Deposit Tracker

This is where you keep track of your deposits as they are on their way to your bank account. When you are notified of a payment, click the “Make” button and enter the amount. Once the payment clears your bank account, come back to this window, click on the deposit that has cleared, and then click the “Reconcile” button. The deposit will be removed from the list. If you need to edit it for some reason, go onto the “Data Entry” menu and then to “Deposits.”

While very few transactions fail to clear these days, we still want to track our payments through each phase of the process. Because if you are delivering for more than one app, and there are mistakes and/or delays in getting paid, things can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. It doesn’t take a lot of time to use Pizza Boy’s accounting tools, and if you do so, you will never be confused about whether or not you have been paid in full.