Baker Mayfield, Toast of the NFL

During the past few years, I have championed Baker Mayfield and castigated my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio for the way they treated him. Today, everybody knows that Baker is a top-tier quarterback, and he is literally the toast of the NFL.

Baker’s 2023 season with Tampa Bay could not have been better. He took a weak team to the playoffs, won in the first round, defeated C.J. Stroud in the precision passing contest at the Pro Bowl, was the offensive MVP of the Pro Bowl, landed a $100 million contract, and with the help of his wife, Emily, got a new baby.

Meanwhile, the Browns had a decent season, but were crushed by Houston in their wild-card game, with QB Joe Flacco throwing TWO pick-six interceptions in a row, ending the season on an egregiously humiliating note.

The first interception was a gift to the Texans. But the second one was a case of the Browns being too predictable. In the next clip, you can see Texans coach DeMeco Ryans literally telling linebacker Christian Harris exactly how to intercept the ball:

So, that was a case of Kevin Stefanski, NFL Coach of the Year, being out-coached by DeMeco Ryans. Imagine if Stefanski had spotted that tendency in his QB, and instructed Flacco to pump fake that pass, and then throw it downfield. But it was not to be.

And so, Baker Mayfield no longer needs my help, and this will conclude my blogging efforts to support him. I declare victory over all the knuckleheads in Cleveland who couldn’t figure out that Baker had talents.