Steve Pieczenik is a BS Artist

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Steve Pieczenik is trying to take credit for the Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks. He claims that he and his pals have executed a “silent counter-coup” to overturn the Clinton Mafia’s own silent coup.

I believe that talk of such silent coups is one of the hallmarks of a charlatan in the conspiracy community. We just saw what a real coup d’état looks like in Turkey. There’s usually quite a lot of drama, fighting, and bloodshed, with military units involved. Was Bill Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix a coup? No, it was just a garden-variety bribe meeting.

Maybe Pieczenik really was the guy who set the phishing trap that Podesta blundered into. But even so, that doesn’t require an entire cabal to execute. In fact, it can be done by one guy. Nevertheless, I would be shocked to learn that it was Pieczenik.

But proof that he is unhinged is this quote of what he said to Alex Jones:

“So, what we have is a Jewish law-firm, Dickstein Shapiro, with a Jewish representative, Peter Kadzik, who is in turn going to evaluate, and investigate a corruption trial with Huma Abedin. That’s a complete farce.”

Whenever somebody starts talking about “The Jews” you can pretty much assume that you are not dealing with a serious person. According to his Wikipedia page, Pieczenik was born to Jewish parents, which makes him look even crazier.

But look back at his quote. Did Pieczenik actually say anything that makes sense? Why is it a farce? Okay, Kadzik is corrupt, and it is a farce that one member of the Clinton Mafia would oversee the investigation of another member. But everybody already knows that. So why did he throw the Jewish stuff in there? If you go back and look at the context (see the video below) there is still no rationale. It was completely gratuitous. Anybody who sprinkles their conversation with random references to “The Jews” is just an anti-Semite.

Not only that, but if you look at the Dickstein Shapiro website, you will see that the firm closed down. How could somebody so allegedly connected not know that the firm has been out of business for eight months? Perhaps Pieczenik’s point is that they are a ghost firm haunting the Department of Justice.

How does a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State become a conspiracy crackpot? Imagine that you were an astronaut, and you went to space a few times twenty years ago. Today, you are a software developer, and your job at Disney has just been handed over to an Indian H-1B scab, and you can’t find another job. One thing you could do is write a book saying that you saw UFOs in space, and that NASA muzzled you, but now you are ready to speak out. And you go into the conspiracy business, which can be quite lucrative.

The same Crackpot Track is available to people in the government who can claim to know all kinds of secret stuff.

Pieczenik’s comments come at the 3:52 market of this video. But keep in mind what I wrote about Alex Jones being a Russian spy.