all the app’s features work. Once you have had a look around the app, you can flush the sample data and start entering your own real data.

Help –> Bring Windows Back into View

On the Mac, sometimes a window can get off-screen and it’s a big pain in the ass to get it back. If that happens, you can use this command to fetch it. However, all of PizzaBoy’s open windows will be moved to the upper-left corner of your screen, so you will have to fix your configuration after that.

Help –> Open App Data Folder

Back in the day, Apple was loosey-goosey about where you could keep files. But now Apple follows the same policy as Microsoft and requires that apps keep their data in a specially-designated folder. Of course, nobody knows where that folder is, so you can use this command to open it. This is the place you want to go to if you want to copy your database for use on another device, or to make a back-up copy.

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