The Metrics window can calculate 27 different stats provided that you have entered all of your data into PizzaBoy: deliveries, bonuses, expenses, and hours-worked. (Deposits are not used to calculate revenue; that data is pulled from your deliveries.)

If you are delivering for more than one app, it is not possible to perfectly calculate profits for each app because many of your expenses can’t be easily segregated by app. For example, if your phone used 100mb of data for one shift where you worked for 3 apps, how much of the cost should be assigned to each app. That’s not easy to figure out, and not worth the effort either.

So, what PizzaBoy does is look at the proportion of deliveries between the apps, and then apportion expenses accordingly. So, if 60% of your deliveries were for Postmates, then it will be assigned 60% of your expenses. This approach gives as a very good approximation of the profits earned from each app. In the screenshot below, look at the two metrics at the top: Deliveries and Expenses. In the first panel, the app is set to “All” and there are 560 deliveries. In the second panel, the app is set to “PM” and there are 242 deliveries. So, Postmates had 43.2% of deliveries, and its expenses have been assigned accordingly. So, the $8.10 profit per hour is a very good estimate. The only way to get exact numbers would be to only work for one app.