1,016,518 Legal Immigrants in 2014

Back in January, in White House Suppresses Immigration Stats I reported how the White House was suppressing the 2014 immigration stats until after the election. To my surprise, I was pretty much the only one complaining. Not even the Trump crowd called on the president to release the stats.

And the vast bulk of the stats have still not been released. However, DHS has published a smaller report with the most-important numbers. According to the “flow report” another 1,016,518 legal immigrants were admitted in 2014, with the bulk of them taking up residence in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami.

In case you don’t know, this level of legal immigration is nearly triple our historic average (see my updated charts here). Did we have a million extra jobs laying around for these new citizens? Well, with the black unemployment rate still way up at 8.8%, I would say no. Not to mention that the Los Angeles zombie hoard is still rapidly expanding, even after the city declared an emergency back in September.

Now that the big number has been released, I’m wondering what else could be in the 2014 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics that the White House doesn’t want out before the election. Perhaps the “known terrorist” quota was raised?

In any case, Donald Trump notwithstanding, the level of legal immigration into the USA is still the most taboo subject in the corporate-owned media, and the corporate-sponsored media. Even Breitbart barely mentions it. Amazing, no?

The Illuminatus – Chapter One

Note: This is my first work of fiction. If you like it, make sure to tell your friends. I will watch the traffic on the page, and if there is enough interest, I will write another chapter. -Matt

The Black Pope

Thurston Levingston Stonefellow IV trained the scope of his sniper rifle down at St. Patrick’s Cathedral across 5th Avenue. Pope Francis was in town, and “Thor” (his security codename) was just itching to pull the trigger. It was only a fantasy, of course; Thor didn’t even have the gun-port open. After all, hunting humans in Manhattan wasn’t a great idea; too many witnesses. But Thor liked to fantasize that one day when the police lost control of a street protest, he could help out by picking off a few dirty hippies.

Bagging a pope would be Thor’s greatest trophy, but this particular pope was special. Francis was a Jesuit; an order which Thor’s French Huguenot ancestors had been locked in battle with for centuries. It had been a long time since Thor had ordered the assassination of any Jesuits – 1989, in El Salvador, to be exact. Those were days…battling the left-wing of the church, and their “liberation theology” with CIA death-squads.

White Pope & Black Pope

White Pope & Black Pope

Traditionally, Jesuits were prohibited from becoming pope. Having one of “God’s Marines” as pope was the equivalent of a military coup in a civilian government. The Superior General of the Jesuit order is known as “The Black Pope” in recognition of the order’s power. Francis was not the Black Pope before becoming the White Pope; he had only been a cardinal. But still, Thor hoped that the Jesuit pope would mix things up again.

Just as Thor was swinging the rifle up 5th Avenue toward Trump Tower, there was a knock on the door, and in came Ivy Stonefellow, Thor’s niece and assistant.

Ivy: “And who are we assassinating today, Thursty? I hear the Pope is in town…”

Thor: “Indeed he is…”

Ivy: “You can’t shoot the pope.”

Thor: “A man can dream, can’t he?”

Ivy: “Yes, but you know as well as I do that we still need the church. After all, if they didn’t teach the masses to turn the other cheek, then how could we keep on slapping them?”

Thor: “Exactly! We have been systematically carpet-bagging the middle class for decades, and the fools have hardly made a peep. Even after they are evicted from their suburban homes and take up residence in refrigerator boxes!”

Ivy: “Praise Jesus!” doing her best evangelical imitation.

Thor: “Stupid Christians!”

This was the attitude of the Illuminized Freemasons who ruled the USA since the St. Andrews Lodge of Boston launched the Revolutionary War.

St. Andrews Masonic Lodge  Headquarters of the Revolution.

St. Andrews Masonic Lodge in Boston.
Headquarters of the Revolution.

Ivy: “Let me have a look.” Thor hands her the weapon and she expertly trains it on Francis. “I’m getting a girl boner…” Swinging the rifle up 5th Avenue: “Now Trump, that’s somebody we could shoot. Millions would cheer.” She handed the gun back.

Laughing heartily, Thor walked back over to his desk and stowed the rifle in its cabinet. On the wall above was a plaque inscribed with a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche:

“Morality is just a fiction used by the herd of inferior human beings to hold back the few superior men.”

This was Thor’s motto, and he accepted no limitations on his behavior whatsoever. Superior genes; superior intellect; superior training; superior purpose. All of these things gave him a moral mandate to rule over the wretched refuse. Without Thor’s guidance, the humans would continue to multiply like rabbits and devour the planet like a horde of locusts.

The superior man must step forward to rule.

Razing Detroit

Ivy: “Back to business. Your 2 o’clock is here. The summary is on your tablet.”

Thor sat down behind his desk as Ivy went out and Dr. Robert Chaloner came in. Chaloner gawked first at the stunning, panoramic view of Manhattan, and then again at the framed photographs by Marchland & Meffre depicting the ruins of Detroit. Thor considered turning Detroit into a smoking crater to be the great work of his life. Genghis Kahn razed enemy cities to grow more fodder for his horses. Thor razed Detroit and used middle-class factory workers as cannon fodder to grow his Cayman Islands account. How’s that for alchemy? And those union scum had it coming too.

Fisher Body Plant in Detroit

Fisher Body Plant in Detroit

Thor rose and shook Chaloner’s hand: “Have a seat.”

A New Species

As the young job candidate waited nervously, Thor swiped through the exam results from the Stonefellow Health Institute for a couple of minutes.

Thor, in a grave voice: “You scored at the top of the spectrum on both the fMRI and PCL-R psychopath tests.”

Chaloner looked aghast and began to stammer: “I don’t know what could have…”

After letting him sweat for a few seconds, Thor stood up and bellowed: “Congratulations! We here at Stonefellow consider the psychopathic brain structure to be a genuine genetic leap forward to a new, superior species of human. A species that operates on pure, cold logic devoid of all emotional empathy. You are a perfect cultural fit for this elite organization.”

Relief and joy washed over Chaloner: “Thank you, sir! You won’t regret hiring me!”

Walking around the desk, Thor shook Chaloner’s hand and steered him toward the door: “I’ve got a speech to give, so they are expecting you down on the Bio floor.”

As he walked out, Chaloner feverishly processed this revelation. He knew that Stonefellow had the reputation of a cultish work environment like Amazon.com, Zappos, or the Church of Scientology. But he did not know that that image was carefully constructed and maintained by the Stonefellow public-relations department to mask something quite a bit darker. Nevertheless, he was intrigued by the idea that he was a member of a superior new species of human. He had always favored Spock over Kirk.

Thor chuckled as he walked back to fetch his tablet. He enjoyed these little hazings that he gave to new hires. Of course, Chaloner would undergo a few more hurdles during his probationary period.

The Capstone

Ivy, coming back in, laughing hysterically: “You scared the shit out of that dude!” She had been watching through the surveillance camera as usual. In a truly bizarre turn of events, scientists have discovered what the Stonefellow family had known for ages: that the psychopath gene is also the happiness gene in females. So, Ivy was a bit of a cut-up – even when she was literally cutting up a victim. When the two caught their breath, Ivy said: “They are waiting for you down in The Capstone.”

Thor: “Ah, yes. Time to inspire the troops.”

Thor’s office was in the capstone of the capstone on top of the Stonefellow Pyramid building. So, he just had to jog down a flight of stairs to get to his theater-sized command center. Normally, he would sit at his workstation in the back where he could easily see all the monitors that covered the walls. But today, he walked down the ramp, through the semi-circles of NASA-like workstations leaving a ripple of whispers in his wake by his elite staff of project managers.

Arriving at the podium, Ivy switched off the monitors, and Thor began swiping through his project files looking for his speech:

The Trump-Hate Campaign
Stopping Sanders
Ransacking Russia
Dissolving America’s Borders
Re-Enslaving Blacks
Smashing Solar Power
The War on Vitamins
The Psychopath Charm Offensive

And several more. Eventually, he arrived at The White Plague, which was not a project, but the fruit of other various projects that had crippled American sovereignty.

The White Plague

Thor began his pep talk:

“While we face a potential rebellion in our American province, rest assured that we will prevail. The sovereignty of the USA will not be restored. Not now, not ever. We will continue to bring in cheap labor as we please, and import goods from our factories in cheap-labor nations such as China, Mexico, and Vietnam. Our financial infrastructure will not be dismantled by Bernie Sanders, and the protesting rabble will not paralyze our capital city.

“These fools have no clue as to the arsenal of sophisticated weapons trained on them around the clock. So, we are not in the slightest danger. Also, Trump and Sanders have no coattails. If elected, they will not be able to get anything through Colonial Williamsburg (his nickname for Congress). In fact, just the opposite will happen: their own parties will act to restrict their power. The laws for our American province will continue to be written right here in this building by our staff of expert, dispassionate lawyers, and then sent over to Colonial Williamsburg for rubber-stamping by stooges who won’t even read the bills. The world will continue to be ruled by the superior species that inhabits this building – the real capital of this New World Order.

“In the short run, we will weather this storm with little inconvenience; those fools don’t even know that we exist! Who wrote the NAFTA bill? Nobody knows! And in the long run, The White Plague of despair, drug abuse, and suicide will polish off these fat, doughnut-eating, television-watching, entitled American scum. How could such a revolting rabble ever aspire to sovereignty? Ridiculous.

“As always, we want the political theater to continue in order to mesmerize the masses. We want them to continue thinking that they are vying for control of a sovereign nation; to continue tilting at windmills. And so, massacres and assassinations are a last resort. But even if such measures are required, rest assured that our mission to bring order to the planet will not be interrupted. We will continue to increase the efficiency of the global economy, sweep the planet clean of parochial nation-states, marshal the capital necessary to colonize the solar system, and take humanity up to the next rung of the evolutionary ladder. A utopia of king & queen bees ruling the mass of obedient worker bees.”

Nuking New York

It was a short speech. Morale was always high in the capstone. The applauding staff knew that they were the real Illuminati, commanding the lion’s share of the globe. Some staffers were just a little concerned by the huge crowds being drawn by Sanders and that puny billionaire, Donald Trump, and needed a little reassurance. A small matter. After all, this is where the 9/11 attack was coordinated, the War on Terror launched, and enormous sums drained from the world’s largest honeypot: the US defense budget. That’s what finally put Thor over the top to become the world’s first trillionaire, though he obviously didn’t advertise that fact.

When Thor first saw the intel of the planned attack in 1999, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. He took numerous steps to grease the skids for the terrorists. But having no respect for the skills of Arab pilots, his team took control of the autopilots, and programmed them to hit the targets. Two cruise missiles were also launched from the Pyramid to strike simultaneously with the planes. Many witnesses reported seeing gray, military-looking aircraft on that day. But what most people didn’t know is that some cruise missiles have wings, and it is easy for civilians to mistake them for aircraft. Not that you ever get a good look at them as they race by at faster than the speed of sound.

DP6US cruise missile.

DP6US cruise missile.

The Stonefellow Defense Industries DP6US cruise missile made its maiden voyage on September 11, 2001. Flying in close formation after catching up, the 20-foot missiles flew just above the huge airliners, and provided the extra oomph to take down the buildings. And while the “success” of the mission could not be trumpeted, it certainly was whispered by sales reps to potential buyers. The Saudis bought them like candy, gearing up for their power struggle with the Iranians. And several companies building self-driving cars licensed some of the algos from the missile’s guidance code.

It was nothing for the Illuminati to flatten the World Trade Center. As psychopaths who truly viewed people as non-human creatures, they could torture, main, and kill humans just as cheerfully as a human boy pulling the legs off of a captured spider. Bombing the WTC was no more significant than blowing up an ant hill with an M-80 firecracker. And they had been commanding generals since they first seized political power in France and sent Napoleon around Europe to dethrone Catholic monarchs. In the USA, General Smedley Butler admitted that he led his Marines to wherever the bankers told him to go. Nationalizing a branch of the Stonefellow Bank was the very best way to ensure a “visit” from the US Marines to your Third World country.

Napoleon in Masonic Pose with Illuminati Bee Symbol

Napoleon in Masonic Pose.
Click to zoom in on the Illuminati Bee Symbol.

More recently, the invasion of Iraq made no sense whatsoever, and yet, America’s most-respected general, Colin Powell, fell on his sword selling it to the American people using bogus intel. At the time, the beloved Powell was Secretary of State, with an excellent shot at becoming president one day. He gave all of that up to try to make Iraq safe for Stonefellow Oil.

Appointing a President

Bounding back up the stairs to his office, Thor mulled over his long-time political dilemma: if you tell the masses that their votes count to placate them, some of them will take it seriously. Similarly, if you say that the president has power, he might actually try to exercise it independently. In practice, presidents were essentially members of what Thor liked to call The Illuminati Acting Corps, and wouldn’t even think of going off-script. Would an actor playing John Wilkes Booth in a Lincoln play shoot the actor playing President Lincoln with a live round? Of course not.

But with loose cannons like Trump or Sanders, there was a small chance of them taking their “mandate” seriously, if elected. It was a very small chance though, and Thor was confident that he could neutralize them without having the frog jump out of the pot. Not that he would mind a little insurrection. However, he preferred to kill two birds with one stone by making his war profits in countries that also had oil to liberate. So, candidates for the next war were countries like Venezuela, Iran, Russia, etc.

Thor didn’t give a second thought to Hillary; she was a solid team player, which is why she was coronated with super delegates, and what was initially considered to be token opposition. People like Elizabeth Warren knew the fix was in. Hillary’s candidacy is a carefully constructed Illuminati sociological experiment to see if the masses would accept having their nominees appointed rather than elected. If she were elected president, then further advances toward fascism could be made on the heels of such popular consent. With the coronation going smoothly, a second experiment was performed by cancelling the Colorado Republican Primary. There were some protests, and they were still analyzing the results, but the initial impression was that further steps toward fascism could be greenlighted. Perhaps in 2020, a large state could cancel its primary. Thor’s style was the scientific manufacturing of consent, and his psyops department conducted such experiments frequently. They never asked for consent; but did indeed try to create it.

Maintaining the fiction of democracy was a delicate balancing act, but Thor was committed to the slow, gradual, boiling-the-frog method of walking the USA into the now decades-old reality of its subordination to fascist, globalist, Illuminati rule. It was very time-consuming and painstaking work though. And the sooner he could get to having presidents appointed, like popes, ironically, the happier he would be. Thor hated the church, but he was secretly jealous of how they could get away with such a blatantly authoritarian organizational structure.

Thor also had a dilemma in managing the global population of humans. On one hand, he loved having a massive source of cheap labor. On the other, the human locusts were devouring the planet. Thor’s strategy was to milk the worker bees for every penny he could, and pour the profits into robotics R&D. Once robots were able to cost-effectively replace humans, he could unleash his bio weapons and mop up the scum.

The burden of ruling over humans was a heavy one. Thor often thought of them like chimps. While very similar to humans, chimpanzees could not be allowed to mix freely with humans; they were just too dangerous and apt to rip your balls off, and your face, their two favorite targets when attacking. Thor dreamed of the day when his robots would do all the work, and the remaining humans would be kept in cages, instead of being able to mix with the Illuminati as they do now. It would be like the Starship Enterprise where you never saw anybody mopping the floors. Presumably, all the maintenance work was done by robots as the crew slept, eliminating the need for a servant class.

Thor’s job as Illuminati boss wasn’t an easy one, but he was satisfied with the way things were progressing. The 56 year-old was filled with the boundless energy and vigor of a young boy – literally.

The Blood of Young Boy

The desperate, wannabe, showbiz parents who enrolled their children in The Stonefellow Academy of the Performing Arts (or SAPS as Thor liked to think of it) signed papers permitting virtually anything. And when they dropped off the kids at the Pyramid, they admonished them: “You do everything they tell you! Do you understand? Everything!

And the children were indeed trained in the performing arts, many going on to star in the wholesome family productions of Stonefellow Studios. But the children were used for several other purposes…

Howard Stern is a Shill

If there is one thing that Howard Stern has been consistent about over his decades-long career, it is his hatred of country music. He has also said that the cowboy hat was a racist symbol, akin to a KKK hat. So, I was jolted to hear him singing the praises of Chris Stapleton and his Traveler album recently.

Stern’s praise was not delivered as a commercial, but as seemingly natural conversation on the show. As if Stern genuinely admired Stapleton. However, it was poorly executed. The last comment I heard from him was: “I hate country music, except for that guy with the beard. What was his name again?” So, how much of a fan could he really be?

On top of that, Stern’s shilling began right after Stapleton’s appearance on Saturday Night Live, not exactly a bastion of country culture either. I would bet that both shows were paid to feature Stapleton, because while Stapleton is certainly credentialed, Traveler is a HORRIBLE album. And I would also bet that the Country Music Awards are bought-and-paid-for since they gave Traveler the “Album of the Year” award for 2015.

Let me be clear, Traveler is only suitable for one purpose: a torture device at Gitmo.

Okay, track 6 “Nobody to Blame” is a hit, and I have it on my iPod. And track 13 “Outlaw State of Mind” has some good parts. But, funny thing, if you look at the credits, you will see that Stapleton had help with those tracks from Barry Bales and Jerry Salley.

I had never heard of Stapleton before I saw Adam Driver introduce him on Saturday Night Live as if he were Jesus. And while he is clearly a talented performer, judging by Traveler alone, I suspect that his song-writing ability is a carefully constructed myth. However, to be fair to Stapleton, there may be a Yoko Effect going on since his wife chose all the songs on the album, probably after fishing them out of Stapleton’s trash can. See the story here.

Nevertheless, if Howard Stern were going to get country-music religion, it wouldn’t be inspired by an atrocity such as Traveler. My guess is that Stern, and anybody else on the show who mentions Stapleton, gets a cash bonus. Maybe $5000 for Stern, and $1000 for everybody else. Even Fred was praising Stapleton.

Back before the internet, I got fed up with buying albums from name-brand musicians that had one good song and eleven duds. So, I decided to not buy any album that didn’t get a top rating from Rolling Stone magazine. I picked up an issue, and they gave the new Van Halen album a perfect score. I was already a Van Halen fan, so I bought it – and it sucked. I think it was one that Eddie did after drying out. Terrible, terrible noise.

You would think that with the internet, we could get away from the perpetration of terrible music. But no; nothing has changed. Remember how Stern used to brag about how “honest” he was? Well, when it comes to music reviews (and probably movies and TV too) he is as bought-and-paid-for as Rolling Stone. (How does that rag even exist anymore?)

Stern’s hours-long interview with Carol Burnett back in September was probably also a paid product-placement for her CD. Why else would he have her on? The twelve-year old boys who comprise the bulk of his audience have no idea who she is.

Don’t get me started on the decline of the Stern show. Suffice it to say that large swathes of it are now probably product-placements.

Note: Track 13 on Traveler, “Outlaw State of Mind” can be fixed by cutting off the last 2:36. I also cut off what I imagine to be the “Stapleton parts” in the first half of the track: the first 58 seconds, then kept the next 17 seconds, cut the next 48, etc. If you do that, what remains is pretty good rockin’ tune 1:08 long. I have never edited a track like this before, but felt compelled to do so in compensation for the suffering that I had to endure to write this post. I listened to every track on Traveler twenty-five times just to make sure that it wasn’t the kind of music that has to grow on you. It isn’t. I hope you appreciate the sacrifice that I made on your behalf.

WARNING: Do not listen to Traveler. It will leave a black mark on your soul that will never come off. This is not a joke. Say a prayer for the DJ’s whose job it is to sift through this crap and find the good music for us.

The Fascist Component of the Unemployment Claims Data

As you have probably heard, unemployment-claims are the lowest they have been in 42 years. However, I believe there is now a substantial political component to the data.

First, Republicans have about 10 more governorships now than they did in 2009. So, in general, it is probably harder to get unemployment benefits today. For example, one study found that Florida’s unemployment benefits are “virtually inaccessible.” Stricter eligibility rules might not effect initial claims, but they certainly would lower continuing claims.

Second, corporate lawyers may have found a loophole when doing layoffs. In a story about a massive IBM layoff, Bob Cringely reports:

“Some companies in some states have been known to report terminations in a way that disqualifies workers, thus saving the company money on unemployment insurance premiums.”

Third, corporations have been assiduously scrubbing their payrolls clean of citizens in favor of foreign employees working on visas such as the H-1B. The size of this scab army is probably large enough now to put a dent in the unemployment-claims data. To qualify for benefits, a worker must be ready and able to go to work immediately at any suitable job. An H-1B worker is only allowed to work for his sponsor, so his only options are to get rehired, find a new sponsor, or go home. I found conflicting opinions on this, but in general, foreign workers have fewer rights, which of course, is the whole reason why corporations favor them over citizens.

Essentially, as the USA moves to a more fascistic system, it is reasonable to expect an impact on the unemployment data. I don’t know how big the fascist component is now, and would love to see some research done by a professional economist.

Because of this, the withholding-tax data might be giving us an even clearer picture of the jobs situation than the claims data.

FICA Flops

Below is a chart that I sent out to my DailyJobsUpdate.com subscribers a couple of weeks ago. So, this is a sample of the kind of analysis you get when you subscribe (click chart to enlarge):


On the left side is the annual growth-rate of withholding-tax collections plotted daily for 2008. On the right side is the same metric plotted since November 1, 2015. As you can see, things have weakened badly over the last eight weeks.

This plot is similar to a very long moving-average, and it has only turned down twice since 1998: before the 2002 recession, and then before the 2008 recession. It takes a lot of deterioration to bend it over, so this is a significant development. The growth-rate will almost certainly continue to weaken going forward since shorter-term measures are in the 2% area as we speak.

Note: FICA/Payroll/Withholding taxes are reported every business day by the Treasury Department, so the annual growth-rate can be calculated each day for the trailing year.