This is the window where you enter your deliveries, and reconcile them when you get paid. Click image to enlarge:

The upper list shows all of your deliveries for the current day, which you enter by clicking the “Add Delivery” button. The list at the lower-left shows a summary for each app that you delivered for. The idea, of course, is for these totals to match the totals on each app’s website to make sure that everything is accounted for.

Step back and forth through the days by clicking the “Back” and “Forward” buttons. Click the “Today” button to come back to the current day. Click the “Pick” button to select a day from the calendar.

The “Pay Recon” and “Tip Recon” columns in the upper list are for reconciling payments. Some apps, like Postmates and UberEATS, will often payout a tip on a different day than they payout your regular pay. So, PizzaBoy has facilities to handle that.

When a deposit is made into your account, go to the day it is for, or the first day of the week it is for, and click in the “Pay Recon” column so that it changes from “no” to “yes” for each delivery. As you do so, the totals in the “Reconciled Today” box will update. Repeat by clicking in the “Tip Recon” column for any tips. When you are done checking-off your orders and tips, the total in the “Reconciled Today” box should match the total reported by the app for that day or week. For Postmates, your total will be 15 cents less than the total deposited due to PayPal’s fee.

If a tip is reported long after the delivery, move back through the days until you find it. The “Tip Recon” column will read “Yes” because when you got paid for the delivery, it didn’t look like you got a tip. Click it again to read “No.” Once you do that, it will show up on the Reconcile window so that you can keep an eye on it until you get paid for it. When you do get paid for it, you can re-find it quicker by clicking the “Not Recon.” button which will pull up all the un-reconciled payments and tips in your database.

So, the basic idea is that all of your deliveries and tips are un-reconciled when you enter them. When you get pad for that day/week, you go through them all and set the reconciled flag to “Yes” and as long as the deposit totals match, you are done. If a tip then comes in later, you want to go back and flip the reconciled flag back to “No” and leave it that way until you get paid for it. This is something that you will be doing constantly with Postmates.

The Deliveries window looks similar to the Delivery Analyzer, however they are very different. The Deliveries window is an accounting window with tools to keep your accounts always balanced to the penny. The Delivery Analyzer is an analytics window with tools to help you look for patterns that you can exploit to improve your profits.