Nailed It: Trump to Staff Mar-a-Lago with Foreigners

In my previous post, Who Will Trump Hire in October?, I speculated that, despite all of his anti-immigration rhetoric, Donald Trump might staff Mar-a-Lago with foreigners for the upcoming tourist season in Palm Beach. And in what may be the most idiotic decision in the history of politics, Trump has applied for 78 work visas, according to this BuzzFeed story.

Did I nail that, or what?

Regardless of what Trump says, his actions show him to be nothing more than a garden variety robber-baron when it comes to labor.

As of the latest USDA data, Florida is coated with a thick blanket of poverty, sporting 3,259,847 people on food stamps. The idea that none of them are willing to work at Mar-a-Lago is 100% BS.

Politically, Trump needs to blame these visa applications on an underling who was just doing business as usual, and then hire some actual citizens. But don’t hold your breadth waiting for the proverbial leopard to change his spots. He can’t; his brain just doesn’t work that way.

Hat tip to Nathan Becker for his comment here.