Who Will Trump Hire in October?

The Palm Beach tourist industry staffs-up for tourist season in October – a few weeks before Election Day. Donald Trump has said that he flies in Romanian workers because American workers are in short supply. When subsequently questioned about the practice, he said that it was wrong, and that he shouldn’t have been allowed to do it.

Now, he has a chance to walk that talk. But will he? Will he actually hire American citizens to staff Mar-a-Lago this fall? Or will he bring the Romanians back? While this seems like an easy question, you have to consider just how stubborn Trump is. Personally, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see him bring back the Romanians. But if he did, the Democrats could have field-day profiling all of the long-suffering black and Latino applicants that Trump turned down.

If Trump did hire Americans, the Democrats could call him a flip-flopper and call the hires cynical. Though Trump could counter with portraits of all the new happy, smiling minorities on his staff.

Whatever he does, I think it is critical to his campaign that Trump sticks the landing on this issue.