Hu Li Lu, stage name Barbin.ili, or Ba Bin, is a master of the popping style of dance which encompasses The Robot. The Robot goes back over 100 years, and was originally used theatrically in miming. Hence, Ba Bin’s white face makeup.

Ba Bin is from Wenzhou, a city of 9 million about halfway between Taipei and Shanghai.

Her Instagram page is:

Her YouTube channel is:

Her Weibo page is:

I don’t know if this page is legit:

This TikTok is NOT legit:

There is a lot of information about her on her bio page on the TV show, Great Dance Crew. She didn’t win the show, and she bursts into tears at the 6:09 mark of this video. Perhaps this incident inspired the breast implants.

At the 2:58 mark of this video, she does the “electroshock” move as she saunters toward the camera with a smirk on her face. Absolutely brilliant:

I don’t know why she calls her style of dance Barbin, but it may derive from the Barbie doll. If you were going to act like Barbie, you might call it Barbie-ing, or Barbin for short. And she does seem to be a Barbie fan. Many dancers like to affect a baggy, raggedy style of dress, but Ba Bin often glams it up for a super distinctive look.