Send us Your Maniacs, Yearning to Kill Freely

As the judicial branch of our government debates whether or not the President can stop jihadis from coming into the country, it’s a good time to look back in history and realize that we have seen this movie before.

Like Barack Hussein Obama, who spirited thousands of potential jihadis into the USA toward the end of his Caliphate, another soft-headed Democrat, Jimmy Carter, did the very same thing during his last year in office. In 1980, Carter welcomed huge numbers of Cuban refugees with zero vetting. Fidel Castro took the opportunity to empty his prisons and sprinkled his maniacs in with the good people – just like ISIS does today, sprinkling in jihadis with Syrian refugees. Maybe they got the idea from Castro…

After the Mariel Boatlift, Miami became the lucky recipient of Cuba’s entire prison population, and civilization in the city came to an end. I didn’t move here until 1995, but I am told that for awhile there in the 1980s, Miami Beach was a no-go zone. Police had to patrol in squads of three or more patrol cars or be subject to attack.

Miguelito Perez – bad hombre

Scarface is an example of a “Marielito” but his character was not made from whole cloth. Miguel “Miguelito” Perez was a real-life Marielito. After arriving in Miami, he went to work for the blood-thirsty Colombian cartel kingpin, Griselda Blanco. Perez killed Blanco’s rivals by the dozens. She would even pay him a bonus if he killed their children too. He was imprisoned for machine-gunning a 2-year old. Democrats like to scoff when President Trump talks about bad hombres, but they do indeed exist, and they want to come here.

Imagine you embark upon a life of crime in Somalia. On the fist day of your new career, you mug 10 people. But they are, alas, Somalians and none of them had anything more than spare change in their pockets. Now, imagine if you could come to the USA and mug 10 Americans. For the exact same amount of crime, you would get 6 iPhones and 4 Androids. You would be crazy not to come here.

Order was not restored in Miami by the Carter Administration. And it wasn’t restored by Crockett and Tubbs either. Miami wasn’t pacified until President Reagan sent the feds in. And he didn’t just send FBI & DEA agents. For awhile there, Reagan had the U.S. Navy and the Coast Guard patrolling off the coast of Colombia, seizing drug shipments. Today, Mexico is getting off easy with just a wall.

Now, imagine if a judge had ruled that President Reagan was not allowed to save Miami. What would have been the city’s fate? Would it be a narco-state like Mexico is today? Maybe. And so, any judge who rules that President Trump cannot control who comes into the USA should be arrested and tried for treason.

Note: Jimmy Carter was David Rockefeller’s first puppet president, so it’s no surprise that Carter thought that throwing open the borders to all comers was a fabulous idea. The Rockefeller’s had been scheming to erase our borders since the 1940s. Today, it’s George Soros, and the multinational corporations spawned by Rockefeller’s globalist trade policies who have taken up the torch for the grand cause of dissolving America into the Third World.

Note: If you are vetting refugees who have no papers you can still do a couple of things. First, check them for prison tattoos. No convicts allowed. Second, pop them in the MRI to scan them for psychopathic brain structure. Not all people with psychopathic brain structure are criminals, of course, but if all such people were kept out, you would drastically reduce the number of violent criminals admitted.

Note: For the details of what happened in Miami, see the documentary series Cocaine Cowboys.

H-1Bs Don’t Vote Republican

Visa workers aren’t allowed to vote at all, of course. However, once they get their green cards, and become citizens, H-1B immigrants vote Democrat.

The H1-B work-visa program is a mechanism by which American middle-class jobs are handed over to Asian immigrants. Sure, there are a few Canadians sprinkled in, but the H-1B program is overwhelmingly Asian dominated. And exit polls found that 87% of Asian-Americans voted for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

So, as President Trump drafts his executive order to change our cheap-labor importation policies, he should keep in mind the huge deficit in the popular vote that could derail his re-election campaign in 2020. These inflows of fresh Democrat voters need to damned-up, and ideally, reversed. There is a huge pool of former IT workers who have been displaced by Asian H-1Bs. If Trump gives them their jobs back, they will vote Republican for the rest of their lives.

Not only that, but most of these H-1Bs go to work for Trump’s enemies: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc. Why would Trump want to boost the profitability of his enemies by providing them with cheap labor? They are just going to donate the extra profit to the Democrats.

Demographics, Shmemographics

One of the talking-points of the globalists is that we must flood the country with millions of immigrants right now, because demographics. And we are dying off so fast that we don’t have time to vet them – even if they are tuberculosis-ridden jihadis, the borders must be thrown open to all comers.

However, the demographics argument can be refuted with one word: Israel.

In 2015, the U.S. Patent Office awarded 3,804 patents to Israel, and 3,415 to India. Soaking wet, Israel has 8 million people, while India has 1.3 billion. Clearly, when it comes to progress, population means nothing.

And what about geopolitical power? Remember back in 2009 when Vice President Joe Biden was trash-talking Russia? Here’s a quote:

“Russia has to make some very difficult, calculated decisions. They have a shrinking population base, they have a withering economy, they have a banking sector and structure that is not likely to be able to withstand the next 15 years, they’re in a situation where the world is changing before them and they’re clinging to something in the past that is not sustainable.”

And what has happened since then? The Russians steamrolled the Obama/Biden administration in the Ukraine and Syria. And considering their victory in Georgia, they are on a three-war winning streak against the USA, which has more than double the population. And if you believe the Democrats, Putin kicked them right out of Washington by seizing control of our presidential election with superior cyber-war skills.

The hyper-xenophobic Japanese have essentially zero immigration, and are often cited as a people dying off. And yet, Japan still sports a $4.7 trillion economy, the third-largest in the world behind the USA and China. Not too shabby. Does anybody really think the wheels will fall off of Japan if they don’t embrace mass-immigration?

But what about Social Security? Who will pay into it when we are all too feeble to work? Don’t we need mass-immigration to keep Social Security afloat? Well, if that were the real reason for our mass-immigration policy, then why don’t we have an age-limit for immigrants? According to the Migration Policy Institute, the median age of an immigrant was 43.1 years in 2013 – halfway to retirement age.

Also, think about what happens when a 45 year-old IT worker is replaced with a 25 year-old immigrant from India. The American stops paying into Social Security because he no longer receives a paycheck. And since the Indian is paid much less (the whole reason for bringing him in) he pays less into Social Security. So, there is a net loss of revenue to the program; the difference, of course, being diverted into corporate profits. Not only that, but once the Indian gets his green card, he can sponsor his parents to come here, thus worsening our demographics! What’s more is that some immigrant seniors qualify to receive Social Security. As of 2010, there were 5 million senior immigrants in the country.

Now, if you intend to operate a slave state, then yes indeed, mass-immigration is the stuff. Or if you are trying to stuff the ballot box with Democratic votes, then mass-immigration is the proven elixir. And those have been the two guiding principles of our immigration policy.

By and large, the scare-stories about demographics that you read in the media are flat-out propaganda – just like the self-driving car hype.

Trump Must Shut Down *Legal* Immigration

President-Elect Trump didn’t have much to say about legal immigration in his stump speech during the campaign, but this is a critical issue. Trump had a solid win in the Electoral College vote, but won squeakers in several important states.

Over the past decade, we have been handing out an average of over 1 million green cards per year (see my charts here). If Trump conducts business as usual, and issues another 4 million green cards during his first term, there is a good chance that he will be digging his own grave in 2020.

Now, most of the immigration goes to only a few states. All of those freshly-minted voters pouring into California and New York? Yeah, their Democratic votes don’t count, because Electoral College. But the other huge immigrant magnet is Florida where newbies cast nuclear-powered votes. Trump narrowly won Florida by 119,770 votes, which is 1.3%.

Trump scored a dramatic victory, but that was largely because the Hillary-biased media had everybody brainwashed. With non-crooked polling and honest news coverage, the surprise-factor would have been much smaller, and maybe non-existent. So, it’s important that Republicans not let this win go their heads.

The Republican Party can still go extinct due to mass-immigration.

The party also has to retain the blue-collar workers that it pilfered from the Democrats. The fastest way to do that is to reduce the supply of labor to create upward pressure on wages just like we did after the Great Depression. Bringing the factories home won’t help if the lion’s share of new jobs continues going to foreign-born workers.

Restricting immigration creates a middle-class society. Mass-immigration creates a billionaire/cheap-labor society. This mindset does not come naturally to the Republican Party, but as the pollsters like to say, there is no other “path” to survival.

Self-Driving Cars Trying to Run Over Trump

The hype around self-driving cars has been deafening. And yet, whenever you read a story like “Uber’s First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives in Pittsburgh This Month” it goes on to say: “The autonomous cars, launching this summer, are custom Volvo XC90s, supervised by humans in the driver’s seat.”

This has been going on for years, and while cars can now do some cool things like parallel parking, they don’t seem to be even close to being autonomous. Will I live to see the day when a self-driving car can navigate a Cleveland blizzard? Probably not.

So why the excessive hype? I think it’s part of the “Robots Are Taking Your Jobs” psyop. Every year, well over a million immigrants, visa-workers, and illegals are brought into the USA to take jobs from citizens. And even more jobs are offshored. This level of evil cannot be perpetrated, without causing a revolution, unless they have the cover of media mind-control.

And so, every day, on every network, we are bombarded with the propaganda that “The Robots are Taking Your Jobs!” Yet, if you go look in Disney’s IT department, you don’t see robots there. You see Indians. If you go to the maquiladoras on the Texas border, you don’t see robots. You see Mexicans. And yes, you have to go there because the corporate media is careful to never show them on TV – in the news or in entertainment programs and movies.

The self-driving car hype is part of a vast media psyop to blunt a populous rebellion like we are seeing right now in the candidacy of Donald Trump. And the psyop seems to wearing thin. After all, you can only say “don’t run; we are your friends” for so long before the people figure it out.

Bill Clinton’s Vision for Detroit

Copy and propagate!


Bill Clinton has a fabulous idea: he wants to re-populate Detroit with Syrian refugees. My guess is that the current African-American residents of the city probably aren’t terribly enthused by the notion.

This screenshot is from The Cleveland Show, episode 8 of season 3 titled “Y Tu Junior Tambien” at the 13:20 mark of the commercial-free video. In the scene, the black child, Rallo Tubbs, introduces himself to a group of Latino children:

“Hey! How ya doin’! Rallo Tubs. Great to meet you. Just want you to know I’m cool with you. So, remember this face when you’re outnumbering the rest of us in a few years. Rallo Tubs, who is cool…with…you; yeah, don’t hurt me.”

The scene is a commentary on how Third World immigrants have flooded into black communities. This is an issue that we rarely hear about. For example, you might think that Compton is a black city; but while Compton was once an enclave for the black middle-class, it is now 65% Latino; primarily Mexican.

And there is plenty of conflict. For example, here is a quote from a recent article in the Los Angeles Sentinel:

“Mainly because of the huge increase of Latino immigrants in Los Angeles, many Blacks feel discriminated against and displaced by Latinos, especially in employment.”

And Bill Clinton wants to march on Detroit at the head of an Arab Army? A sort of Million Muslim March on Detroit? Now? During an election? Has he lost his mind? Maybe, maybe not. After all, if George Soros were paying him $5,000 a head for every Syrian that he settled in Detroit, then Clinton would just be doing his job as a Soros sales rep working on commission.

So, I have recast the Latino children in the cartoon into jihadi children. If this meme goes viral, it could put an end to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which of course is highly dependent upon the black vote.

If you have a better idea, here is the original frame:


P.S. Rosie Perez is hilarious voicing the Choni character on the show.

Trump is Soft on Immigration

You might think that I’m crazy for saying this in light of Trump’s hard-line speech on immigration last night. However, none of Trump’s ten points addressed the record level of legal immigration that the USA is currently experiencing. Nor was the term “H-1B” even mentioned in the speech.

Our massive food-stamp population of 43.5 million people is hard proof that our economy is not able to absorb the giant tidal wave of a million legal immigrants per year, plus a huge contingent of legal visa workers.

The truth is that our legal-immigration problem is a far more serious economic problem than illegal immigration. Not only do we need to reduce legal immigration, but we probably need at least a ten-year moratorium on all immigration to absorb all the people that we have already taken in.

And not one word from Trump? WTF?

If you think that you can rebuild the middle class without drastically reducing legal immigration, you are sadly mistaken.

Read Here First: Islamization & Globalization

Two months ago, I wrote a post titled: The Logic of Islamization where I showed how Islamization dovetails with globalization. And now my meme is spreading. Here is a news story repeating the meme: Globalists Using Migrants to Destroy The West (alternate link here).

Here’s part of what I wrote:

“When a robber baron bangs the table and demands: “WE MUST HAVE MORE IMMIGRATION!” do you think that they have Iceland or Switzerland in mind? Hell no! They are thinking Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Egypt.”

And here’s a line from the story linked above:

“Professor Belhaj said elites in Europe “encourage migration and accommodate Islam”, and described the harmony between Muslim migrants and neoliberalism as “structural, and not accidental”.”

This meme is going to do a lot of damage to the globalists, along with several of my other memes that are already in play.

Note: Sometimes I say “robber barons” instead of “neoliberals” but they are the same thing of course.

The Magical Immigrant

True story: European guy comes to the USA. He is a talented software developer, but struggles for a few years. Eventually, he works his way into a position where he needs to hire a team of programmers.

And so we have come to that sublime moment where the Magical Immigrant creates jobs for us stupid Americans.



He offshored the work to a Mexican software-development firm.

The moral of the story is that the incentives to offshore work to low-wage nations is EXACTLY THE SAME for immigrant entrepreneurs as it is for American employers. It is, after all, best practice.

In the corporate propaganda-films that we call “news” the Magical Immigrant is a stock-character similar to what director Spike Lee calls the Magical Negro in film. (Think Whoopi Goldberg’s character on Star Trek. Wikipedia has a list here.)

Even super-duper Magical Immigrant Elon Musk was caught with workers from Slovenia slaving away for $5 an hour, seven days a week, in one of his plants. And we would have never known about that if one of the workers hadn’t gotten injured and filed a lawsuit.

Refuting the myth of the Magical Immigrant is simple: we have imported millions of them, and yet the USA is still covered with a thick blanket of poverty. If the Magical Immigrant is so magical, then how do you explain 43 million people on food-stamps, and the vast hordes of homeless people haunting our cities?

Answer: you don’t.

The Logic of Islamization

If you live in North America or Western Europe, you probably don’t think that there is any logic whatsoever to the ongoing Islamization of western nations. But that’s only because you are thinking like one of the “small people” rather than a robber baron doing “god’s work.”

Imagine that you are a planter in the old south. You buy a batch of slaves, and put them to work growing cotton. One day, while they are out in the fields, you take a look in their shacks. You see a bunch of weird religious artifacts. You don’t recognize them; perhaps they are Bahia? Then, you think “Who cares?” and walk back to the big house because you have a party to attend.

A couple of years later, you have worked your slaves to death – “used them up” – and you go to the market to buy a new batch. This time, when you look in their shacks, you see Buddhist artifacts. You think, “Buddhists, huh?” and then you are off to the next party. The next batch of slaves have Hindu artifacts. The next, Santeria. The next Muslim. Etcetera. The religion of your slaves is never more than a minor curiosity, and certainly not factored into your financial calculations.

Of course, today we don’t have chattel slavery, but our robber barons have arranged the next best thing: they keep the price of their “labor inputs” low by flooding the market with mass immigration of desperate peoples from Third World nations. And many of the most populous and poor nations of the world are Muslim.

So, when a robber baron bangs the table and demands: “WE MUST HAVE MORE IMMIGRATION!” do you think that they have Iceland or Switzerland in mind? Hell no! They are thinking Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Egypt. How many Icelanders or Swiss do you think are willing to work 100 hours per week for $1.24 per hour as the Indians at Electronics for Imagining did in 2013? Not many, I suspect. Probably none at all.

And no, they couldn’t care less if the USA were Islamized. I suppose they think that they would live like Saudi princes, sequestered in their palaces, and not subject to Sharia Law like the small people. Would they care if jihadis were rampaging through the country? I doubt it. They don’t now; why would they change their attitude?

They are being brought now; they will be brought by the millions in the future. Robber-baron logic is not subject to debate. When David Rockefeller decreed that our borders should be open to the “free movement of labor” he didn’t specify any exceptions, and neither do his successors. Robber barons don’t think like that. They import low-cost labor inputs, just as they import low-cost steel from China. And that’s all there is to it. Whatever else happens is just noise.