Download The Salsa Rhythm Machine
Windows Version 3.2.0: Download
Mac OS X Version 3.3.0: Download

Windows Installation Notes

  1. This program runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.
  2. The file downloaded is named: SalsaSetup.exe.
  3. Double click on SalsaSetup.exe, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Double-click the new Salsa icon on your desktop to start The Salsa Rhythm Machine.
  5. If it doesn’t work, you probably need to install Windows Media Player. See below.

Mac OS X Installation Notes

  1. The program runs on all versions of Mac OS X
  2. If you have trouble downloading, use Safari. Not all browsers know what to do with DMG files.
  3. The file downloaded is named: Salsa.dmg.
  4. Double click on Salsa.dmg, and a new disk icon named “Salsa” will appear on your desktop.
  5. Double click on the new Salsa disk icon.
  6. Drag the Salsa folder to some place on your hard drive.
  7. Open the Salsa folder, and double-click on Salsa Rhythm Machine.

Windows Media Player

Macintosh users can skip this section.

If you don’t have Windows Media Player 9 or higher on your computer, click here to download it. Media Player is free. If you are not sure if you have it, click the Start button, then point at Programs, and then click on Windows Media Player. (If you don’t see it there, you probably need to download it.) Once Media Player starts up, go to the Help menu and choose “About Windows Media Player.” On the window that opens up you want to see a version number beginning with a 9 or higher. If you can’t find the Help menu, which Microsoft has so brilliantly deemed to be unnecessary, then you have a newer version which will work OK.

Windows users can also use Apple’s QuickTime instead of Windows Media Player. If you do so, go onto the Salsa Rhythm Machine’s “File” menu, and then to “Settings”, and switch it to QuickTime.