New World Order Propaganda in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

“Borders are disappearing.” – SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a superhero TV show about a United Nations espionage agency and is associated with The Avengers. It began its second season last night on ABC, and is a pretty good show with good special effects. SHIELD is produced by Disney, which as you know from reading my book is The Evilest Place on Earth, and anything it puts out should be scrutinized for propaganda content.

This essay contains moderate spoilers. I don’t mention the biggest mysteries of the series: Coulson’s Tahiti project, who Skye’s parents are, or who the Hydra traitors are. Also, studies have shown that people enjoy stories more when they know the ending in advance. So, quit being a baby. 🙂

SHEILD Villain Wears Crucifix

Villain in episode #2 (29:55) as her crucifix catches the light.

You might think that a global CIA/FBI type of organization like SHIELD would be preoccupied with enemy nations such as Russia, Iran, North Korea, or any of the Muslim nations that we are currently bombing. But no, bizarrely, SHIELD is obsessed with the oh-so sinister nation of Malta – a small island south of Sicily. And the other nation presented as explicitly evil is also tiny: Peru.

What do Malta and Peru have in common? They are Catholic; very Catholic. Peru is so Catholic that priests are on the government payroll. Malta is so Catholic that it was once ruled by the Knights of Malta, a Catholic fraternal organization that issues its own passports and stamps, and has observer status at the United Nations. The show has scenes in many other nations, but none other are explicitly designated as evil, or even disparaged in any way. Oddly, the show never mentions any of the world’s major intelligence agencies like the Russian FSB, British MI6, or the Israeli Mossad. In fact, only the Italian intelligence agency makes an appearance, and they are in league with the bad guys (episode 13). Italy, of course, is another Catholic country, and still got demonized even though it is a NATO member. And finally, Sicily is disparaged when a SHIELD agent telling a story says: “The Sicilian backup team, hah, a no-show of course.” (Episode 17 at 41:45).

Why would SHIELD be persecuting Catholics? See my “Jesuits vs. Illuminati – The American Power Struggle” for an explanation. There are very few religious themes in the series. In episode 9, there is brief discussion of god and hell where we learn that Agent Skye is an atheist. In episode 8, an alien Asgardian weapon is found in an Irish monastery (28:51). When Agent Ward picks it up, it brings out his inner evil and turns him into a berserker. The Catholic crosses in the background associate that evil with the church. All of the religious content of the show is anti-God and anti-Catholic.

Message from the NWO: “Catholics stand in the way of our march to global domination.

The very first character we see in episode #1 is a laid-off factory worker, Mike Peterson, who becomes a villain. His son has turned his back on him as the boy drools over Avengers action figures in a store window. Mike goes back to the factory that laid him off and roughs up his manager. Later, he is apprehended by SHIELD.

Message from the NWO:”If we send your job to China, and flood the country with cheap labor, and you can’t afford to buy toys for your children, that’s just tough. Your patriotic duty is to embrace poverty or be imprisoned. Your boy is right to idolize us and not you. Maybe he will grow up to be a TSA agent instead of a stupid factory worker.

Episode #2 is the Peruvian show. Decades ago, Peru commissioned the Nazis to build them some advanced weapons technology, and SHIELD has to disarm them.

Message from the NWO: “The Catholic/Latin world was in league with the Nazis.”

Yes, many Nazis hid in South America after World War Two, but at least they were hiding. Contrast that to Protestant America where Nazis were brought into the government, and some like Wernher von Braun were given positions of power.

Camilla Reyes of the Peruvian Army (photo above) captures Agent Coulson and tells him (at 28:29) “You stay in your borders and I’ll stay in mine.” Coulson replies: “Those borders are disappearing. Aliens descended on New York, remember? They don’t care whose colors you wear, they just care who’s in the way. We should be working together, not fighting.” But the aliens are long gone, defeated by the Avengers in a feature film.

Message from the NWO: “We don’t recognize your borders, and you might as well just surrender.

Episode #3 is the first Malta show. The agents make a show of agonizing over respecting Malta’s sovereignty, but then just invade anyway. The villain, Ian Quinn, is an American who moved to Malta to avoid government regulations.

Message from the NWO: “Resistance is futile! Even if you move to a haven, we will come for you!

In real life, champion poker player Isaac Haxton has moved to Malta so that he can play online poker, which casino moguls like Sheldon Adelson have gotten banned in the USA and other nations. Maybe Haxton should watch his back. 🙂

Agent Sourpuss never smiles.

Agent Sourpuss never smiles.

In episode #9 (at 29:10) we learn why Agent May is so glum. It seems she “accidentally” slaughtered a bunch of people in Bahrain during a Waco-type of situation, and now is filled with remorse.

Message from the NWO: “We’re terribly sorry for Waco, and we suffer each and every day from terrible guilt and remorse to the point where we are reluctant to slaughter more people.

This theme is similar to the theme from the 2012 film Zero Dark Thirty where CIA agent Maya Lambert gets no joy or glory out of tracking down Osama bin Laden. I doubt that the cowboy-types who do these raids feel much remorse. For a real-life example, see the 49:20 mark of the Waco video below where an FBI agent praises a colleague as “honed to kill”:

A far cry from the Agents of SHIELD, right? But who knows, maybe they really are sorry. After all, we haven’t had any more mass slaughters since Waco. Our police are militarized, but they are still much more restrained. During Occupy Wall Street, all they did was pepper-spray people, and Cliven Bundy didn’t get so much as a slap on the wrist.

The rebel hacktivist character, Skye, is a member of SHIELD nemesis The Rising Tide, whose name is reminiscent of the Pink Tide movement that has rolled back NWO influence in South America, which is Catholic turf (see my essay linked above).

In episode 13, Agent May kills Italian intelligence officer Luca Russo by shooting him in the back. This is significant because SHIELD usually just stuns and captures the bad guys.

Masonic temple floor in episode 13.

Masonic temple floor in episode 13.

Also in episode 13, Agent Coulson captures the bad guy from Malta in Italy on a black-and-white Masonic temple floor (36:32). The Masons are infamous for having been infiltrated by the Illuminati. So, this is a symbolic ceremony depicting an Illuminati triumph over the Catholics. The bad guy, Ian Quinn is not designated as being Catholic, but his operations are on Catholic turf, and he has the Italian intelligence agency working for him. In episode 8 (27:00) we learn that an immortal from Asgard was a stone mason on Earth: “I was a mason. I broke rocks for thousands of years.” The character is kind of a bad guy, but still, the subliminal message is: masons are gods.

Two SHIELD agents endorse police-state tactics in Episode 16 (41:49) while doing a raid. Agent Ward asks Agent Garrett: “Ringing the bell and knocking?” Garrett replies sarcastically: “Knocking? Of course.” Then they just kick the door in.

In episode 20 (15:40) an American general describes a SHIELD base in Canada as being on “North American soil.” This is a little preparatory brainwashing for the forthcoming North American Union – an NWO project where the USA’s sovereignty will be subsumed in a larger political entity. Also in episode 20 (2:08) Agent Hill says: “We’re privatizing global security.” Quite a lot of the US security apparatus is already outsourced, but SHIELD prepares us for even more. While SHIELD wants us to worship a global intelligence agency, they present government agencies as less-competent than defense/security corporations.

In episode 22 (33:20), our heroes endorse torture. Agent Coulson says to a prisoner: “Your torture? That’s going to be internal.” Agent May says: “And a little bit external.” Coulson: “Sure, some of that.”

Agent Coulson, who is more like a therapist, or priest than a secret agent, tends to his flock of agents, and bad guys who he tries to turn into good guys with fatherly advice, patience, and support. Agent Coulson’s character itself is the primary element of propaganda in Agents of SHIELD – he is the personification of the NWO as they want us to perceive it. He is a likable character, but hardly realistic as a secret agent.

The last item is a moderate spoiler, so you can stop reading here if you want. In episode 12 (40:00), we learn that the orphan rebel girl of the Rising Tide, Skye, had actually been raised by SHIELD, and agents died to protect her.

Message from the NWO: “Even though you silly people rebel against us, we are like a wise, saintly grandfather secretly watching over you and protecting you until you come to your senses and realize that everything that we do is for your benefit.”

Update: In seasons two and three, I didn’t notice any blatant propaganda, so they have toned things down quite a bit since season one.