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Note: The Salsa Rhythm Machine comes with two songs. It is programmed to work with many more songs that you can obtain. On the program’s “Songs” window, use the “Add Song” button for instructions on how to add each song. Or just click the first link below:

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  1. I prefer to listen to the Apple encoder (m4a) rather than the MP3 Encoder (mp3).
    Would using the Apple Encoder instead or the MP3 affect SRM?

  2. I am unable to use “The Count” window. Any suggestions?
    I was using SRM 3.2 I upgraded to 3.3 and it worked for a little bit before breaking again. Any suggestions?

    OS: Mac OS X Sierra (10.12.6)

    PS: Btw, the m4a songs do play but I wonder if they wound in sync with the other windows ( Basic step and Count).

  3. I did more careful testing and I think I found workarounds for the behavior that I am looking at. Here are the results:
    “The Count” Test Cases:

    1. “The Count” Window stops
    a) Play “Bumble Bee”
    b) Select the “File” menu item in the SRM
    Result: The Count windows stops working while the Basic Step window continues to work as expected. The Count Window should continue to work just like the Basic Step Window.

    2. “The Count” Windows bright red color(Milan) changes to hard to see dark red color (wine)
    a) Play “Bumble Bee”
    b) Transfer the windows focus by selecting any other window with the mouse cursor.

    Result: Since “The Count” windows has lost focus the bright red color describing the beat of the songs now becomes dark red (wine) which is really hard to see if some computer monitors.

    I used the “Bumble Song” because it is included with App making it easier to reproduce. I have tried the Apple Lossless encoder (m4a) and I am happy to report that all the songs work the same as Bumble Bee.

    1. This is something the Mac has done all throughout its history: you click on a menu, and everything else stops. If you run SRM on Windows you won’t see it stop, or the color change from red to wine. I think this no longer happens with 64-bit apps on the Mac, but SRM is still a 32-bit app. So, until I can convert it to 64-bit, The Count window will have to be on top.

  4. How much is it to buy additional “scripted” songs?
    I presume some of them might be already scripted and immediately available and some others have to still be scripted. is the price the same?
    Can they be priced as a “pack” ?


    1. If you mean the sound files, I am not authorized to sell any songs. I was only able to get permission from two artists to include their songs with the program. If you click the “Add Song” button on the “Songs” window, it will tell you how to get the right version of the song so that it matches the script. If you want a script for song that is not in the list, I can make one for you, but it is a time-consuming process so I charge $50 per song.

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