Fox News Lies About Food-Stamp Growth

Today, on the front-page of, they published this lie: “Despite rapidly-rising number of food stamp recipients in the US…” See the screenshot below. The headline was for this story, which also contains the lie.

The number of food-stamp recipients is not “rapidly rising.” In fact, the rolls peaked way back in December 2012, and have declined by 1.6 million since (click chart to enlarge):


As you can see, Fox has perpetrated a blatant lie. To see more food-stamps charts, see my food-stamp page.


Food Stamps Hit New Record: 47,791,996

The latest data released from the USDA yesterday shows a record 47,791,996 people on food stamps. Please see the updated food-stamp charts on this page.

Also, the percentage of the population on food stamps hit a record high in 2012 at 14.83%. See the fifth chart down on my Food Stamps page. You might think that our policy of mass legal immigration would dilute that percentage, but that is not so. Obviously, our economy cannot absorb a million fresh bodies per year.

Virginia’s FeedMore food bank provided 15 million meals last year, and is still having trouble meeting the demand – even with so many people already on food stamps. See this blog for the story.

A Nation of Immigrants – On Food Stamps

As the Oligarchy campaigns for an even bigger tidal wave of legal immigration, their captive media is trumpeting the “we are a nation of immigrants” meme. While we are indeed a nation of immigrants, that is only half of the story. The other half is mass poverty, unemployment, and 48 million people on food stamps.

The blue line on the chart below shows the cumulative total of legal immigration since 1975. As of 2011, that total stands at 30.8 million. The red line shows the number of individuals who received food stamps each year (click chart to enlarge):


Perhaps you are shouting “correlation is not causality” at your screen. Fine. But if you believe that there is no relationship at all between these two trends, then I submit that you might be insane.

See more of my food-stamp charts here, and my immigration charts here. To learn more about how the Oligarchy is using mass immigration to crush wages, read my book: Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy.

New Food-Stamp Record: 47,710,324

The USDA reported today that the number of people on food stamps in September surged to a record 47,710,324 – a jump of 607,559 from the previous month. The USDA reports data with a two-month lag, so this total does not include the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Click chart to enlarge:

The economy is creating jobs, but obviously not enough to keep up with “population growth” (a.k.a. “mass immigration”).

Data source: USDA.

See more charts here.

New Food-Stamp Record: 46,681,833

A couple of days ago, I speculated that the USDA was holding back the food-stamp report until after the Presidential debate because it was another bad number. And I was right. Not only do we have a new record, but they released the report at 4:39pm on a Friday afternoon when nobody was looking.

In any case, it wasn’t such a bad report. Only 11,532 souls advanced to the brink of starvation in July (the latest reporting month.) Of course, since we were already at a record level, this tiny addition breaks the record again.

Now, you might be wondering: If the economy is creating jobs, why do the food-stamp rolls keep rising? And there are two big reasons:

Reason #1 – Mass immigration – We are not creating enough jobs to keep up with one million legal immigrants per year, in addition to regular population growth.

Reason #2 – Bad Jobs – A large percentage of newly-created jobs are low-paid, and many newly-hired people still qualify for food stamps. From HuffPo:

“Three-fifths of all jobs lost during the recession paid middle-income wages, while roughly three-fifths of new jobs created during the economic recovery pay low wages…”

Laid off as middle-class, hired back as working-class. The planned liquidation of the middle class is right on schedule.

See my updated food-stamp charts.

Where is the Food-Stamp Data?

The USDA usually releases their food-stamp data before the end of the month. At the time of this writing, their website says (at the bottom of the page) that it has not been updated since August 28th. They should have published the September update by now.

So, where is it? Has there been another increase in the rolls that needs to be hushed-up until after tonight’s presidential debate? I don’t know, but I do know that the number of food-stamp stories has died down recently. Is the media also trying to help the President? You would think that this story about there being 1.63 million non-citizens receiving food stamps would have gotten more play: Obama USDA Met 30 Times with Mexican Government to Promote Food-Stamp Use Among Mexican Immigrants.

If a memo has indeed gone out, then maybe the Obama campaign has internal polling showing that food-stamps are a bad issue for them. But it is an open question. Will Americans vote against Obama because of the appalling explosion of poverty in this country over the last 10 years? Or will they vote for Obama because he has been feeding them since Mitt Romney sent their jobs to China?

I think that the issue should favor Obama. After all, how many starving voters on food stamps would vote for Paul Ryan who has vowed to slash the program?

Note: Click here to see my food-stamp charts.

34% of Puerto Rico is on Food Stamps

Not to pick on Puerto Rico or anything, but in all the news stories I have seen about food stamps recently, none of them have mentioned Puerto Rico. That’s probably because Puerto Rico was split off from the main food-stamps program in 1982, and no longer appears in USDA statistics.

So, in addition to the 46.7 million Americans on food stamps, we can add another 1.35 million Puerto Ricans, pushing the grand total to 48 million. For more details, see the “Puerto Rico” section on my food-stamps page.

Food-Stamp Growth by President

I have added two new charts to my food-stamps page showing the breakdown by presidential administrations (click to enlarge):



Sorry Democrats, but last night on MSNBC, Al Sharpton said that more people were added to the food-stamps program by Bush 41 than by Obama, so I felt compelled to reply to that blatant lie. Of course, Newt Gingrich acts like everybody on food stamps is black. But that is literally impossible. We have 46.2 million people on food stamps, but the African-American population of the USA is only 37.7 million! There’s got to be some white people in there too, no?

This is all a moot point though. In the bad old days of “protectionism”, the food-stamp rolls would expand during recessions, and recede during recoveries. But here in our fabulous, futuristic, free-trade utopia, poverty just grows and grows. Is it a coincidence that the food-stamp rocket blasted-off shortly after China was admitted to the World Trade Organization? I don’t think so:

Not only was the launch of the food-stamp rocket a tri-partisan project, but so is the rocket’s continued flight. Newt Gingrich was one of the chief rocket scientists, President Obama rubber-stamped more free-trade laws, and Ron Paul’s libertarians provide the moronic ideology.