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Putin Will March on East Ukraine

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Vladamir Putin called President Obama last night, and the White House spun it as Putin grovelling for a diplomatic solution in Ukraine. However, the White House statement left out the fact that Putin complained about the “extremists” that we probably employ there, and the region of Transnistria that Putin appears to covet.

What I think Putin will do is make a statement about how he begged Obama to call of his mercenaries in Ukraine, but Obama refused, so now it us up to Russia to restore order in the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine.

Do we really have 300 Backwater mercenaries in Ukraine? Or is it just Kremlin propaganda? I don’t know, but it doesn’t actually matter because Putin seems to be intending to use it as his reason for an invasion.

So, don’t be surprised if the tanks roll soon. Also, did you know that the Russian Army fought in the War of Transnistria in 1992?

Russian Military Superiority

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

In many areas, the Russians have military superiority over the USA. For example, if a Russian sub wanted to sail up to our coast and launch a nuclear cruise missile, we would never see it coming. Your first hint would be when the temperature in your living room spiked up to one million degrees. Even if you had a Patriot battery deployed on your lawn, you would be as helpless as a kitten with polio.

As I wrote in my book, the Pentagon cannot detect Russia’s Akula attack sub, and it can’t shoot down the Iskander missile. If the truth were known, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Iskander was the reason why we declined battle in Georgia in 2008, in Syria in 2013, and surely will decline again in Ukraine in 2014.

You see, while we were pursuing disastrous imperial wars, the Russians were pursuing actual effective weapons. While the USA dramatically outspends the rest of the world on “defense,” there is little doubt that we also dramatically out-waste the rest of the world too. We make airplanes and tanks that roll off the assembly line, and then roll right into the boneyard.

We suffer from a plague of military entitlements, where defense contractors feel entitled to build weapons that the Pentagon doesn’t want. They get away with it by simply purchasing the required Congressmen. Calling Russia corrupt and backward is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

We also suffer from hubris thanks to the corporate media bombarding us with an endless barrage of military hype as the New World Order rolls on with its program of never-ending war. But defeating small, hapless nations doesn’t prove anything when it comes time to fight a large, competent nation. This isn’t a terribly impressive resume:

Grenada (Ronald Reagan, 1983)
Panama (George H.W. Bush, 1988)
Serbia (Bill Clinton, 1995)
Afghanistan (George W. Bush, 2001)
Iraq (George W. Bush, 2003)
Libya (Barrack Obama, 2011)

We Americans have a feeling of military and technological superiority. Maybe we are right; maybe we could drive the Russians out of Ukraine. But such an adventure would surely be far more bloody and costly than our last six “glorious victories” combined.

Don’t forget, even the Serbs figured out how to shoot down an F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber. In fact, the wreckage is on display in Belgrade:

Stealth Bomber Wreckage

Stealth Bomber Wreckage

If a tiny nation like Serbia could neutralize our most-advanced technology, just imagine what the Russians could do.

Now, if the Russians were invading Canada, then we would certainly want to push them out regardless of the danger. But they are not doing that. Rather, we are trying to abscond with Russia’s Canada – Ukraine. Fomenting rebellion in Ukraine was a profoundly aggressive move toward Russia. I expect they will fight for Ukraine just as fiercely was we would fight them over Canada.

We had a chance to make friends with Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed. But instead, the psychotic, rapacious, and incompetent oligarchy that runs this country acted like a pack of hyenas trying to bite off chunks of former-Soviet turf.

And that behavior will continue until David Rockefeller’s ExxonMobil gets it’s hands on Russia’s oil reserves. The only question is: can they pull it off without triggering a nuclear war? Don’t forget, psychopaths are “fearless” – or more precisely, their brain damage makes them reckless in the face of danger. So, nuclear war is a lot more likely than we might think.

And this is not Obama’s doing. The NATO-Ukraine alliance began in 1995, and Ukrainian soldiers have served with us in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our Ukrainian policy is made above the presidential level.

America’s Top Military Ally: Vladimir Putin

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

General Dwight D. Eisenhower once said:

“You will not find it difficult to prove that battles, campaigns, and even wars have been won or lost primarily because of logistics.”

If you surveyed American soldiers serving in Afghanistan about who was the USA’s most-important ally, there’s a good chance that they would choose Vladimir Putin. Why would they do that? Because our supply lines run through Russia – on the ground and in the air. Below we see an Antonov 225, the world’s largest aircraft, which flies a lot of supplies to our troops:


Without Russia’s help, things would be considerably less comfortable for our troops. Read more about Afghan war logistics here. And here is an article about all the fuel we buy from Russia.

And when it comes time to pull out of Afghanistan, cooperation from the Russians will be critical. So, the next time that you are confronted with a neocon fulminating about Putin, you know how to disarm him.

The Antonov 225 videos below were shot by U.S. soldiers serving in Afghanistan:

Will Obama Get the Tillman Treatment?

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

Looking at the circumstances surrounding Pat Tillman‘s death in Afghanistan, it’s hard to conclude that he was not assassinated. Tillman was America’s most-famous soldier when he began to voice opposition to the invasion of Iraq. A short time later, he got three to head, applied with expert precision from close range. Not so friendly fire in my opinion. And during the cover-up, somebody burned the journal he had been keeping.

The moral of the story is that it is hazardous to your health to stand in the way of the military industrial complex when it is on the warpath. They will kill you.

What if Congress votes down a strike on Syria? What if Obama follows in David Cameron’s footsteps and does not order the strike anyway? Will he get the Tillman Treatment? I wouldn’t bet against it. Chances are that Obama would be neutralized in some way, and the war would go forward.

I came to this realization after I saw Larry Kudlow go berserk on CNBC Friday. At the 3:11 mark of the video below, Kudlow says about Obama: “He’s just gonna to be a dead duck.” A pretty clear threat. Then at 5:40, Kudlow is enraged that Obama has refused to take orders from John “Bonesman” Kerry. It’s an amazing thing to see as Kudlow inadvertently exposes the true power relationships in the White House.

Watch your back, Mr. President. It’s starting to get ugly.

Tinker Tailor Soldier, My Eye!

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

If you are having trouble sleeping, tune in to HBO and watch the 2011 film, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and let a British psy-op knock you out. The film is excruciatingly dull. I’m not the type to fall asleep during movies, but watching Tinker made me feel like I had swallowed a handful of sleeping pills – just like it did 39 years ago when I tried to read John Le Carré’s equally dull novel.

In fact, I tried to read Tinker more than once. Each time, I got exasperated and threw the book down in disgust. I defy you to read it. And I love spy novels. I’ve read all of Tom Clancy’s books, for example. In general, I read books cover-to-cover. Even bad books because I keep thinking: “the good part that brought it to my attention must coming up any minute now.”

So, I’ve been perplexed by Tinker for my whole life. But I think I have finally solved the mystery: Tinker is dull because it was designed to be dull. It was written by a British intelligence agent to literally put Americans to sleep. It is a psy-op aimed at us as a deterrent to keep us from looking further into the machinations of Perfidious Albion.

How was it possible for such a horrible book to make it onto the New York Times Best-Seller list? I’ll bet that if the truth were known, British intelligence agents were sent out to bookstores to buy-up copies and goose the sales numbers. Just like L. Ron Hubbard used to send out his thralls to buy copies of Dianetics.

But why? What were the British trying to hypnotize us into forgetting? Well, as World War II wound down, President Roosevelt refused to help Churchill maintain the British Empire, which infuriated Churchill and he turned against us. Churchill sought to weaken the USA by instigating the Cold War, and having us turn against our Russian allies. Stalin even believed that Churchill had FDR assassinated (see story here).

Don’t you think that it’s odd that the US military did so well in World War II, but all of sudden, couldn’t fight its way out of a paper bag in Korea and Vietnam? Genghis Khan had no trouble conquering Korea, so why couldn’t we do it? Well, General MacArthur suspected that the North Koreans and Chinese were being tipped off to his plans. Back then, we foolishly trusted the Brits with too much of our intelligence.

In Vietnam, it was a Brit who talked us into the disastrous Strategic Hamlet program where our side “helped” villagers by burning their houses down and marching them into concentration camps. Not the best way to win hearts and minds.

Ostensibly, the Russians had infiltrated British intelligence, and spies like Kim Philby sent intel to the Kremlin during the Cold War. But Stalin himself didn’t trust Philby and thought that he was a triple agent still loyal to the British.

Ultimately, the Tinker psy-op has succeeded. The vast majority of Americans think that the Brits have been nothing but staunch allies since World War I, when in reality the picture isn’t quite so clear.