The Setup Songs Window

This window is for adding new songs to The Salsa Rhythm Machine. If you are still learning rhythm, you won’t be able to script songs yet. However, if we script a song especially for you, we would email it to you, and then you could use the “Import” button here to add it. If you have a friend with rhythm who is helping you, then this is where they would begin to enter the song information for a new song.

Be careful with the Delete button! Scripting a song takes a lot of work, and if you accidentally delete it you will be sorry. To make a backup copy of the data, you can go onto the “Help” menu, then to “Open App Data Folder” and make a copy of the Salsa.sdb file that you find there. On the Mac, that is the same folder as the program folder.

Use the “Add New” button to make a new song. The program will make a new song called “New Song”. Click on that in the list, and then click the “Edit Song Info” button to continue on to the Song Info window. You can’t use the “Edit Song Track” button until you have done so.

If you are scripting a song for somebody, use the “Export” button when you are done. The program will make a text file with all the data on your desktop. Then you can send it as an email attachment to your friend who will then use the Import button to add it to his program.