Register the Salsa Rhythm Machine

You must enter both your email address and key exactly as shown in the email that we sent to you. If you have trouble, try to copy-and-paste them from the email or the web page.

If you are resuming use of the software after a long period of time, your email address will still work. As long as it matches the one we have in our database, it will be OK. However, if you are using a version of the software older than v3.2.0, then you will need to download and install the current version.

If you still have trouble, send email to the address on the About page. Be sure to tell us your name, street address, and the email address that you used when ordering. This helps us find you in our database right away. Also, tell us if you are trying to register the Mac or Windows version of the program. Your key will not work in both.

The Salsa Rhythm Machine doesn’t have any known bugs in its registration code. If you bought a key from us, it will work if you enter it correctly. So, double check for typos and you might be able to get up and running without our help.

Make sure to write down your email address and key on a piece of paper that will not be lost if your computer breaks. Many people have multiple email addresses, and also change addresses often to avoid spam. So even though you don’t expect to forget which email address you used to register this program, a few years from now there is a good possibility that you will.