Trump Must Crush the Deep State

“Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery.” -Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati.

So, if all the mystical mumbo-jumbo was just window-dressing and advertising copy to rope more suckers into the cult, then what was the Illuminati really about? Let’s look at another Weishaupt quote:

“I turn everyone into a spy of others and of all.” -Adam Weishaupt

The Illuminati was an intelligence agency. So much so, that your first task as a freshly minted acolyte was to spy on all the people in your life and prepare dossiers on each one. You were even ordered to creep into bedrooms and listen to people talk in their sleep. You spied on your brothers to make sure that they stayed faithful to the cause, and you spied on everyone else to scout potential recruits, and of course, identify targets for blackmail.

Sound familiar?

There is good evidence that Skull & Bones is a direct offshoot of the Illuminati. And if you watched The Good Shepard, you saw the Bonesmen being recruited into the CIA. You might say that the CIA was a mature, legitimized evolution of the Illuminati – a secret society no longer dependent upon wealthy benefactors, but funded by taxpayer dollars – in enormous quantities.

Today, the core of the pathological need to know what everybody is saying in their sleep more likely resides in the NSA. However, the tentacles of the Illuminati, now referred to as the Deep State, spread far and wide.

Perhaps the people leaking the president’s phone calls are mere Obama loyalists. We won’t find out until they are captured. However, this is likely to be the action of the Deep State trying to preserve its globalist agenda versus the nationalist president who seeks to end it.

You might be surprised to learn that the original agenda of the Illuminati is the same agenda as that of today’s progressive, globalist Deep State. According to Lady Queenborough in Occult Theocracy the goals of the Bavarian Illuminati were:

  • The destruction of Christianity and of all Monarchical Governments.
  • The destruction of nations as such in favor of universal internationalism.
  • The discouragement of patriotic and loyal effort branded as narrow minded prejudice, incompatible with the tenets of goodwill to all men and the cry of “Universal Brotherhood.”
  • The abolition of family ties and of marriage by means of systematic corruption.
  • The suppression of the rights of inheritance and property.

While the Deep State seems scary, what with being filled with bloodthirsty globalists and all, how many of them could there be? A few thousand at most? Trump is already investigating, but why not arrest Bill Kristol and send him down to Gitmo for some enhanced interrogation? Pulling on that string could unravel the entire conspiracy.

To learn more about the history of the Illuminati, see Perfectibilists: The 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati by Terry Melanson.

Note: if you keep you iPhone with you in bed, the NSA probably does know what you say in your sleep.

Pen-and-Phone Power Transferred to Judicial Branch

It seems that “pen and phone” power, President Obama’s euphemism for Rule by Decree, has been transferred to the judicial branch now that the people have kicked the Democrats out of the Executive and Legislative branches of our government.

Turns out, federal judges can now make foreign policy. Who knew? I would have never guessed since the Constitution gives the judiciary no such power.

But Democrats are running around proclaiming that the President can be overruled by federal judges on foreign policy matters.

Can you imagine? It’s pathetic, really. Give it up Democrats, you lose! You get nothing!

Believe it or not, the judge in question, one James Robart, is a Black Lives Matter bomb-thrower. See the story “Federal Judge Accuses Police Union Of Killing Black People, Proclaims ‘Black Lives Matter.'”

The Republicans need to go nuclear on this guy. And not only fire him, but shut down his entire court. The first sentence of Article III of the Constitution reads:

“The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.”

“May” is the operative word there. The inferior courts are optional. Shut this one down as a warning to the others. The left wants to play hardball, so let’s play.

Meanwhile, Back at the Russian Embassy: Crickets

“We were invaded, is what it boils down to.” – Keith Olbermann

The Democrats proclaim that the USA has been invaded by Russia. And yet they are doing nothing to fight off the foreign invader. We see them “bravely” smashing windows at Starbucks, pepper-spraying college girls at Berkley, and marching around in “pussy hats,” but where are the demonstrations in front of the Russian embassy?


Of course, if you really believed that your country had been invaded by a foreign power, you wouldn’t just protest, you would burn down their embassy, and run them out of the country. But will our patriotic Democrats ever do such a thing?

Hell, no.

So, we have to ask: Are they cowards, or liars?

Is it possible that Keith Olbermann is a lying sack of shit?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Fake Intelligence

Fake news was bad enough, but now we have the CIA giving the president, and president-elect, fake intelligence briefings.

What the CIA did in the BuzzFeed scandal is beyond the pale. They have abdicated their position of trust, and should clearly be disbanded.

Many people were unhappy with the FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. But at least there really was an email server running in her basement. Contrast that concrete reality to the CIA’s 100% pure BS briefing. The CIA is incompetent and partisan on a whole other level.

Trump should kick the CIA out of the government. They could then seek employment with the Democratic Party. I hear that there is an opening in the dirty-tricks department now that Democracy Partners has been busted. The CIA will fit right in.

Why did Putin Give Hillary so Many Votes?

Hillary’s got some splanin to do. Everybody knows that Vladimir Putin seized control of our presidential election, so we have to ask: why did he give Hillary nearly 3 million more votes than he gave to Trump? What kind of low-down dirty deal did Hillz cut with the evil Putin?

And why hasn’t James Clapper been fired? As Director of National Intelligence, he is clearly incompetent to protect America from the rapacious Russians.

And what about Obama, who has failed his presidential oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?” Is it too late to impeach him? Sure, he’ll be gone soon, but for the sake of justice, he should be punished for letting a foreign power seize control of our country.

Heads must roll! Congress should begin investigating these grossly incompetent politicians & officials immediately. If found guilty, they should be sent to the electric chair, just like the traitorous Rosenbergs.

Should Republicans Support California Secession?

Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Shervin Pishevar, is bankrolling an effort to have California secede from the USA. Of all the states, California might be best suited to stand on its own. It is not land-locked, can grow food, and build weapons (e.g. the B-2 bomber was built in Pico Rivera). However, any state that manages to secede has to be ready to withstand a trade embargo from the rest of the USA. Imagine what that would be like for California companies such as Apple. Foxconn could ship iPhones into the Port of Los Angeles, but what if they were turned back at the Arizona border?

Could Apple replace the USA with another export market? Probably not; they already ship to places like Japan and the European Union. Giant markets like the USA don’t just grow on trees. Apple, and many other companies would just have to suffer a very large reduction in sales. Of course, corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize profits, so it is likely that most California companies would have to move to the USA, and give up the California market instead.

What if the Pacific Fleet left San Diego, along with other military units? Could California build an army faster than a hostile power could land on their beaches? What if China or Russia allied with Mexico and started staging forces there? Might be a problem.

What if people resisted when ordered to stop paying taxes to Washington, and render unto Sacramento instead? How many loyalists would need to be put down?

Seceding is not something you can do on a lark. There is quite a lot of planning required.

And one of the things California would have to plan for is a future where they have a large, hostile, perpetually Republican nation on their eastern border. Because if California took its 55 electoral votes and went home, it would be rather difficult for the Democratic Party to ever win the White House again. And so, Republicans might consider speeding the process along. I don’t think there is any provision in the Constitution for expelling a state, but modern presidents can do pretty much anything with “a pen and a phone” these days. 🙂

I am not a Republican

If you have been reading my blog over the past several weeks as I campaigned for Trump, you might be under the impression that I am a Republican, but that is not the case. I have never been a registered Republican. However, while I didn’t go to the Republican Party, the party did indeed come to me by becoming more nationalist and populist. I didn’t change, but the Republican Party sure did.

In the historic watershed year of 2016, Donald Trump defeated the neoliberal elite of the Republican Party. At the same time, the neoliberal elite of the Democratic Party carried the day by railroading Bernie Sanders. So, campaigning for Trump was an easy choice in such a clear-cut battle between globalists who wanted to erase our borders, and nationalists who wanted to restore our borders.

Sure, Trump is a little too necon-y for my taste, and Sanders was a little to socialist-y, but nobody is perfect. I don’t think that the candidates themselves had a clear picture of what was happening. But the election results make the mandate clear, and up-and-coming politicians should be able figure out which way the wind is blowing now.

It wasn’t neocon war-mongering, trickle-down economics, or conservative moralizing that won the day. Those stale issues did not implode the Democratic Blue Wall. The fact that the Rust Belt states flipped from blue to red tells the story. That region was first devastated by “Right to Work” laws that created relatively-cheap labor in the Sun Belt. Then a wave of “free trade” treaties created dirt-cheap labor in foreign lands. And those laws were created to facilitate a huge wealth-transfer program from middle-class workers to robber-baron billionaires.

Trump promised to put an end to Ross Perot’s Giant Sucking Sound convincingly enough to sway voters. Now he has to deliver in order to keep his electoral-college majority.

Well and good.

But will I change my party affiliation from Independent to Republican? That remains to be seen. I’m still not convinced that the party’s transformation is going to stick. The team just doesn’t have a deep bench. After all, if something happened to Trump, could Mike Pence be counted on to lead the revolution? Not hardly. When Pence was in Congress, he voted for every globalist trade agreement that came before him. Having a Koch-brothers guy like Pence as president would be the end of the revolution.

Speaking of the Koch brothers, I once voted for David Koch for Vice President. That was during my first presidential election in 1980 when Koch was the running mate of Ed Clark on the Libertarian ticket. I had become a Libertarian after reading Robert Ringer’s book, Restoring the American Dream which I found by browsing at Walden Books.

Back then, the Libertarian Party seemed fresh and revolutionary, and free-market ideology appealed to me because it seemed to sweep away corruption. Then I saw Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose on PBS and was baffled. How could something so revolutionary be on government TV? I wondered about that for decades until I finally learned that PBS was set up as a propaganda outlet of the military-industrial complex. Here’s what I wrote in my first book:

“PBS was founded to promote the Vietnam War. In the 1960s, television rose to power, and its news journalists were very critical of the war. So, President Lyndon Johnson set up PBS and made Frank Pace, Jr. chairman. Pace was a former Secretary of the Army, and a former CEO of General Dynamics Corporation, a huge defense contractor.”

As a Libertarian, I was also baffled by free-trade treaties like the GATT. How could all of these evil governments be expanding freedom by tearing down artificial borders?

Thinking back on it, libertarian ideology was definitely a form of brainwashing. Even when Ross Perot became famous for his Giant Sucking Sound in the 1990s, I still couldn’t figure it out. It took 30 years before I finally realized that the Libertarian Party was just a propaganda arm of the robber-baron Koch brothers.

The first critical thing I wrote about the global economy on my blog was “Google Doesn’t Get the Global Economy” in July 2009. It was triggered by IBM when they told their engineers that if they wanted to keep their jobs they had to relocate to India. As a former IT worker myself, I was aghast. IBM was forcing people to move to a Third World hellhole, get malaria, and work for local wages, i.e. $2 per hour. That was so blatantly evil, not even the most rock-ribbed Libertarian could deny it.

Shortly after that, I changed my party affiliation to Independent and began to regard Libertarians as the useful idiots of the robber barons. And I became a rapacious critic of globalism. My next such post tore into CNBC’s globalist/libertarian Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, who I described as Dumb as Bag of Hammers when she blessed the mass exodus of manufacturing jobs to China. After that, I went on a seven-year long, Archer-style rampage against the globalists.

A central tenet of the libertarian brainwashing is that all labor unions are inherently evil, and that labor is a commodity. But of course, once you start thinking of people as expendable, it is only a short hop to slavery. And indeed, we have seen many cases of slave-like working conditions, not only in the Asian supply chains of multinational corporations, but right here in the USA. Funny thing is that libertarians are vehemently anti-slavery, but support policies that lead directly to it.

Now, I am what I like to call a middleclassitarian: I want to restore the policies that created America’s historic, huge, and prosperous middle class. A standard of living that billions around the world literally drooled over. In my view, the bedrock of the middle class was comprised of the sharply restricted immigration policy adopted in the 1930s, and the traditional protective tariffs that sheltered our growth into a super power. The tariffs kept jobs in, and the low immigration quotas kept the cheap labor out. Labor become a little bit scarce, and instead of using workers up like so many lumps of bauxite, employers had to bid for their services, and treat them well. Both of those foundations have been smashed, and consequently, the middle class has been ravaged.

2012 was my first election as an ex-Libertarian. In previous elections, I had voted for any Libertarians on the ballot, and if there were none, I voted for Republicans. I don’t think I ever voted for a Democrat, who Libertarians consider to be communists. But Mitt Romney was one of the robber barons who, at Bain Capital, personally fired American workers, and sent their jobs to China – and got rich in the process. So, I had to vote to strike him down, and pulled the lever for Obama. I didn’t expect anything from Obama, but I really enjoyed punching Romney in the face. It seemed like a small thing at the time, but as we now know, that was the end-of-the-line for the neoliberal elite in the Republican Party.

Note: one of the ways that the Republican Party came around to my way of thinking was the way our enormous food-stamp population is viewed. Romney, of course, is infamous for his “47% comment” but Newt Gingrich also deployed a “lazy black people on food stamps” line of argument during the 2012 primaries. After I pointed out that the majority of the people on food stamps were white, Gingrich was forced to stop. My position was that the vast bulk of the food-stamp population was not lazy, but rather were the victims of globalization and mass-immigration. In 2016, the Republicans stopped their ridiculous, conservative moralizing. Instead of having a globalist like Mitt Romney scolding them, poor people had a nationalist/populist like Donald Trump promising to help them out of poverty. And that made all the difference.

Down Goes Texas!

During the election, Fox News tried to trick Donald Trump into campaigning in Texas by classifying the state as “in play.” To his credit, Trump saw through the subterfuge, and kept his eye on the ball in the real battleground states of Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina. And he was right; Trump carried Texas by a comfortable margin of 9%.

However, as the adrenaline of victory recedes, Republicans have to recognize that Trump’s victory in Texas may have been the weakest since Texas became Republican turf in the 1960s. Trump’s 52.43% share of the Texas vote is entirely unimpressive:


Only the years of 1976, 1992, and 1996 were weaker. In 1992 & 1996, third-party candidate Ross Perot, a Texan, took a big bite out of the Republican total. In 1976, the Rockefeller attempt to seize the White House had fallen short with Nelson Rockefeller having to settle for the VP slot. But the Rockefeller propaganda barrage succeeded in discrediting Richard Nixon and the Republican Party to the extent that they were able install their first puppet president, Jimmy Carter, who then staffed his administration with Rockefeller operatives from the Trilateral Commission. That election, to say the least, took place under extraordinary circumstances. So, you could make a strong case for 2016 being the weakest Republican performance since Texas became a red state.

If you watched any of Trump’s rallies, you saw him whip his huge crowds into a state of near pandemonium. So, how could his performance in Texas have continued the historical downtrend? Answer: mass-immigration, which means mass Latino immigration, which means mass *legal* immigration from Mexico. And while Mexicans are good people, they do indeed vote Democratic.

Can the Republican Party win the White House without Texas’s 38 electoral votes? Maybe, but not likely. Trump won 306 electoral votes, and 306-38=268, which is two short of the needed total for victory. Make no mistake, the ongoing “reconquista” of Texas is the premiere political issue of presidential politics.

So obviously, the Republicans should move to curtail the USA’s historic rate of *legal* mass-immigration conducted over recent decades, right? Well, maybe not. During the campaign, Trump started out by famously vowing to “build the wall.” Then he started saying that there would be a door in the wall, then a big door, then a big, beautiful door, then many doors, then many beautiful doors. And by the end of the campaign he was saying that people would “come pouring in through the many big, beautiful doors in the wall” as long as they did it legally.

Perhaps Trump was just “triangulating” to cater to the Latino vote. Or maybe he had only visa-workers in mind who would never get green cards. Or maybe he would shift immigration policies to peoples who would tend to vote Republican. However, with the majority of the world’s nations being socialist, one wonders if such a thing as a trove of “natural” Republican voters even exists. Perhaps you are thinking of other Anglo nations like the UK. But even there, the Brexiteers have their National Health Service, and might feel more comfortable voting Democratic here.

Republicans always seem to be fantasizing about how they will gain the support of poor people by promising them jobs. But does working in an Amazon sweatshop, where they are driven like Alaskan sled dogs, literally until they drop, turn poor Democrats into gung-ho Republicans? I doubt it. If the Republicans follow my plan, outlined in A Second Industrial Revolution, they might be able to win some converts. But with Trump’s support for “Right to Work” doctrine displayed during the campaign, the prospects of winning hearts and minds seems remote, and certainly should not be counted on by the party.

During the modern era of mass-immigration, all three major parties have supported it for different reasons. The Libertarians simply don’t believe in allowing borders of any kind to impede the machinations of their robber-baron patrons. The Democrats have sought to flood the nation with immigrants purely for their votes. And Republican administrations brought waves of immigrants for their cheap labor to goose corporate profits while simultaneously attempting to suppress voter turnout.

Until we have concrete evidence that this political dynamic has been ended, we must assume that there is an excellent chance that Donald Trump will be the last Republican president – ever.

Note: Mexico is the largest source of legal immigrants by far, accounting for over 10% of the annual total. In 2014, the latest year reported, there were 133,107 green cards issued to Mexican nationals, which is nearly double the second-place nation of India at 74,451. See Table 2 in the Yearbook of Immigration Statistics 2014. All those people saying that immigration from Mexico has shifted into reverse? Yeah, they’re lying. It may apply to illegals, but trust me, no Mexican-American is burning their green card.

Further reading: Here’s a close look at how immigrant voters could affect the 2016 U.S. election.

The Trump Litany

During the past eight years, we have been subjected to what I call The Obama Litany. Every time the President started speaking, he would say something like: “When I took over, the economy was in a shambles, the stock marked was smashed, millions were out of work, blah, blah, blah.”

Regardless of what he said was true or not, it got to be a bit annoying, no? And it wasn’t only Obama; every other Democratic politician recited the litany too. How many times did we hear the litany? A thousand times? A million? It was like they were caught in an infinite loop. Maybe they said other important things after the litany, but I didn’t hear them because I was always hitting the mute button and trying not to vomit.

Well, guess what? Trump can have his own litany. Despite all the alleged miracles that Obama claims to have performed, he has left the nation coated with a thick blanket of poverty. The 43.6 million people that we have on food stamps is cold, hard, irrefutable evidence of not only Obama’s failure, but more importantly, the failure of globalization itself, and of course, mass-immigration.

So, Trump’s litany might go like this: “When I took over from Obama, the nation was deep in poverty with dollar stores on every corner, and 43.6 million people on food stamps as reported by Obama’s own Department of Agriculture. Without government cheese, millions would have starved in the streets…”

And he wouldn’t be lying or exaggerating. Not one bit. Of course, he has to get a sizeable chunk of those 43.6 million back to work before he can start reciting his litany.

Trump Must Shut Down *Legal* Immigration

President-Elect Trump didn’t have much to say about legal immigration in his stump speech during the campaign, but this is a critical issue. Trump had a solid win in the Electoral College vote, but won squeakers in several important states.

Over the past decade, we have been handing out an average of over 1 million green cards per year (see my charts here). If Trump conducts business as usual, and issues another 4 million green cards during his first term, there is a good chance that he will be digging his own grave in 2020.

Now, most of the immigration goes to only a few states. All of those freshly-minted voters pouring into California and New York? Yeah, their Democratic votes don’t count, because Electoral College. But the other huge immigrant magnet is Florida where newbies cast nuclear-powered votes. Trump narrowly won Florida by 119,770 votes, which is 1.3%.

Trump scored a dramatic victory, but that was largely because the Hillary-biased media had everybody brainwashed. With non-crooked polling and honest news coverage, the surprise-factor would have been much smaller, and maybe non-existent. So, it’s important that Republicans not let this win go their heads.

The Republican Party can still go extinct due to mass-immigration.

The party also has to retain the blue-collar workers that it pilfered from the Democrats. The fastest way to do that is to reduce the supply of labor to create upward pressure on wages just like we did after the Great Depression. Bringing the factories home won’t help if the lion’s share of new jobs continues going to foreign-born workers.

Restricting immigration creates a middle-class society. Mass-immigration creates a billionaire/cheap-labor society. This mindset does not come naturally to the Republican Party, but as the pollsters like to say, there is no other “path” to survival.