How to Buy a Song with iTunes

The video below shows how to buy a song from iTunes for use with the Windows version of the Salsa Rhythm Machine. The Mac version is pretty much identical.

  1. Install iTunes, if needed.
  2. Start-up iTunes.
  3. Click on “iTunes Store”.
  4. In the upper-right corner, type into the search box something like “Lou Bega” and press Return.
  5. iTunes will show you a list of songs.
  6. Scroll to the one you want, such as Mambo #5.
  7. Double-click the song to play it and make sure that it is the right one.
  8. Click the “buy song” button.
  9. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to enter your account info.
  10. After buying, the song will begin to download.
  11. When it is done, it will appear in the “Purchased” section of iTunes.
  12. In the Purchased section, right-click on the song to get the pop-up menu.
  13. In Windows, select “Show in Windows Explorer”. On the Mac, select “Show in Finder”.
  14. The folder containing the song will open on your desktop.
  15. To add the song to the Salsa Rhythm Machine, go onto the program’s “File” menu.
  16. Then go to “Song Locations.”
  17. Locate the appropriate line in the list, and drag-and-drop the song onto it.
  18. The song name should now turn black indicating that the program knows where it is.