Chemical Warfare Tomorrow in Miami Beach

Wish me luck!

Tomorrow morning, aircraft will be spraying my neighborhood with deadly Naled, which is a toxic chemical outlawed in the European Union. Our buildings are too tall for crop dusters, which need to fly low, so they are going to fly offshore and let the sea breeze blow the Naled over the city. They will start early so that there will be time for the Naled to dissipate, and children won’t have to walk through chemical clouds on the way to school.

The city is not happy with aerial spraying, but the state and the country are calling the shots. The ground attack on Zika has failed, and mosquito populations are rising, so we have to escalate.

We knew that Zika was coming, but of course no restrictions could be put on travel to the Third World or immigration. Our borders are open, and any losses from Zika are considered acceptable collateral damage. Just like the 94 children who were infected with deadly tuberculosis here back in 1999 by an unscreened immigrant woman (see what I wrote here).

Zika, drug-resistant TB, Ebola, jihadis, indentured servants (H-1B workers). Is there anything we wouldn’t welcome with open arms? Seriously, I can’t think of anything.