This is where you enter your courier expenses. Be sure to review the Expense Categories before you start entering your expenses.

The name of an expense can be anything. And you can enter your old expenses in any order that you please. Ideally, you will have them in your banking app or spreadsheet. PizzaBoy will then be able to use this data to calculate your profits. If you don’t enter your expenses, PizzaBoy will only be able to track your revenue, and not your profit, which is the more-important number.

Keep in mind that you may have a number of unexpected expenses, because a contractor has more expenses than a regular employee. For example, a regular employee drives back and forth to work while a contractor drives around all day. That extra expense cuts deep into your profits. An example of an unexpected expense is that large amounts of aerobic exercise weaken your immune system, and if you deliver on a bicycle, you might find yourself having more colds than usual. If so, you should treat the extra cold medicine & Kleenex that you need as an expense.