Baker Beats Browns

After being stymied for three quarters by the Browns’ elite defense, Baker Mayfield made good on his promise to fuck-up the Browns in the 4th quarter of Sunday’s Browns-vs-Panthers game. In that quarter, Baker completed 5 of 6 (83.3%) passes for 131 yards, including a stunning 75-yard TD pass.

When Baker handed the keys over to the Panthers defense, his new team was ahead 24-23 with only 1:13 left on the clock and the ball on the Browns’ 25-yard line. If Panthers defensive-end Brian Burns hadn’t headbutted Browns QB Jacoby Brissett, handing the Browns 15 yards, the Panthers likely would have won the game.

Baker did his job, and while the Panthers lost the game, Baker can certainly claim a moral victory.

Note: going by the “opponent yards per game” stat, the Browns had the #3 defense last year, and so far this year have the #5 defense. If Baker & the Panthers offense continue to play this well against such tough defenses, they will make the playoffs.