Send Charts to Browser

PizzaBoy uses the browser rendering engine installed on your computer to make its charts. If for some reason PizzaBoy cannot connect to the engine, the charting won’t work. So, this setting is designed to handle that contingency.

Ace Threshold

What does it take to make your Aces list? In the screenshot below, we see that a person needs to tip $6.50 on average to make the list. You can also use Total Tips as your metric. There are separate settings for cash tips because they tend to be smaller than in-app tips.

Stiff Threshold

The explanation on the screenshot is self-explainitory:

Postmates Historical Totals

The Postmates dashboard shows you the total amount they have paid you, and the total number of deliveries that you have done. If you use the “Postmates Totals” window (on the Accounting menu) you can see if the totals that PizzaBoy shows match. If they do, then you probably haven’t made any mistakes while entering your deliveries and deposits.

However, if you have a lot of deliveries to enter, and haven’t finished yet, or don’t want to enter them at all, you can still reconcile with the Postmates totals. You do this by entering an historical dollar amount, and an historical number of deliveries. And then, going forward, as you do deliveries and enter them into PizzaBoy, you will stay in balance with Postmates.

On the screenshot below, the historical numbers that you enter don’t have to be accurate; they only have to make the PizzaBoy totals reconcile with the Postmates totals. So, let’s say that you did five deliveries today, kept notes, and have just entered them into PizzaBoy. Your totals shown on various PizzaBoy windows won’t match Postmates. To make them match, subtract your total revenue and deliveries from the totals that Postmates has, and enter the results on this screen. Then go to the “Postmates Totals” window, click the Refresh button, and your totals should now match.

The Postmates fee is self-explanatory. PizzaBoy needs to know what it is to balance what Postmates says they paid you, and what was actually deposited into your bank account.

Journal Columns

The screenshot is self-explanatory: