Fox News Lies About Food-Stamp Growth

Today, on the front-page of, they published this lie: “Despite rapidly-rising number of food stamp recipients in the US…” See the screenshot below. The headline was for this story, which also contains the lie.

The number of food-stamp recipients is not “rapidly rising.” In fact, the rolls peaked way back in December 2012, and have declined by 1.6 million since (click chart to enlarge):


As you can see, Fox has perpetrated a blatant lie. To see more food-stamps charts, see my food-stamp page.


Food Stamps Hit New Record: 47,791,996

The latest data released from the USDA yesterday shows a record 47,791,996 people on food stamps. Please see the updated food-stamp charts on this page.

Also, the percentage of the population on food stamps hit a record high in 2012 at 14.83%. See the fifth chart down on my Food Stamps page. You might think that our policy of mass legal immigration would dilute that percentage, but that is not so. Obviously, our economy cannot absorb a million fresh bodies per year.

Virginia’s FeedMore food bank provided 15 million meals last year, and is still having trouble meeting the demand – even with so many people already on food stamps. See this blog for the story.

A Nation of Immigrants – On Food Stamps

As the Oligarchy campaigns for an even bigger tidal wave of legal immigration, their captive media is trumpeting the “we are a nation of immigrants” meme. While we are indeed a nation of immigrants, that is only half of the story. The other half is mass poverty, unemployment, and 48 million people on food stamps.

The blue line on the chart below shows the cumulative total of legal immigration since 1975. As of 2011, that total stands at 30.8 million. The red line shows the number of individuals who received food stamps each year (click chart to enlarge):


Perhaps you are shouting “correlation is not causality” at your screen. Fine. But if you believe that there is no relationship at all between these two trends, then I submit that you might be insane.

See more of my food-stamp charts here, and my immigration charts here. To learn more about how the Oligarchy is using mass immigration to crush wages, read my book: Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy.

New Food-Stamp Record: 47,710,324

The USDA reported today that the number of people on food stamps in September surged to a record 47,710,324 – a jump of 607,559 from the previous month. The USDA reports data with a two-month lag, so this total does not include the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Click chart to enlarge:

The economy is creating jobs, but obviously not enough to keep up with “population growth” (a.k.a. “mass immigration”).

Data source: USDA.

See more charts here.