No Alex Jones, They are not Destroying the Dollar

September 18th, 2014

When delivering his Litany of Horrors to terrorize his marks (i.e. listeners) Alex Jones always mentions the U.S. Dollar. For example, during the September 17, 2014 edition of his podcast (at 37:46) Jones brayed:

“…that’s all going on with the backdrop of war with Russia, war in the Middle East, dollar devaluation, Ebola spreading, China threatening to invade the Philippines again – the whole world is blowing up!”

But if we look at a chart of the dollar index for this year, we see that the dollar has been doing quite well recently:


Does Jones ever look at a dollar chart to see what is actually happening? Maybe, maybe not; reality is just not material to his purpose as a human Stuka dive bomber. The more he can frighten his listeners, the more gold they will buy from his sponsors.

Jones also likes to criticize the globalists, but a strong dollar is a holy sacrament to them. The stronger the dollar, the more cheaply they can buy the products of Asian sweatshops. In fact, the overvalued dollar, compared to Asian currencies, is the single-most important factor that has caused the export of so many American jobs to Asia.

If Jones actually wanted to hurt the globalists, he would campaign against the overvalued dollar, and specifically, against the dollar/yuan currency peg imposed on the USA by Beijing. That peg keeps the yuan artificially weak against the dollar, and the playing field slanted in their favor as our factories and jobs just slide out of the country and down into China.

That would be the patriotic, honorable thing to do.

But don’t hold your breadth. There will be no script changes made to the Alex Jones infomercial formula. I predict that he will continue to say whatever is necessary to terrorize his audience and move product.

Jesuits vs. Illuminati – The American Power Struggle

September 14th, 2014

Libertarians and conspiracy buffs like to say that there is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats. That both right and left are only sock puppets deployed by one grand conspiracy to effect an Hegelian Dialectic to dupe the masses during the march toward global totalitarian dictatorship. However, this view just doesn’t hold water.

I think it makes much more sense to view today’s political divisions as the continuation of the primary ideological schism of Western civilization: the long and bloody battle between Catholics and Protestants. For centuries, the Catholic church was The Man, and the Protestants were the original protestors, hence their name. The Jesuits were created and deployed as “God’s Marines” to beat back the protestors, which they did indeed do.

Then Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati to recruit allies in his own personal vendetta with the Jesuits at the University of Ingolstadt. The Illuminati quickly became the vanguard of the Protestant battle against the Church. However, Weishaupt was enthralled with the power of the Church, and wanted that power for himself. So he modeled his organization on the Jesuits, and both became different flavors of the same thing: authoritarian power organizations bent on global dominance. Hence the illusion that they are factions of the same conspiracy.

The Illuminati even copied the architecture of the Church. In the first nation that they seized control of, the USA, they reproduced the Womb-and-Phallic Symbol motif of Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City:

Photo by Andreas Tille  via Wikipedia

Photo by Andreas Tille via Wikipedia.

It worked for the Church, so why not copy the same voodoo in D.C.:

Phallic Washington Monument with Capitol Dome womb.

Phallic Washington Monument
with Capitol Dome womb.

There is pretty good evidence that the Illuminati set-up at Yale University as Skull and Bones. Yale was the Protestant flagship school of the Ivy League. As late as 1970, they had rules to ensure a Protestant (WASP elite) student body.

The Jesuit flagship university is Georgetown in Washington D.C., which is famous for training America’s diplomats. That’s where Democrat Bill Clinton got his Foreign Service degree. One of the most-celebrated events of Deep Politics is when Clinton mentioned his professor, Carroll Quigley, in 1992 during his presidential nomination speech. Conspiracy buffs went wild because Quigley was known for having outed the Anglo-American, Protestant, Skull & Bones cabal in his book, Tragedy & Hope. What did it mean? Clinton was just tweaking his Bonesman opponent, George H. W. Bush.

Was Quigley a Vatican agent publishing dirt on the Illuminati enemy? Maybe. In Tragedy and Hope, a gigantic book, the word “Jesuit” appears exactly one time, on page 1,038 and it is a favorable mention:

“The large number of Catholic men’s colleges in the country, especially those operated by the Jesuits, had as their basic, if often unrecognized, aim the desire to transform the sons of working class, and often of immigrant, origins into middle-class people in professional occupations (chiefly law, medicine, business, and teaching).”

But it looks to me like the Jesuits do the exact opposite: run expensive private schools that cater to rich kids. In any case, surely the Jesuits played a larger historical role than Quigley would have us believe.

Speaking of Bonesman George H.W. Bush, he was also director of the CIA, and the CIA, having recruited numerous Bonesmen, is the ultimate expression of Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati: a secret society with virtually unlimited resources and power. After World War II, the CIA infiltrated and superseded the Pentagon. The Bay of Pigs, the Vietnam War, Central American death squads, etc. were all CIA projects, and the CIA is still actively trying to take over the world. Weishaupt would be proud.

The Catholic/Protestant conflict has been more of a rivalry than a war in the USA, but there have been violent incidents. For example, in 1834, a Protestant mob burned down a Catholic convent near Boston during the Ursuline Convent Riots.

Quite a lot of violence occurred in the 1980s when CIA-trained death-squads in Central America killed Catholic priests and nuns. The most egregious incident was probably the November 1989 massacre of six Jesuits, their housekeeper and her daughter in El Salvador. The CIA knew about the attack, and didn’t warn the Jesuits, maybe because the CIA had ordered the hit itself.

The Jesuits extracted a measure of revenge when their Christic Institute broke the Iran-Contra scandal. While the Illuminati is far more powerful than the Jesuits today, the Jesuits can still be quite the thorn in the side.

This theory explains the divide between the USA and South America. In the 1700s, the Jesuits were running large operations (“reductions“) in South America, leaving North America open to Illuminati designs. The CIA has campaigned extensively in the Jesuit turf south of the border, but with mixed results, and recently losing ground to the Pink Tide.

Much of what the CIA does is to make the world safe for Rockefeller Oil and the Rockefeller Bank. And in Manhattan, we see the church and the Illuminati glaring at each other across 5th Avenue. On one side is Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and on the other is Rockefeller Center. The Illuminati deploys a sculpture of Atlas, which resembles Fascist dictator Mussolini. The sculpture also brings to mind the rabid atheist, Ayn Rand, whose book Atlas Shrugged contains numerous anti-God passages. The priests across the street probably fantasize about blowing it up:

Atlas sculpture at Rockefeller Center across the street from Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan (from Wikipedia.)

Atlas sculpture at Rockefeller Center across the street from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan (from Wikipedia.)

So on one side, we have the Republican, fascist, right wing, conservative, capitalist Illuminati. And on the other, we have the Democratic, communist, left wing, liberal, socialist Church. The Fascists like to persecute poor people. The Communists like to persecute rich people. The Fascists would destroy the world with a rapacious, slaving, robber-baron, monopolistic economy. The Jesuits would destroy the world with an incompetent, backward, chaos of collapsing communism.

Take your pick.

Both sides relish their turn at the controls of an increasingly authoritarian system. And indeed, both work to extend the system. For example, Viet D. Dinh, who wrote the Patriot Act for George W. Bush is now a professor at Georgetown.

So, the two factions collaborate on common interests, and are similarly authoritarian, but make no mistake; these are real factions fighting each other, often savagely.

Alex Jones’ Mad-Max Vision for America

September 1st, 2014

Alex Jones wants to destroy the American system and replace it with a vague concept of “local control.” He bloviates endlessly, but rarely, if ever, discusses actual details of what his utopia would look like. However, there are a few hints to be had. And they are rather sinister in my opinion. Jones’ America would resemble a post-Apocalyptic, Mad Max anarchy of warring tribes lead by gun-toting charismatic cult leaders.

How can I come to such a conclusion? By looking at the people Jones champions. One of his first propaganda films was: “America, Wake Up or Waco” where we see Jones spearheading the reconstruction of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. See the 42:25 mark:

Jones has no criticism for David Koresh, but Koresh was a maniac. What kind of church settles its disputes with gun-play? Answer: the Branch Davidians. In 1983, Koresh and his followers were driven out of the church at gunpoint by George Roden (see this). Four years later, Koresh led a counterattack, and during the gun battle, Roden was shot. Koresh was tried for murder, but got off on a mistrial.

Sound like any church you’ve ever been to? What could possibly get men so excited about theology? Perhaps it wasn’t about religion at all, but something more along demonic lines – like sex with underage girls.

Koresh, a self-declared messiah, was able to convince his followers to hand over their underage daughters. In 1995, Kiri Jewell testified that Koresh got his hands on her when she was 10 years-old:

Koresh was investigated by Texas Child Protection Services in 1992, but the cult closed ranks and lied to the investigators. Does Alex Jones advocate child molestation? No, however he is a vociferous critic of Child Protection Services. So, we are left wondering exactly how children like Kiri would be protected in a Jonesian utopia, or if they would be protected at all.

Obviously, Janet Reno should not have burned the Davidian church/arsenal. The correct strategy would have been to build a fence around the place, put up guard towers, convert it into a prison, and allow only the children to leave. Any “sweet” church lady who hands her young daughter over to some self-proclaimed Messiah is a criminal in my opinion.

In any case, Jones’ whitewashing of the Davidian cult is, at a minimum, questionable. A man with half a brain would at least seek to distance himself from Koresh, but apparently Jones is not such a man.

A few years before Waco, there was another incident of the police battling an odious, heavily-armed cult called MOVE in Philadelphia. Every once in a while you will hear Jones on his podcast taking the side of MOVE. From the MOVE Wikipedia page:

“MOVE made compost piles of garbage and human waste in their yards which attracted rats and cockroaches; they considered it morally wrong to kill the vermin with pest control.”

Can you imagine living next to that? Well, you will in Jonesland.

Today, Jones might be the last media supporter of the notorious racist, Cliven Bundy, and his armed militia in Bunkerville, Nevada. Like the Davidians, the Bundy Militia nearly had a shoot-out to settle a dispute. The Young Turks has coverage:

In May of 2014, shortly after Cliven Bundy arrived on the scene, Jones learned how the Mormon militias in Mexico had driven off the drug cartels and the Mexican Army. Jones was ecstatic, and explicitly embraced the armed militia/cult as his “Rosetta Stone” for solving the “problem” of government.

At the 00:02:24 mark of the May 11, 2014 episode of his podcast, Jones says:

“What’s happened in Mexico is a Rosetta Stone…It’s a brush fire that if wind hits it, and if we fan the flames, will burn down tyranny and create a verdant system of low crime and just luxurious freedom world wide. And a return to chivalry, knighthood…I’m going to try to be calm. This is so monumental, what’s happening in Mexico, from every angle it’s the key. And I salute the people of Mexico.”

At the 00:21:52 mark Jones continues:

“…the Mormon Mexicans down there who started all of this. You’ve got to give them credit; it’s kind of like Cliven Bundy is a Mormon. Say what you want about the Mormons, but they’re the ones doing this…They are literal Americana…The Mexican people are now suddenly all over the country kicking the cartel’s butts, kicking the military’s butt, because these are all just conscripts and drug dealers and corrupt people…The people are literally defeating armored vehicles, tanks, the best German weapons made.”

But, if these Mormons are so “Americana” why are they in Mexico in the first place? Answer: because they turned their backs on America when this nation prohibited them from enslaving women via polygamy. They bugged out and dodged the fate of fellow Mormon Warren Jeffs, currently doing hard time for child sexual assault.

That’s some Rosetta Stone.

At the 00:53:49 mark Jones shouts:

“Liberty is not given. IT IS TAKEN!!!”

And he claims that he is not trying to start a civil war. What BS.

I congratulate the Mormon’s for fighting off the drug cartels, but that hardly makes them The Saviors of Western Civilization as Jones would have it. In fact, the Mexicans Mormons make David Koresh and Warren Jeffs look like choir boys. If you have never heard of Ervil Morrell LeBaron, The Mormon Manson, as in Charles Manson, then you need to watch this Vice report:

Alex Jones wants to scrub America clean of police, government, and military. He would create an anarchic playground that would come to be dominated by the most heavily-armed cults and militias. He thinks that will lead to a “verdant, luxurious freedom.” But in reality, in Jonestown, you will have MOVE living next to you, and on the other side will be David Koresh drooling over your daughters. Across the street will be Cliven Bundy, and if you object when his cows eat your lawn, his rifleman will shoot out your porch light.

It’s Horrible – Don’t watch “America, Wake Up or Waco” – you will regret it. Just go to the marks that I point out; the rest is just blather.

The Phoenix – The code name for Jones’ effort to rebuild the Branch Davidian church was “The Phoenix Project.” This is curious because the Phoenix is the mascot of the New World Order, and Jones carved up a United Nations flag with a knife in the film (at 00:30:40) while shouting “Death to The New World Order!” Click on the photo of the UN Security Counsel chamber below to enlarge it, and then you will see the Phoenix bird in the center of the mural:

"UN security council 2005" by Bernd Untiedt (Wikimedia Commons).

“UN security council 2005″ by Bernd Untiedt (Wikimedia Commons).

So, the nations of the world burn, and the global New World Order government rises from the ashes like a Phoenix. It’s probably just a coincidence that Jones has a fondness for this sinister UN mascot. Probably.

Propaganda – I call the film a propaganda piece because there is ZERO information presented to help us understand who David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were. We aren’t even told what denomination the sect began as (Protestant) before devolving into an evil cult of personality.

Church, or Satanic Cult?
In the film, there is no iconography visible in the church; no statues, no altar, no cross. They could have been building a barn for all we know. Weird. And look at Koresh’s flag, featuring a serpent:

Branch Davidians Flag - via Wikipedia.

Branch Davidians Flag – via Wikipedia.

I have no idea what the Branch Davidians are like today. But under David Koresh? Not what I would call “spiritual.”

The Obligatory Big Lie – At the 00:29:15 mark Jones repeats his favorite Big Lie and calls the Federal Reserve Bank “a private banking institution that controls our banking system for profit…” What does that have to do with the subject of the film? Nothing whatsoever. Jones just shoehorns it in whenever he opens his mouth. Orders from the Kremlin, no doubt. :-)

Militia Guys – At the 1:20:05 mark Jones tosses in two random militia guys.

Reduced Crime? – Let’s suppose that Jones is right when he says that increased gun ownership in his utopia would reduce street crime. That only considers one side of the equation. In a Jonesian regime we have to consider the massive increase in crime among the cult/militia leaders. So, instead of a city having 10 robberies per day, it would have 10 little girls raped per day. Instead of having drive-by shootings, it would have militia gun fights. But those new crimes won’t be counted in the crime statistics because your local Messiah won’t consider them to be crimes. And if our new Messiahs bring back polygamy, then street crime will go up. Research has shown that single men excluded from reproduction get a bit testy (see this). Polygamy can be studied because it is still legal throughout the Islamic world. I don’t think Jones advocates polygamy, but his utopia would practically guarantee its return. I would really like to see Jones get detailed about his “Rosetta Stone” so that we can know exactly what he is advocating.

In the first long quote above, Jones hails “a return to chivalry, knighthood.” So, there is a royal element in Jones’ utopia, just as I speculated in Alex Jones, American Royalty.

CBS’s “Under the Dome” Takes an Illuminati Turn

August 26th, 2014

In the first season of CBS’s “Under the Dome” there was just a mysterious dome imprisoning the town of Chester’s Mill.


Now, in the middle of season two, the space-egg informs us that there is also a mysterious obelisk in the nearby town of Zenith:

Under the Dome - s02e07 - 39:53

Under the Dome – s02e07 – 39:53

And we learn that there is a mysterious connection between the Dome and the Obelisk. Dome’s are considered symbolic of the womb, and obelisks are phallic symbols. In the frame above, notice that the directer prominently displayed the thigh-gaps of the female characters, making sure that we get the sexual connotation of the obelisk (click image to enlarge).

This womb/obelisk arrangement is very similar to the architecture of Washington, D.C. In this photo, notice the phallic symbol (the Washington Monument) is connected to the womb symbol (the Capitol Dome) by the National Mall:


So, what were the Illuminized Freemasons (the Founding Fathers) thinking when they constructed the world’s largest obelisk, and a gigantic dome? I don’t know, but perhaps they wanted to summon dark forces and have the symbolic sexual organs create a giant baby who would grow up to be a world-dominating colossus. If so, their black magic worked.

What does this imply for Under the Dome? I haven’t read the Stephen King novel which the show is based on, but people say the show has diverted from the novel anyway. Perhaps the Dome and the Zenith Obelisk will confer super powers on one of the characters who will then invade Iraq, bomb Syria, and start a “color revolution” in Ukraine. After all, the Dome is pretty sinister, and I’m sure that it came to Earth to take over.

Another interesting aspect is that the Dome imprisons the people of Chester’s Mill, a symbol of traditional America, and the people in the Capitol Dome make laws that restrict the people of America. But the Dome sort of takes care of the people too. For example, it lets air and rain through to keep its captives alive.

Perhaps the Dome will be portrayed as benevolent since there are evil corporate types trying to steal its energy source. Film at 11.

Fox News Lies About Food-Stamp Growth

August 23rd, 2014

Today, on the front-page of, they published this lie: “Despite rapidly-rising number of food stamp recipients in the US…” See the screenshot below. The headline was for this story, which also contains the lie.

The number of food-stamp recipients is not “rapidly rising.” In fact, the rolls peaked way back in December 2012, and have declined by 1.6 million since (click chart to enlarge):


As you can see, Fox has perpetrated a blatant lie. To see more food-stamps charts, see my food-stamp page.