The Song Info Window

When adding a new song to The Salsa Rhythm Machine, enter the info here and then click the Save button. The Title, Artist, CD, and Advice will show up in various places in the program such as the Songs window.

The Location is the path to the song on your computer. Drag-and-drop the song file from your desktop onto the space to the right of where it says: “Location:” and the program will fill in the path. Without this, the program will not be able to find the song.

The Artist Link is the web page that the program will take you to when the Artist Info button on the Songs window is clicked. This can be left blank.

BPM is beats-per-minute. Normally, you will want to wait until you have finished the song track to fill this in. It can be left blank until then.

Test Start and Test End are the points in the song (in seconds) where you want the testing to be done on the Test window. Once you have finished the track, you can look near the beginning of the song and figure out what would be appropriate for these two numbers.

Install Notes is for when you intend the song to be used by someone in the future who will have to obtain the right copy. So here is where you tell them where to download or buy it.

Install Link goes along with Install Notes when there is a web page where the song can be downloaded.

Synchronization Instructions are for songs where there are more than one version. See the Song Synchronization page for why this is often needed.

Once you are done here, go back to the Setup Songs window and click the Edit Song Track button.