Why My Computer Science Degree is Now Worthless

Perhaps you have heard that the cap on H-1B visa workers is 85,000 per year because so many Silicon Valley billionaires complain about it so loudly. However, that’s fake news, just like any other fake news in the corporate-controlled/sponsored media. Remember, it’s all lies. The real number is actually quadruple the fake-news number, as I have suspected for a long time now. The federal government has finally admitted to this mass-scale betrayal of American workers. The chart below is based on data from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The red line marks the fake-news level that we have been bombarded with:

The 2017 bar has an asterisk because it’s not done yet, and will undoubtedly go much higher – Trump, Bannon, and Sessions notwithstanding. The vast bulk of these workers are computer programmers from India, as you can see in the data here.

So, is 2.6 million a lot? Yes, indeed it is. According the BLS, there are only 3.9 million computer & IT jobs in the entire country. In 2016 alone, we brought in nearly enough visa workers to kick to the curb nearly 10% of the entire industry.

If you know somebody in college working on a CS degree, it is incumbent on you to do an intervention. Jobs in the IT industry are not for Americans; they are reserved for Indian nationals. That is the law of the land. Your citizenship isn’t worth the passport it’s printed on.

If a student wants to study CS, that’s fine. Buy a textbook and read it at home; you will progress 10x faster. But to pay for a CS education is just plain crazy. As we move back to a slave-system, with visa workers chained to the desks of a single employer, you have to think about investments in education differently. One does not invest in an education to become a better slave. That, literally, does not pay. Rather, the only logical thing to do is to study to be an overseer. So, you learn to become a project manager who will supervise a team of Third World programmers. That is the only viable career path.

If I could trade my CS degree for a commercial driver’s license to drive trucks, I would do it in a heartbeat. And I could increase my job prospects by renouncing my citizenship (and the civil rights that go along with it) in order to become an H-1B worker, who are pretty much the only people who can get hired in the USA now.

I know that President Trump made an immigration announcement today, but when I hear “English speaking” and “merit-based” I hear “Indian” and no end to the tidal wave in tech.

Note: the H-1B numbers are quadruple the quoted rate because there are no limits on universities, non-profits, and government agencies who can import all the workers that they want.