How to Add a Song

The video below shows the Windows version of the Salsa Rhythm Machine, however the process is the same on the Mac.

As you know, it is against the law to distribute songs that you do not have the rights for. So, while the Salsa Rhythm Machine has scripts for many songs, you will need to acquire most of the songs yourself if you want to use all the scripts.

When the program cannot locate a song file, it will show the song in red on the Songs window. When you click on a missing song, the “Add Song” button will become active. When you click it, you will see instructions on how to obtain the song. Either you can download the song for free from the band’s website, copy it from a CD you own, or buy it online from iTunes.

Once you have the song on your computer, go onto the program’s “File” menu and then to “Song Locations.” On the window that opens up, you will see a list of all the songs for which the program has scripts. Your song should be shown in red. Drag your song from your desktop, and drop it onto the matching line in the list. You should then see the name of the song turn black. Go back to the Songs window, and play the song.