No, Baker Mayfield did not Attack OBJ

You can be forgiven if you think this blog is redundant, because everybody saw what actually happened as it played out in public. But it is necessary because the lying-sacks-of-shit at are trying to rewrite history. They are trying to convince us that Baker Mayfield led a locker-room attack on OBJ and drove him out of Cleveland. The quote below is from Mary Kay Cabot during her podcast. Notice that she never specifies what “the thing” is:

“Revisiting that Odell Beckham, Jr. thing for a minute…I know for a fact that Jimmy and Dee Haslam really liked Odell Beckham, Jr. They got pretty close to him. Dee and Odell sort of became friends. And I think that left a really bad taste in their mouth. Not just in the mouths of some of the players, because we know that. But I think that ownership was dismayed by how some of that went down. So, I think that was just another strike against him.”

Really? A strike against Baker? Who was just minding his business when OBJ’s henchmen blind-sided him with a social-media attack? An attack that OBJ never condemned and thereby made himself complicit with? Baker got a “strike” for that? Are you out of your fucking mind?

In actual fact, right up to the very end, Baker thought that he was friends with OBJ. Just before the season started, he spend time with OBJ at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana (along with Jarvis Landry and Austin Hooper).

Baker never stopped trying to create chemistry with OBJ. His only failing was that he could not fathom that OBJ might deliberately be sabotaging the team to facilitate his exit.

Baker was the victim. His former friend threw him under the bus. He never saw it coming. And if the Haslams loved OBJ so much, why did they let Andrew Barry cut him? Baker actually had nothing to do with the incident beyond being victimized.

The amount of vitriol being directed at Baker from the Cleveland sports media is astonishing. They act like a pack of wild dogs. I was never ashamed of being from Cleveland before, but these people are revolting.

Meanwhile, back in the civilized world, the University of Oklahoma will be erecting a statue of Baker on April 23rd.

Note: the Cabot quote above is from a podcast titled: “What value does Baker Mayfield have? Hey, Mary Kay!” but it appears to have been removed from, possibly because it is full of lies. However, you can still hear it here. Start at the 4:55 mark.