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Immigrant Infects 94 Children with Tuberculosis

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

As we cavalierly bring Ebola carriers into the USA, it is useful to consider what has happened with other such bright ideas. Back in 1999, a nearby elementary school here in posh Miami Beach hired an immigrant woman from Central America to work in the kitchen. Apparently, she was not screened for contagious diseases by the Immigration and Naturalization Service or the school system. But she had tuberculosis, and one day she began to cough and sneeze all over the children and teachers. 94 students and 21 adults were infected with the deadly bacteria.

The two news stories that I found online (Story 1, Story 2) do not mention that the woman was from Central America. I know that she was because one of the infected adults from the school told me – face to face. This person’s TB was dormant, but if it had activated, and they had coughed or sneezed during our conversations, I could have been infected.

What’s most disturbing about this is that there seems to be a bit of a cover-up. The news stories did not mention that the woman was an immigrant, which I believe is a material fact when you consider that massive numbers of people in the Third World are infected with TB. Especially, the poor, downtrodden people that we like to import for cheap labor – TB strikes them at a very high rate.

And there were no follow-up stories. Were there any fatalities? How are the children doing today? Was it an antibiotic-resistant strain of TB? Were people outside the school infected? Parents? Siblings? I spent several hours searching, and was unable to find anything at all. I asked the school and the county and received nothing whatsoever. Neither has even a mention of the incident on their websites.

So you have to wonder; exactly how often does this sort of thing happen? I don’t know, but it certainly was not an isolated incident. Two years ago there was a big outbreak in Jacksonville. This story only describes the carrier as “a man”: Worst TB Outbreak in 20 Years Kept Secret.

Even worse, TB is the #1 killer of people with AIDS, and Miami has the highest AIDS rate of any American city. Is it really a good idea to bring in TB carriers? Isn’t that like rolling a hand grenade into a fireworks factory?

One of the problems with mass-immigration from the cheap-labor pools of the Third World is that almost all such people have TB. According to the University of Massachusetts Medical School: “About 80% of the population in many Asian and African countries tests positive in tuberculin tests.” The rate is lower in Latin America, but still severe.

But we’re screening out the infected immigrants, right? Well, apparently not. According to the CDC: “The TB incidence rate among foreign-born persons in 2013 was approximately 13 times greater than the incidence rate among U.S.-born persons.”

How did all those infected people get here? The CDC says that: “Applicants for either an immigrant visa or refugee status are required to undergo a medical examination overseas before being allowed to travel to the United States.”

And how hard can it be to forge a note from your foreign doctor?

TB is very difficult and expensive to treat; that’s why it is so widespread in the Third World – they just can’t deal with it.

If you live in high-immigration areas like New York, California, Texas, or Florida, there is an excellent chance that somebody with dormant TB is chopping carrots in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant. Those states have the most TB cases.

Larry Kudlow Lies About Immigration

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

At the 9:56 mark of the CNBC video below, Larry Kudlow says:

“Going back to the mid 1980s; Reagan signed a rather liberal immigration bill. We had a lot of immigrants come into this country. The 80s & 90s were really the high tide. Those were also extremely prosperous decades.”

But if we look at some actual facts, rather than Kudlow’s blatant corporate propaganda, we see something quite different. See the chart on my legal immigration page.

If we wanted to go back to a Reaganesque level of legal immigration, we would have to chop our current quotas nearly in half. Legal immigration averaged 578,739 per year during the Reagan administration, and since 2001 it has averaged 1,049,560. In other words, Kudlow’s “high tide” is right now, not back in the 80s.

By Kudlow’s logic of “mass immigration = prosperity” our streets should be paved with gold today. Instead, we see a vast impoverished underclass 47-million strong, seemingly on the verge of intifada.

But of course, Kudlow knows that. Kudlow is just doing his part to build what Karl Marx called “The Reserve Army of Labor” – the function of which is to crush wages by flooding the labor market with millions of surplus workers. This army is already huge, but Kudlow is campaigning hard to add more divisions to it. Learn more in my book.

Note: The single-year record for legal immigration was set in 1991. However, Kudlow was talking about decades, so that’s why I used a chart showing decades.

Will Our New Slaves Be Allowed to Vote?

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

The USA is currently experiencing the highest rate of immigration in our history; nearly triple the average rate. Last year, we brought in 1 million legal immigrants, and 700,000 guest workers. That’s quite a lot of people to find jobs for, right? And since the unemployment rate has remained stubbornly high, it would be crazy to increase the rate of immigration, wouldn’t it?

Well, yes, but “crazy” rules the day. The crazy Republicans want more cheap labor to accelerate the Oligarchy’s goal of moving the economy back toward the Robber Baron/Confederate model of sweatshops and slave plantations.

The crazy Democrats want mass immigration because they believe the fresh bodies will vote Democratic, and thus assist them in their dream of ethnic-cleansing the Republicans once and for all.

So, yes, there will be an even larger wave of mass-immigration. The only question is: when will they be able to vote? The Republicans want 15 years to figure out how to weasel out of the agreement. The Democrats want millions of freshly-minted voters ready for the next major election.

Meanwhile, pouring millions more immigrants onto the growing Urban Intifada might just blow up the country before either party achieves its self-serving goal.

Note: see my immigration charts here.

The Revolting Bank of Canada

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

In Canada, it is illegal to replace citizen workers with foreigners. But it appears that Canadian banks are above the law, just like American banks. The Royal Bank of Canada is replacing one of their IT departments with Indian immigrants: RBC Replaces Canadian Staff with Foreign Workers.

Does RBC need to save money with cheap labor? Not hardly. The company reported a record profit of $7.5 billion for 2012. To celebrate, they have decided to kick some loyal workers to the curb.

This is what happens when you allow psychopaths to hold positions of power.

Google Doesn’t Get Cesar Chavez

Monday, April 8th, 2013

ChavezGoogle received a lot of criticism for honoring Cesar Chavez on Easter Sunday. I’m sure they did it to show their support for the immigration deal being negotiated in Congress. And that’s just plain silly because Chavez was anti-immigration, and rabidly so. Chavez knew that the only the way for his farm workers to get paid a living wage was to restrict the supply of Mexicans coming into the USA. Chavez went so far as to send men to border-crossing points to beat back the immigrants with baseball bats. That’s what Chavez thought of mass-immigration – even when the immigrants were his fellow Mexicans. For more details, see what I wrote here.

Ultimately, Chavez was defeated by mass immigration. As a consequence, today, “wetbacks” as Congressman Dana Milbank calls them, are badly-paid, and suffer horrendous working conditions. For example, they are housed in bed-bug infested shacks, and insecticide is sprayed on crops whether there are workers in the fields or not. What’s the big deal? There’s more where they came from, right?

If you are a pro-mass-immigration lefty, and think that you are a friend of American workers, you are delusional, and Cesar Chavez would excoriate you.