Salsa Rhythm Machine

If you are confused by salsa music, don’t feel bad. Even top salsa dancers and musicians are secretly embarrassed by how long it took them to get the rhythm. There is nothing wrong with you! You can do it too! The Salsa Rhythm Machine is software that will speed up the process, which previously was measured in months.

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The Secret to Learning Salsa Rhythm

Even the best salsa instructor can’t put rhythm into you. Nobody can explain it in such a way that you will just “get” it. Nobody can teach rhythm. How does anybody ever learn? With the monkey-see-monkey-do approach. You need to move to the rhythm long enough for it to seep into your bones. The only way you can do that is by mimicking an instructor as she leads the class or does drills with you. Eventually, your body gets it. And now you can dramatically speed up this process because you can now practice on your own by using the Salsa Rhythm Machine and following its dancing feet.

Without Rhythm, Your Chances of
Dancing with the Best Dancers are Zero

As much fun as salsa is, when you can stay on the rhythm, you step into another world – a magical world where salsa becomes like heroin. No accomplished dancer wants to descend back into the rhythmless muck. No matter how good you are otherwise, without rhythm, dancing with you will be like a trip to the dentist for a partner with rhythm. And yes, it is that bad. You will see for yourself once you cross over.

The Original

The Salsa Rhythm Machine was the first software of its kind, and made its debut on October 21, 2003. I have many competitors today, however I am the inventor of the “salsa rhythm teaching” software genre.

Special Thanks…

…to Scott Gordon for Salsa #5 from the El Cumbancero CD, and to Rocket Baby for Baby Bumble Bee Salsa from the Shake, Rattle & Rhyme CD.