Steve Pieczenik is a BS Artist

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Steve Pieczenik is trying to take credit for the Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks. He claims that he and his pals have executed a “silent counter-coup” to overturn the Clinton Mafia’s own silent coup.

I believe that talk of such silent coups is one of the hallmarks of a charlatan in the conspiracy community. We just saw what a real coup d’état looks like in Turkey. There’s usually quite a lot of drama, fighting, and bloodshed, with military units involved. Was Bill Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix a coup? No, it was just a garden-variety bribe meeting.

Maybe Pieczenik really was the guy who set the phishing trap that Podesta blundered into. But even so, that doesn’t require an entire cabal to execute. In fact, it can be done by one guy. Nevertheless, I would be shocked to learn that it was Pieczenik.

But proof that he is unhinged is this quote of what he said to Alex Jones:

“So, what we have is a Jewish law-firm, Dickstein Shapiro, with a Jewish representative, Peter Kadzik, who is in turn going to evaluate, and investigate a corruption trial with Huma Abedin. That’s a complete farce.”

Whenever somebody starts talking about “The Jews” you can pretty much assume that you are not dealing with a serious person. According to his Wikipedia page, Pieczenik was born to Jewish parents, which makes him look even crazier.

But look back at his quote. Did Pieczenik actually say anything that makes sense? Why is it a farce? Okay, Kadzik is corrupt, and it is a farce that one member of the Clinton Mafia would oversee the investigation of another member. But everybody already knows that. So why did he throw the Jewish stuff in there? If you go back and look at the context (see the video below) there is still no rationale. It was completely gratuitous. Anybody who sprinkles their conversation with random references to “The Jews” is just an anti-Semite.

Not only that, but if you look at the Dickstein Shapiro website, you will see that the firm closed down. How could somebody so allegedly connected not know that the firm has been out of business for eight months? Perhaps Pieczenik’s point is that they are a ghost firm haunting the Department of Justice.

How does a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State become a conspiracy crackpot? Imagine that you were an astronaut, and you went to space a few times twenty years ago. Today, you are a software developer, and your job at Disney has just been handed over to an Indian H-1B scab, and you can’t find another job. One thing you could do is write a book saying that you saw UFOs in space, and that NASA muzzled you, but now you are ready to speak out. And you go into the conspiracy business, which can be quite lucrative.

The same Crackpot Track is available to people in the government who can claim to know all kinds of secret stuff.

Pieczenik’s comments come at the 3:52 market of this video. But keep in mind what I wrote about Alex Jones being a Russian spy.

New World Order Propaganda in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

“Borders are disappearing.” – SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a superhero TV show about a United Nations espionage agency and is associated with The Avengers. It began its second season last night on ABC, and is a pretty good show with good special effects. SHIELD is produced by Disney, which as you know from reading my book is The Evilest Place on Earth, and anything it puts out should be scrutinized for propaganda content.

This essay contains moderate spoilers. I don’t mention the biggest mysteries of the series: Coulson’s Tahiti project, who Skye’s parents are, or who the Hydra traitors are. Also, studies have shown that people enjoy stories more when they know the ending in advance. So, quit being a baby. 🙂

SHEILD Villain Wears Crucifix

Villain in episode #2 (29:55) as her crucifix catches the light.

You might think that a global CIA/FBI type of organization like SHIELD would be preoccupied with enemy nations such as Russia, Iran, North Korea, or any of the Muslim nations that we are currently bombing. But no, bizarrely, SHIELD is obsessed with the oh-so sinister nation of Malta – a small island south of Sicily. And the other nation presented as explicitly evil is also tiny: Peru.

What do Malta and Peru have in common? They are Catholic; very Catholic. Peru is so Catholic that priests are on the government payroll. Malta is so Catholic that it was once ruled by the Knights of Malta, a Catholic fraternal organization that issues its own passports and stamps, and has observer status at the United Nations. The show has scenes in many other nations, but none other are explicitly designated as evil, or even disparaged in any way. Oddly, the show never mentions any of the world’s major intelligence agencies like the Russian FSB, British MI6, or the Israeli Mossad. In fact, only the Italian intelligence agency makes an appearance, and they are in league with the bad guys (episode 13). Italy, of course, is another Catholic country, and still got demonized even though it is a NATO member. And finally, Sicily is disparaged when a SHIELD agent telling a story says: “The Sicilian backup team, hah, a no-show of course.” (Episode 17 at 41:45).

Why would SHIELD be persecuting Catholics? See my “Jesuits vs. Illuminati – The American Power Struggle” for an explanation. There are very few religious themes in the series. In episode 9, there is brief discussion of god and hell where we learn that Agent Skye is an atheist. In episode 8, an alien Asgardian weapon is found in an Irish monastery (28:51). When Agent Ward picks it up, it brings out his inner evil and turns him into a berserker. The Catholic crosses in the background associate that evil with the church. All of the religious content of the show is anti-God and anti-Catholic.

Message from the NWO: “Catholics stand in the way of our march to global domination.

The very first character we see in episode #1 is a laid-off factory worker, Mike Peterson, who becomes a villain. His son has turned his back on him as the boy drools over Avengers action figures in a store window. Mike goes back to the factory that laid him off and roughs up his manager. Later, he is apprehended by SHIELD.

Message from the NWO:”If we send your job to China, and flood the country with cheap labor, and you can’t afford to buy toys for your children, that’s just tough. Your patriotic duty is to embrace poverty or be imprisoned. Your boy is right to idolize us and not you. Maybe he will grow up to be a TSA agent instead of a stupid factory worker.

Episode #2 is the Peruvian show. Decades ago, Peru commissioned the Nazis to build them some advanced weapons technology, and SHIELD has to disarm them.

Message from the NWO: “The Catholic/Latin world was in league with the Nazis.”

Yes, many Nazis hid in South America after World War Two, but at least they were hiding. Contrast that to Protestant America where Nazis were brought into the government, and some like Wernher von Braun were given positions of power.

Camilla Reyes of the Peruvian Army (photo above) captures Agent Coulson and tells him (at 28:29) “You stay in your borders and I’ll stay in mine.” Coulson replies: “Those borders are disappearing. Aliens descended on New York, remember? They don’t care whose colors you wear, they just care who’s in the way. We should be working together, not fighting.” But the aliens are long gone, defeated by the Avengers in a feature film.

Message from the NWO: “We don’t recognize your borders, and you might as well just surrender.

Episode #3 is the first Malta show. The agents make a show of agonizing over respecting Malta’s sovereignty, but then just invade anyway. The villain, Ian Quinn, is an American who moved to Malta to avoid government regulations.

Message from the NWO: “Resistance is futile! Even if you move to a haven, we will come for you!

In real life, champion poker player Isaac Haxton has moved to Malta so that he can play online poker, which casino moguls like Sheldon Adelson have gotten banned in the USA and other nations. Maybe Haxton should watch his back. 🙂

Agent Sourpuss never smiles.

Agent Sourpuss never smiles.

In episode #9 (at 29:10) we learn why Agent May is so glum. It seems she “accidentally” slaughtered a bunch of people in Bahrain during a Waco-type of situation, and now is filled with remorse.

Message from the NWO: “We’re terribly sorry for Waco, and we suffer each and every day from terrible guilt and remorse to the point where we are reluctant to slaughter more people.

This theme is similar to the theme from the 2012 film Zero Dark Thirty where CIA agent Maya Lambert gets no joy or glory out of tracking down Osama bin Laden. I doubt that the cowboy-types who do these raids feel much remorse. For a real-life example, see the 49:20 mark of the Waco video below where an FBI agent praises a colleague as “honed to kill”:

A far cry from the Agents of SHIELD, right? But who knows, maybe they really are sorry. After all, we haven’t had any more mass slaughters since Waco. Our police are militarized, but they are still much more restrained. During Occupy Wall Street, all they did was pepper-spray people, and Cliven Bundy didn’t get so much as a slap on the wrist.

The rebel hacktivist character, Skye, is a member of SHIELD nemesis The Rising Tide, whose name is reminiscent of the Pink Tide movement that has rolled back NWO influence in South America, which is Catholic turf (see my essay linked above).

In episode 13, Agent May kills Italian intelligence officer Luca Russo by shooting him in the back. This is significant because SHIELD usually just stuns and captures the bad guys.

Masonic temple floor in episode 13.

Masonic temple floor in episode 13.

Also in episode 13, Agent Coulson captures the bad guy from Malta in Italy on a black-and-white Masonic temple floor (36:32). The Masons are infamous for having been infiltrated by the Illuminati. So, this is a symbolic ceremony depicting an Illuminati triumph over the Catholics. The bad guy, Ian Quinn is not designated as being Catholic, but his operations are on Catholic turf, and he has the Italian intelligence agency working for him. In episode 8 (27:00) we learn that an immortal from Asgard was a stone mason on Earth: “I was a mason. I broke rocks for thousands of years.” The character is kind of a bad guy, but still, the subliminal message is: masons are gods.

Two SHIELD agents endorse police-state tactics in Episode 16 (41:49) while doing a raid. Agent Ward asks Agent Garrett: “Ringing the bell and knocking?” Garrett replies sarcastically: “Knocking? Of course.” Then they just kick the door in.

In episode 20 (15:40) an American general describes a SHIELD base in Canada as being on “North American soil.” This is a little preparatory brainwashing for the forthcoming North American Union – an NWO project where the USA’s sovereignty will be subsumed in a larger political entity. Also in episode 20 (2:08) Agent Hill says: “We’re privatizing global security.” Quite a lot of the US security apparatus is already outsourced, but SHIELD prepares us for even more. While SHIELD wants us to worship a global intelligence agency, they present government agencies as less-competent than defense/security corporations.

In episode 22 (33:20), our heroes endorse torture. Agent Coulson says to a prisoner: “Your torture? That’s going to be internal.” Agent May says: “And a little bit external.” Coulson: “Sure, some of that.”

Agent Coulson, who is more like a therapist, or priest than a secret agent, tends to his flock of agents, and bad guys who he tries to turn into good guys with fatherly advice, patience, and support. Agent Coulson’s character itself is the primary element of propaganda in Agents of SHIELD – he is the personification of the NWO as they want us to perceive it. He is a likable character, but hardly realistic as a secret agent.

The last item is a moderate spoiler, so you can stop reading here if you want. In episode 12 (40:00), we learn that the orphan rebel girl of the Rising Tide, Skye, had actually been raised by SHIELD, and agents died to protect her.

Message from the NWO: “Even though you silly people rebel against us, we are like a wise, saintly grandfather secretly watching over you and protecting you until you come to your senses and realize that everything that we do is for your benefit.”

Update: In seasons two and three, I didn’t notice any blatant propaganda, so they have toned things down quite a bit since season one.

Jesuits vs. Illuminati – The American Power Struggle

Libertarians and conspiracy buffs like to say that there is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats. That both right and left are only sock puppets deployed by one grand conspiracy to effect an Hegelian Dialectic to dupe the masses during the march toward global totalitarian dictatorship. However, this view just doesn’t hold water.

I think it makes much more sense to view today’s political divisions as the continuation of the primary ideological schism of Western civilization: the long and bloody battle between Catholics and Protestants. For centuries, the Catholic church was The Man, and the Protestants were the original protestors, hence their name. The Jesuits were created and deployed as “God’s Marines” to beat back the protestors, which they did indeed do.

Then Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati to recruit allies in his own personal vendetta with the Jesuits at the University of Ingolstadt. The Illuminati quickly became the vanguard of the Protestant battle against the Church. However, Weishaupt was enthralled with the power of the Church, and wanted that power for himself. So he modeled his organization on the Jesuits, and both became different flavors of the same thing: authoritarian power organizations bent on global dominance. Hence the illusion that they are factions of the same conspiracy.

The Illuminati even copied the architecture of the Church. In the first nation that they seized control of, the USA, they reproduced the Womb-and-Phallic Symbol motif of Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City:

Photo by Andreas Tille  via Wikipedia

Photo by Andreas Tille via Wikipedia.

It worked for the Church, so why not copy the same voodoo in D.C.:

Phallic Washington Monument with Capitol Dome womb.

Phallic Washington Monument
with Capitol Dome womb.

There is pretty good evidence that the Illuminati set-up at Yale University as Skull and Bones. Yale was the Protestant flagship school of the Ivy League. As late as 1970, they had rules to ensure a Protestant (WASP elite) student body.

The Jesuit flagship university is Georgetown in Washington D.C., which is famous for training America’s diplomats. That’s where Democrat Bill Clinton got his Foreign Service degree. One of the most-celebrated events of Deep Politics is when Clinton mentioned his professor, Carroll Quigley, in 1992 during his presidential nomination speech. Conspiracy buffs went wild because Quigley was known for having outed the Anglo-American, Protestant, Skull & Bones cabal in his book, Tragedy & Hope. What did it mean? Clinton was just tweaking his Bonesman opponent, George H. W. Bush.

Was Quigley a Vatican agent publishing dirt on the Illuminati enemy? Maybe. In Tragedy and Hope, a gigantic book, the word “Jesuit” appears exactly one time, on page 1,038 and it is a favorable mention:

“The large number of Catholic men’s colleges in the country, especially those operated by the Jesuits, had as their basic, if often unrecognized, aim the desire to transform the sons of working class, and often of immigrant, origins into middle-class people in professional occupations (chiefly law, medicine, business, and teaching).”

But it looks to me like the Jesuits do the exact opposite: run expensive private schools that cater to rich kids. In any case, surely the Jesuits played a larger historical role than Quigley would have us believe.

Speaking of Bonesman George H.W. Bush, he was also director of the CIA, and the CIA, having recruited numerous Bonesmen, is the ultimate expression of Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati: a secret society with virtually unlimited resources and power. After World War II, the CIA infiltrated and superseded the Pentagon. The Bay of Pigs, the Vietnam War, Central American death squads, etc. were all CIA projects, and the CIA is still actively trying to take over the world. Weishaupt would be proud.

The Catholic/Protestant conflict has been more of a rivalry than a war in the USA, but there have been violent incidents. For example, in 1834, a Protestant mob burned down a Catholic convent near Boston during the Ursuline Convent Riots.

Quite a lot of violence occurred in the 1980s when CIA-trained death-squads in Central America killed Catholic priests and nuns. The most egregious incident was probably the November 1989 massacre of six Jesuits, their housekeeper and her daughter in El Salvador. The CIA knew about the attack, and didn’t warn the Jesuits, maybe because the CIA had ordered the hit itself.

The Jesuits extracted a measure of revenge when their Christic Institute broke the Iran-Contra scandal. While the Illuminati is far more powerful than the Jesuits today, the Jesuits can still be quite the thorn in the side.

This theory explains the divide between the USA and South America. In the 1700s, the Jesuits were running large operations (“reductions“) in South America, leaving North America open to Illuminati designs. The CIA has campaigned extensively in the Jesuit turf south of the border, but with mixed results, and recently losing ground to the Pink Tide.

Much of what the CIA does is to make the world safe for Rockefeller Oil and the Rockefeller Bank. And in Manhattan, we see the church and the Illuminati glaring at each other across 5th Avenue. On one side is Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and on the other is Rockefeller Center. The Illuminati deploys a sculpture of Atlas, which resembles Fascist dictator Mussolini. The sculpture also brings to mind the rabid atheist, Ayn Rand, whose book Atlas Shrugged contains numerous anti-God passages. The priests across the street probably fantasize about blowing it up:

Atlas sculpture at Rockefeller Center across the street from Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan (from Wikipedia.)

Atlas sculpture at Rockefeller Center across the street from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan (from Wikipedia.)

So on one side, we have the Republican, fascist, right wing, conservative, capitalist Illuminati. And on the other, we have the Democratic, communist, left wing, liberal, socialist Church. The Fascists like to persecute poor people. The Communists like to persecute rich people. The Fascists would destroy the world with a rapacious, slaving, robber-baron, monopolistic economy. The Jesuits would destroy the world with an incompetent, backward, chaos of collapsing communism.

Take your pick.

Both sides relish their turn at the controls of an increasingly authoritarian system. And indeed, both work to extend the system. For example, Viet D. Dinh, who wrote the Patriot Act for George W. Bush is now a professor at Georgetown.

So, the two factions collaborate on common interests, and are similarly authoritarian, but make no mistake; these are real factions fighting each other, often savagely.

CBS’s “Under the Dome” Takes an Illuminati Turn

In the first season of CBS’s “Under the Dome” there was just a mysterious dome imprisoning the town of Chester’s Mill.


Now, in the middle of season two, the space-egg informs us that there is also a mysterious obelisk in the nearby town of Zenith:

Under the Dome - s02e07 - 39:53

Under the Dome – s02e07 – 39:53

And we learn that there is a mysterious connection between the Dome and the Obelisk. Dome’s are considered symbolic of the womb, and obelisks are phallic symbols. In the frame above, notice that the directer prominently displayed the thigh-gaps of the female characters, making sure that we get the sexual connotation of the obelisk (click image to enlarge).

This womb/obelisk arrangement is very similar to the architecture of Washington, D.C. In this photo, notice the phallic symbol (the Washington Monument) is connected to the womb symbol (the Capitol Dome) by the National Mall:


So, what were the Illuminized Freemasons (the Founding Fathers) thinking when they constructed the world’s largest obelisk, and a gigantic dome? I don’t know, but perhaps they wanted to summon dark forces and have the symbolic sexual organs create a giant baby who would grow up to be a world-dominating colossus. If so, their black magic worked.

What does this imply for Under the Dome? I haven’t read the Stephen King novel which the show is based on, but people say the show has diverted from the novel anyway. Perhaps the Dome and the Zenith Obelisk will confer super powers on one of the characters who will then invade Iraq, bomb Syria, and start a “color revolution” in Ukraine. After all, the Dome is pretty sinister, and I’m sure that it came to Earth to take over.

Another interesting aspect is that the Dome imprisons the people of Chester’s Mill, a symbol of traditional America, and the people in the Capitol Dome make laws that restrict the people of America. But the Dome sort of takes care of the people too. For example, it lets air and rain through to keep its captives alive.

Monarch butterflies are prominently featured throughout the show, and they are symbolic of Monarch Mind Control brainwashing. And sure enough, brainwashing is the theme used to launch season 3.

Note: The Illuminati stole the “womb and phallic symbol” architecture from the Catholic Church. See what I wrote here.

Charlie Sheen, Vatican Assassin – Mystery Explained

When Charlie Sheen went nuts back in 2011, one of the crazy things he said was that he was a “Vatican Assassin Warlock.” He never explained what that meant, and neither could anybody else, but I have solved the mystery. Sheen makes his Vatican-Assassin comment at the 2:42 mark of this interview:

See more US News from ABC|ABC World News

It turns out that Vatican Assassins is a book written on an Amish farm in 2001 by white separatist Eric Jon Phelps. The Catholics and Protestants have been publishing propaganda against each other for hundreds of years, and Vatican Assassins is a modern edition of that genre.

Phelps believes that WASP culture is responsible for scientific progress and freedom, having broken Western Civilization out of the Dark-Ages death-grip of the authoritarian Catholic Church. Phelps is especially outraged by the machinations of “God’s Marines” – the Jesuits – and wants to kick them out of the USA.

Phelps is hoping that a state will succeed from the union, and if one does, he wants all WASPs to move there and fight against the federal government’s attempt to reel the state back in. He pretty much wants to re-fight the Civil War, and maybe even reinstate slavery. Here is a quote from page 503 of Vatican Assassins:

“As calculated, the Emancipation Proclamation destroyed the Southern culture that generally had been a blessing to the Negroes, in contrast to their barbarism and cannibalism in Africa.”

It was Eric Jon Phelps who called Charlie Sheen a Vatican assassin. Why would he do that? Because Sheen’s father, Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez (Martin Sheen) is an activist Catholic (photos here). Martin even took his stage name from show-biz priest Bishop Fulton J. Sheen:

As a militant protestant, Phelps finds Martin Sheen to be an odious Vatican operative. But why does he call them assassins? Well, Phelps believes that the Vatican seized dictatorial control of the USA by assassinating John F. Kennedy. He also believes that that the Jesuits assassinated Abraham Lincoln. At first, that sounds crazy. However, so many Americans believed it to be true that the USA broke off diplomatic relations with the Vatican in 1867. Relations were not re-established until 1984 – 117 years later!

Jesuit history is a lot more interesting than you might expect. And seeing that we have the first-ever Jesuit Pope, you might want to do some reading on the subject. But I don’t recommend Vatican Assassins. I give Phelps an “A” for effort because the book contains an enormous amount of information and photos. But his writing style is atrocious. Half the book is comprised of quotes from other anti-Jesuit propaganda books. Many of the quotes are from Alberto Rivera, an alleged ex-Jesuit who was more likely a simple con man.

Of course, if you are a right-wing, protestant redneck, you will probably love Vatican Assassins. But before you believe anything at all in the book, you need to do your own research because the book is simply not credible.

The most absurd act that Phelps accuses the Jesuits of is founding the Illuminati. Yes, Adam Weishaupt copied the organizational structure of the Society of Jesus, but it is established fact that the Illuminati and the Jesuits were arch-enemies. See this for more.

So, when Charlie Sheen said that he was a “Vatican assassin warlock”, he was mocking Phelps. The “warlock” part was a creative flourish added by Sheen.

Note: I can’t find the reference now, but somewhere Phelps stated that he was supported for three years by an Amish family in Pennsylvania while he was writing Vatican Assassins.

Alex Jones Channels Aleister Crowley

I believe Alex Jones when he says that he despises Aleister Crowley. However, Jones often sounds exactly like him! If you are a Jones fan, prepare to be deprogrammed. In the two quotes below, we see both Jones and Crowley criticizing football (of all things) and frothing about how childish people are (emphasis mine).

Crowley wrote in 1904:

“Consider the popularity of the cinema, the wireless, the football pools and guessing competitions, all devices for soothing fractious infants, no seed of purpose in them. Consider sport, the babyish enthusiasms and rages which it excites, whole nations disturbed by disputes between boys. Consider war, the atrocities which occur daily and leave us unmoved and hardly worried. We are children.”

Jones said 110 years later:

“…the public doesn’t know where Syria is. The public doesn’t know Shiite versus Sunni. They don’t know the basic players. They know the football players. They know who the supermodels are. They know all this stuff that doesn’t matter. People aren’t actually stupid. Their minds and their systems of understanding complexity is in baseball scores. Men will walk up to me, anywhere, the gym, the street, and just go: “Hey, uh, such and such broke the record of the 1942 streak of blah, blah, blah” and they’ll see if I respond back, and I’m just like: “man, I tell ‘ya, I mainly focus on business and politics for factoids and stuff. I used to like baseball…” And they’re always people that don’t care about anything else themselves. Like, the whole country is going to hell in a hand basket, they have no self-preservation because they are arrested-development children whose whole world is about spectating. It’s all “my favorite movies, my favorite shows, my favorite books, fiction, my favorite sports teams” knowing all the male soap opera info. That’s all sports is, is male soap opera. Simulated combat, simulated war, with the generals on the sidelines, and the quarterback is the war chief, the platoon leader, the centurion leader out there leading the forces. They’ve got the armor on. And it’s literally been sold and pushed for hundreds of years, thousands, going back to Rome to steal your entire future.”

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley

Uncanny, no? Is Alex Jones channeling Crowley? Could he be the reincarnation of Crowley? Anything is possible, but my opinion is that both Crowley and Jones are megalomaniacs frustrated by not having enough thralls in their cults of personality.

And Jones didn’t just rant like this once; he does it in almost every episode of his podcast. In fact, he sent a camera crew to the Superbowl just to ridicule football fans in person! They are there as I write. Before you Jones fanatics launch your Civil War and make Jones King of Texas, you should insist that he take a psychopathy test. I bet that he flunks.

The Crowley quote is from his Book of the Law, on page 18, which you can read on Google Books. The Jones quote is “on record” at the 1:12:35 mark of the January 10, 2014 episode of his podcast, which you can download from iTunes for free.

Alex Jones, American Royalty

Alex Jones is certainly the King of Conspiracy, but does Jones have further monarchical ambitions? Consider what he said on his podcast recently:

“My whole family goes back to the Mayflower, both sides. If there is American royalty, I’m it.”

This is especially curious coming from a self-described libertarian, Tea Party guy who regularly praises George Washington for not becoming King of America.

Does Jones aspire to be King of Texas? Or maybe the Duke of Austin? Will the second Civil War be fought by a new monarchy instead of a confederacy? Does Alex Jones have a crown and scepter hidden in his closet that he will break out at the onset of hostilities?

Jones’ claim to royalty is “on record” at the 27:01 mark of the January 5, 2014 podcast of “The Alex Jones Show”, which you can download from iTunes for free.

Alex Jones, Preventer of Knowledge

Alex Jones has sent his reporters to the west coast armed with Geiger counters to detect alleged radiation from Fukushima. But are they actually doing science? Well, consider this: Frank, a nuclear Navy tech called into the show to give his expert opinion:

Frank: “It depends on what type of particle you are detecting. There’s high-energy ones that move fast, there’s slow heavy ones. You have to figure out what it is…

I was very interested to hear what he would say next, presumably something about how that could be done and then how the particles could be traced to their sources. But Jones wasn’t having it. He interrupted:

Jones: “Exactly, and that’s not my job.

Knowledge prevented. Jones went off on one of his tirades and that was the end of it. The idea that the radiation might not becoming from Fukushima went right down the memory hole. The man has iodine to sell, after all.

Actually, the conversation is still “on record” (as Jones like to say). It begins at the 1:26:08 mark of the January 13, 2014 podcast of “The Alex Jones Show”, which you can download from iTunes for free.

Pet Serial Killers of the Elite

Why would anybody employ a serial killer? Well, a rich psychopath couldn’t be expected to get his hands dirty acquiring his own victims, right? Surely such a man should enjoy the convenience of employing a fellow psychopath of lesser means to snatch children off the street on his behalf. But we don’t need to speculate because a rather dramatic example of such a case occurred in Belgium in 1996. Here is a photo of the White March where approximately 300,000 Belgians took to the streets – that’s 3% of the nation’s population:

White March

A protest of similar proportions in the USA would number a massive 9.5 million. Why did the Belgians come so close to overthrowing their government? What were their demands? Well, unlike Occupy Wall Street, the Belgians were not the lest bit confused about what they wanted: they wanted the Belgian elite to call off their pet serial killer who was preying upon their children. The psychopathic pedophile in question was one Marc Dutroux.

In 1986, Dutroux was given a 13.5 year sentence for abducting and raping five young girls. Only three years later, a crooked judge turned him loose, and was rewarded with a promotion to a prestigious position. Shortly after that, Dutroux’s own mother sent a letter to the warden saying that she suspected that Dutroux was once again holding girls captive in his house. The letter was ignored.

Three and a half years later, police finally searched Dutroux’s house. They heard the cries of the girls coming from the dungeon in the basement, but concluded that the voices were coming from the street outside. And Dutroux was allowed to carry on with his grisly business.

Another of the numerous outrageous events occurred after Dutroux was arrested again in 1998. While being brought to the courthouse, police elected not to handcuff him, and Dutroux “overpowered” a cop, took his gun, and “escaped.”

Why was Dutroux treated so leniently? Because he wasn’t selfish. He was “sharing” his victims with members of the Belgian elite who had a taste for raping, torturing, and killing young girls. A government-owned TV station, RTBF, led the propaganda campaign to cover up the conspiracy (read more here in The Guardian).

One of Dutroux’s accomplices told police that girls were “were kidnapped to order, for someone else.” So, not only would Dutroux fetch girls for the elite, but he would do it to their specifications! He would also make snuff films to specification for rich clients – a crime very hard for the real police to detect since there is no public marketing involved.

Dutroux’s victims were used in pedophiliac parties allegedly orchestrated by prominent Belgian businessman, Jean-Michel Nihoul. Politicians, judges, cops, and other important people were invited, secretly filmed, and blackmailed. And that’s why Dutroux got such favorable treatment from the Belgian criminal-justice system, which was obviously run by criminals.

Outrageously, it appears that the photographic evidence of the case was put onto what might be called a “snuff CD” and sent out to the elite. One of the CDs was found in the possession of Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels.

Maybe you are thinking that this was a special case; just those crazy Belgians up to high jinks. Well, guess again. Similar cases have occurred in other countries. And while the American people have never had to take to the streets like the Belgians, there have been many suspicious events here.

For example, while George W. Bush was governor of Texas, the state mowed down 152 residents of Death Row. Only one was pardoned: the prolific serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. I reckon something was wrong with his paperwork or something… Funny thing about Lucas: when he was imprisoned in Michigan, he was sent to Ionia State Mental Hospital where he received electroshock therapy. However, the treatment seems to have changed him from a spur-of-the-moment emotional killer, into a cold-blooded killing machine. So, perhaps the electroshock wasn’t treatment after all, but rather training – MK-Ultra assassin training. After the treatment, Lucas was released early because the prisons were “too crowded.”

Serial killer John Wayne Gacy also received lenient treatment from the courts and police early on. When Rob Piest disappeared in 1978, his family wanted the police to investigate Gacy. But the Des Plaines, Illinois police had a habit of treating such missing-persons as runaways. According to David McGowan in his book “Programmed to Kill” (page 179):

“The Piest family quickly grew angry with the police over their handling of the case, and they began threatening to storm the Gacy house. In order to pacify the family and prevent them from acting on their threats, police agreed to begin surveillance of John Gacy.”

Sort of like the Belgians, right? Too bad the Piest family didn’t storm the house and find the bodies; that would have been the stuff of legend.

Like Mark Dutroux, Gacy had extensive knowledge of the sins of the local elite by virtue of having helped to facilitate many of those sins. And he was very well-connected in Democratic circles. Here he is with First Lady Roslyn Carter in May 1978:


And there’s more; lots more. McGowan’s book has a radical thesis: that the stereotypical serial killer is largely a myth designed to camouflage the work of the elite’s criminal employees.

Note: Roslyn Carter probably wasn’t in league with Gacy herself, but the photo shows how it was possible that Gacy got lenient treatment as a “pillar of the community.”

Merry Lucifermas!

Well, it’s that time of year again when Old Man Rockefeller gets a chuckle out of duping Christians into making a pilgrimage to his Luciferian art work. How does he do that? Easy, he installs a giant Christmas tree right above his statue of Prometheus in Rockefeller Center. Thousands of people come to gawk at the tree, not realizing that Prometheus is the Greek counterpart of Lucifer.

While Prometheus was a multifaceted Greek Titan, Rockefeller’s statue depicts Prometheus explicitly in his light-bringing role, and “light bringing” is the Latin translation of “Lucifer.” (click image to enlarge):


Right behind the tree is the Great Architect, the god of the Luciferian, Masonic religion of the elite. This photo shows the Great Architect as the platform for the tree is being built.


David Rockefeller is the Great Architect of the global economy. His “Great Work” was to convert American wealth into trillions of dollars of corporate profits stashed away in the Cayman Islands. Read more in my book.

Support for globalization has never been strong in the USA, and it can be easily reversed. All that is required is that the American people demand that the Rockefeller system of NAFTA, GATT, WTO, etc. be dismantled. And a symbolic gesture could be sent by boycotting Rockefeller’s Tree From Hell.

Boycott the Tree!

Also, look at this image I found on the NBC website. The Rockettes are giving the Heil-Hitler sign to Prometheus! Heil Satan!


Note: This is not a joke. Having 47 million people on food stamps is not a joke; it is the premeditated work of evil people who deliberately sent millions of jobs out of the country.

Note: You don’t have to take my word for Prometheus being a Luciferian character. The idea is widely discussed, and is the subject of a classic work of literary criticism titled “Lucifer and Prometheus” by R.J. Zwi Werblowsky.