Impeachment Isn’t About the President. It’s About the *Next* President

With all of the comparisons of Russia-gate to Watergate, I have yet to hear anybody discuss the most important point: when the dust settled in 1974, a robber-baron was Vice President. That was Nelson Rockefeller; a man who was rejected at the ballot box over and over by Republican voters, but still nearly seized the White House.

After Rockefeller bumped off Nixon’s VP Spiro Agnew, he expected Nixon to appoint him as the new VP. But Nixon appointed Gerald Ford instead. Rockefeller then turned his guns on Nixon, and took him down with a fake-news campaign every bit as shrill as that of today’s. Ford became president, and appointed Rockefeller as VP.

It is regarded as an “historical oddity” that neither Ford nor Rockefeller received a single vote for their offices. But that is the world’s greatest euphemism deployed to mask what was clearly a palace coup.

But wait! There’s more!

Rockefeller wasn’t satisfied with being VP, and had stated so publicly in the past. Then, in September 1975, there were two assassination attempts on President Ford’s life. Within only 17 days of each other. What are the odds of that? And what are the odds of both assassins being female? A trillion to one? If Squeaky Fromme or Sarah Jane Moore had better aim, Rockefeller would have achieved his dream of seizing the White House.

In 1976, Ford dropped Rockefeller from the ticket because he needed to shore-up the conservative base of the Republican Party, and the conservatives hated Rockefeller. So, Nelson got the boot, Ford chose Bob Dole as his running mate, and “Dull & Dole” went down to defeat in the election.

(During all of this, Nelson’s sibling, David Rockefeller was working on a parallel track to seize power with his Trilateral Commission. They ran one of their members, Jimmy Carter, and won. Heads Rockefellers win; tails Rockefellers win.)

The moral of the story is that the priority is not kicking out Trump, but replacing him with someone “better.” And what is better in this case? I think it’s somebody who will not adjust the global trading system, which is designed to enrich shareholders & CEOs at the expense of middle-class workers. And Mike Pence fits that bill perfectly, being a hard-core globalist on trade.

But the coup-plotters may have other goals. For example, neocon Bill Kristol is probably scheming to install his boy H. R. McMaster. The tell will be if they try to take out Pence before Trump.

Trump hasn’t really done anything substantial to the trading system yet. Our cars are still made in Mexico, our electronics are still made in China, our shoes are still made in Vietnam, our TV shows are still made in Vancouver, and our IT processing is still done in India.

But if Trump does materially interfere with any of that, he will have a whole squad of assassins after him. Intel will send one, Apple will send one, Google will send one, GM will send one, Disney will send one. There will be so many that they will be jostling each other to get the shot: “Ay! Yo! I’m assassinatin’ here!”