Cop-Killer Clinton

Donald Trump is going easy on Hillary. “Crooked” is such a mild nickname for her. By siding with Black Lives Matter, Hillary is actually running on a cop-killing platform. Not only is this evil, but it is a profoundly dumb political strategy. A recent Gallup survey showed that respect for police is at historic levels and increasing.

Hillz actually sent a memo to the National Fraternal Order of Police saying “please don’t endorse me.”

I’m trying to think of a dumber strategy, but am coming up blank. I suppose if she killed and ate a baby at a live press conference, that would be worse.

Trump needs to play up this angle. This is landslide material.

Hillary Clinton Walks Into a Bar…

…but nothing funny happens.

Hillary is not exactly what you would call a laugh riot. She is indeed a nasty woman. But you don’t have to take it from Donald Trump. In fact, you could argue that Trump was late to the nasty-party. It seems that everybody who knows Hillary thinks that she is nasty as hell: her Secret Service agents, her campaign staff (via WikiLeaks), and Huma had to actually tell her to smile (via an ear-piece) during the debates. Hillz doesn’t know when to smile because her brain is broken. It’s like on Dexter where the serial-killer psychopath has to work at passing for human.

Ironically, in one of Saturday Night Live’s sketches, Kate McKinnon’s Hillary character says that anybody who doesn’t vote for her has a broken brain. Even less realistic than that, there is a scene where Hillz is dancing at a party with the cool kids because she doesn’t need to bother with campaigning any more.

The reason why I bring this up is because a few days after I pointed out some cool kids having fun at a Trump rally, Hillz started talking about the need to do something about the “fun deficit” in the election. She wants to have a national dance party; a dumb idea that she undoubtedly got from that SNL sketch. Let’s see; Step One: hire a contractor to run some Craig’s List ads and hire some actors to play cool kids at the party. Step Two: hold the party at a large university where left-wing professors can twist the arms of their students and force them to attend. Step Three: pay some SEIU workers $15 per hour to act like they are having fun…

You get the idea. You can’t manufacture fun like you can manufacture violent protestors.

But of course, there is no “fun deficit” in the election. However, there is indeed a “fun imbalance” because Trump supporters are having a blast. You can see it on the rally footage that is not permitted on your telescreen.

And there is even more irony: the first three syllables of the nasty woman’s name are the same as the word hilarious. Hillary/Hilarious, get it? How could somebody with such an hilarious name be so un-hilarious? Answer: this is what happens in a coronation; you get a crappy inbred candidate who can’t even laugh right.

Fox News “Debunks” Trump Crowds

Today, Carl Cameron, who is the chief political reporter on Fox News, “debunked” the gigantic crowds at Donald Trump rallies. Cameron said that every candidate gets big crowds near the end of an election. Mitt Romney did, Barack Hussein Obama did. So, what’s the big deal if Trump gets some big crowds too?

Well, obviously, the big deal is that Trump’s crowds are 5x-10x bigger than Hillary’s. And Trump doesn’t have to rely on co-stars like Hillz did at Ohio State. Romney drew a big crowd in 2012 with Trace Adkins as co-star, and John Kerry drew a massive crowd in 2004 with Bill Clinton’s help. Trump doesn’t need that.

Consider this quote from Democratic strategist Johnathan Prince:

“When a big election gets close, every serious candidate can produce great crowds with the right notice and the right advance work. That was true for John McCain in 2008 – and John Edwards in the 2008 primaries, and we know what those crowds signified about results! Frankly, if you’re at all arguably serious to win and don’t have big crowds in the final weeks, your staff isn’t doing its job.”

If Prince is right, then the fact that Hillz can’t draw a crowd to save her life is a huge red flag.

What about that, Cameron?

If you haven’t seen guys like Cameron and Shep Smith working the Trump voter-suppression psyop on the allegedly Republican Fox News Channel, I recommend making an effort to do so. It is literally a propaganda showcase. You want to observe it now because it won’t be long before a Breitbart TV channel smashes Fox into little pieces. I imagine Trump allies like Sean Hannity will go over to the new network, and Trump haters like Cameron, Smith, and Megyn Kelly will go over to CNN or MSNBC, with large pay-cuts, of course.

RSBN Stops Showing Trump Crowds

In my previous post, I discussed how the media was conspiring to conceal the size of Trump’s crowds, but they could be seen on the internet courtesy of Well, guess what? During Trump’s two rallies yesterday in Florida, RSBN did not pan their camera around to show the crowds. The Tampa crowd sure sounded huge, but we couldn’t see it.

I didn’t see anything in their Twitter feed, but I’m thinking that somebody got to RSBN. When they pan the camera around, they inevitably shoot the other media crews on the platform. So, maybe one of them filed a lawsuit; perhaps a CNN employee. Or maybe HRC’s goons simply threatened to break their legs, or kidnapped one of their children. After all, Hillz seems hellbent on breaking all the laws.

In any case, we are back to there being a media blackout of Trump crowds. Why doesn’t the Trump campaign bring its own camera? The size of these crowds is a powerful message – perhaps the most-powerful of all. The fact that Trump has allowed them to be concealed might be his single worst campaign mistake. And it’s not like it’s rocket science either. All you need is a GoPro and a website called

Update: RSBN was back to showing the crowds at Tuesday’s rallies. Whatever the problem was on Monday seems to have been cleared up.


The world’s dumbest billionaire, Mark Cuban, has been saying that Trump’s crowds are getting smaller. What’s especially dumb about this is that his candidate can’t even have rallies. HRC has “campaign events” which are more like book-signings at the Barnes & Noble. And not Harry Potter books either. She draws more like some obscure, pipe-smoking French intellectual.

But are Trump’s crowds really getting smaller? As far as I can tell, nobody has compiled any hard data on the subject. However, there is a good reason why your telescreen won’t pan their cameras around Trump’s crowds: they don’t want the Trump virus to spread.

But it is spreading. Like wildfire.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit to you that we are witnessing a full-blown mania.

Here is Trump castigating the media for not showing the crowd, which chants “CNN Sucks!” This footage isn’t from one of the Oligarchy’s telescreen cameras; it’s from RSB on the people’s internet. This was in Wilkes-Barre, PA on October 5th:

And here is a huge crowd at a former GM tank & bomber plant (the I-X Center) in Cleveland last night:

The Cleveland crowd might have been bigger than all of HRC’s crowds put together, not counting the staged affair at Ohio State where the HRC campaign tricked kids into showing up with a free performance from a popular DJ. And Ohio governor John Kasich wants none of the mania going on in his own party. Instead, he is working overtime to get TPP passed! World’s Dumbest Governor!

But the cool kids are still with Hillz, right? Maybe not. Here is a screen-capture from the Johnstown, PA rally on October 21st:


And here is a screen-capture from the October 22 Hillz rally in Pittsburgh:


Clearly, the party is at the Trump rallies.

The turbo-charging of Trump’s crowds may have been triggered by the recent exposure of HRC’s “protestor assembly line” where she mass-produced goons to attack innocent people and police officers at Trump rallies. Perhaps Trump fans are riled-up and thinking: “Hillz wants to rumble, huh? Fine. We’ll bring a million people. How many you got Hillary?”

In the future, the HRC campaign will be used in political-science textbooks as an example of what not to do.

Protestors disappeared from Trump rallies after Project Veritas released their videos. However, there was one protestor at the Cleveland rally last night. If this means that Hillz has hired a new goon squad to manufacture thugs, then she is even dumber than I think she is.

Here is another view of the Cleveland crowd:

Protesters: Poof! Gone!

Since the criminal gang that was inciting violence at Trump rallies was exposed by Project Veritas, the protestors have disappeared. (You can go here to watch the last few rallies.)

DNC chaircriminal Donna Brazile has copped to “organizing protests” outside of Trump rallies, but heaven forfend, never, ever inside. As if inciting violence outside is fundamentally different. But the fact that the inside crimes have ceased is strong evidence that she is lying. Clearly, she should follow in the footsteps of Debbie Wassermann-Schultz. But who would succeed her? Is there anybody in the Clinton Mafia who isn’t tainted?

See Paul Horner’s story about how he was recruited by the Clinton Mafia, and paid $3500 for the “acting role” of protestor. Here’s a quote:

“Almost all of the people I was protesting with I had seen at my interview and training class. At the rally, talking with some of them, I learned they only paid Latinos $500, Muslims $600 and African Americans $750. I don’t think they were looking for any Asians. Women and children were paid half of what the men got and illegals received $300 across the board. I think I was paid more than the other protesters because I was white and had taken classes in street fighting and boxing a few years back.”

Trump Calls it Again

Donald Trump criticized President Obama’s telegraphed attack on Mosul for its lack of tactical surprise. And sure enough, ISIS had plenty of time to prepare a big surprise of their own: an attack on Kirkuk.

And President Obama has been bitch-slapped yet again; this time by NATO member Turkey who bombed our Kurdish allies in Aleppo. This has dampened the enthusiasm of the Kurds participating in the attack on Mosul.

The Mosul operation was designed as an October Surprise to cover the Democrats with military glory during the election. But now, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has had to rush to Baghdad to try and stave off disaster.

Will the American people really vote to continue this level of geopolitical incompetence?

See also my posts: When Trump Captured Bin Laden, and Why Do the Iranians Keep Bitch-Slapping Obama?

No, It’s not “Play”

The news media is describing HRC’s alleged criminal acts with words like: access, donations, quid-pro-quo, pay-to-play, etc.

This is a means of cloaking the stories such that the casual consumer of news is not alerted enough to realize *exactly* how corrupt she is. For example, if you say that the Algerian government made a donation to the Clinton foundation to gain access in order to pay-to-play, it sounds like they donated money to a good cause to get into a party where they played beer pong with the Clinton cabal.

No. They bribed her. Or she shook them down. If Algeria paid the Clintons to take them off of the terror-watch list, there was no play involved. Nobody was jumping around in a bouncy house, laughing like a deranged clown. Crimes were committed. Crimes that involve lengthy jail time.

Anybody saying access instead of bribery is part of the cover-up.

The Importance of Crooked Polls

Yes, crooked polls with Democrat-stuffed samples are being used as a psyop against Trump supporters to try to suppress enthusiasm and turnout. (You can also think of it as large-scale jury tampering.) But such polls have an additional purpose.

Suppose that you are running for office and are planning to stuff the ballot boxes with phony votes such that you win by 10%. But all the polls show you running down 5%. So, you worry about people getting suspicious, and your opponent calling for a re-count and investigation.

What to do? Well, one thing that you could do is bribe some pollsters to show you being up 10%. So, when you win, it looks less suspicious. Even better, hire them before the election so that you can say that you have always been the front-runner and, of course you won by 10%.

Can you find such crooked pollsters? Sure, why not? When you consider how biased and unethical our so-called journalists are (as shown by WikiLeaks) how hard could it be to find some scumbag pollsters?

Perhaps Project Veritas could look into it? While that would be fun, it isn’t really needed since pollsters publish stats on their samples. They admit that they are doing it, and rely on the biased media not to point out that flaw in their “science.”

What if Foval and Creamer Were Made to Talk?

Scott Foval and Robert Creamer have resigned from their election-thieving jobs. But what if they could be arrested and made to talk?

They say they have been up to dirty tricks for decades, so one wonders exactly how many Democrats they have put into office under false pretenses. Would we see dozens of Democrat politicians being forced to resign?

During this campaign, we have learned that the entire Democratic party is one big criminal syndicate: The Clinton campaign, the DNC, the White House, the news media. If Foval and Creamer could be made to talk, we would find out where all the bodies are buried – literally.

And one also wonders if donors will want to be associated with a known criminal syndicate. It may turn out that the left has to dismantle the Democratic party, and start fresh with a new one that wouldn’t include the Clinton mafia.

Quantifying the Effect of Media Propaganda

Today, the Los Angeles Times tracking poll shows Trump and Clinton in a dead heat. That’s on the “Who would you vote for?” question:


However, they also ask another question: “Who do you think will win?” And while you might expect that question to also show a tie, it does not. In fact, it shows a huge lead for Clinton of 19 points:


How could there be such a huge divergence? Why would so many Trump supporters tell pollsters that they believe that Trump will lose? I think there is only one thing that could create such a massive effect: pervasive media propaganda.

With three weeks left in the race, the media has called the election for Hillary. Even the allegedly Republican Fox News is constantly blaring: Trump is way behind! The third debate is Trump’s last chance! Trump’s only hope is to blah, blah, blah. So, if you are a Trump supporter, and you turn on the TV (to any channel) you will be convinced that you are supporting a losing cause.

Using these two questions on the Los Angeles Times tracking poll, we might conclude that there are 19 points of bias in the media.

NBC Blinks – Cancels Anti-Trump Propaganda Film

NBC has postponed an anti-Trump episode of Law & Order: SVU until after the election. See the story here. NBC made vague excuses, but perhaps they are having second thoughts about going through with what looks like a pre-planned attack on Trump scheduled months ago.

Why would NBC blink now? Perhaps they are unhappy with Saturday Night Live’s drop in the ratings which may be related to their grossly biased depiction of Trump.

This is an important development because it indicates that Trump’s following may be much larger than commonly believed.

Why Do the Iranians Keep Bitch-Slapping Obama?

Because they can.

Obama wants his legacy to have a line-item titled: Prevented Iran from Getting Nuclear Weapons.

The Iranians know that, and have deduced that they can behave as badly as they want, and Obama won’t say boo to them. They can capture and humiliate our sailors in the Persian Gulf. They can make Obama ship them pallets of cash. They can have their Yemeni rebels fire cruise missiles at our ships.

They are having the time of their lives. They are laughing it up, popping champagne corks, and becoming more bold. Who knows what other depredations they will launch before Trump gets in the White House and shuts them up.

Note: the missiles fired at the USS Mason by the the Iranian-backed Houthis were C-802 cruise missiles made by the Chinese and upgraded by the Iranians (according to DEBKAFile). I wonder if there is any American technology in those missiles, transferred to China by one of our multinational corporations doing business there.

I Voted for Trump

I didn’t want to, but my absentee ballot was hand-delivered by Vladimir Putin who stood over my shoulder, glowering, as I filled it out. I also voted for Marco Rubio’s Democrat opponent. Rubio has done nothing to help Trump win Florida, and I doubt that he would do anything in the Senate to help pass Trump initiatives. So, who needs him?

Bill Maher’s Gross Ignorance of Politics

Bill Maher is considered a political pundit, but look at what he said on his HBO show last night about Trump (at 13:45 of the October 14, 2016 episode):

“He’s stopped talking about the wall. He hasn’t mentioned it at either debate. It’s not on his website anymore.”

Maher was trying to convince Ann Coulter that Trump had flip-flopped on the wall issue. Which is bizarre because it says right on Trump’s site, point #1 of his immigration policy:

“Begin working on an impenetrable physical wall on the southern border, on day one. Mexico will pay for the wall.”

Not only that, but Trump bellows “We will build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it!” every single day at his rallies. And the crowd goes wild. It is literally the bread-and-butter of his stump speech.

Later in the show (51:37) Maher mocked Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and called him a “dummy.” Pot, kettle, black, Mr. Maher? If you had a dumb-off between the two potheads, it’s not clear who would win.

And finally, Maher said (51:20) that Florida was a “climate ravaged” state. Ridiculous. I live in Florida, and if I had to describe the “climate” over the last ten years in one word, that word would be: paradisiacal.

Clearly, Mr. Maher should step down from his dumb show.

Note: if you have never seen one of Trump’s live rallies, just go to this site and watch the next one. They are always a good show with huge, and wildly enthusiastic crowds. It feels like something big is happening. Especially in contrast to HRC rallies, which are in tiny rooms filled with dust and cobwebs. And if you look closely at the cobwebs, the spiders are dead, permitting the flies to run wild and land unnoticed on Hillary’s face, proving that she is a zombie.

May the Best Rapist Win

Suppose that you have a ballot in front of you, and somehow, your only choices are convicted Rapist A or convicted Rapist B. What do you do? You might think that the two candidates cancel each other out on the rapist issue, and then look at the rest of the issues. Or you might tear up your ballot in disgust.

The latter scenario manifests as a suppressed turnout, which is generally thought to favor the Republicans. So, we have to consider that the HMS Clinton made a mistake when it fired its chaff at the the Trump ballistic missile. Sure, if the Clintons were squeaky clean, it would have been a good strategy, but they are anything but. Bill Clinton’s reputation is notorious. And Hillary Clinton is equally notorious for enabling him, and chuckling over how she helped turn loose the accused rapist of a 12-year-old girl. See the video below.

And don’t forget that the “lovable” accused rapist Bill Clinton only got elected because Ross Perot split the right-wing vote in both 1992 and 1996. So, on November 8th don’t be surprised if we find out that the Clintons are not as popular as generally thought.

The Hillary rape tape; listen all the way through as she laughs it up in two different spots:

I wrote “HMS Clinton” above because if Hillz is elected, the coronation will have succeeded, and we will have switched our form of government to a monarchy. That will make Chelsea the princess who will, in turn, be coronated in 2020. So, the first order of business after the election will be to rename all of our ships from USS to HMS.

Speaking of which, here is what chaff looks like:

Chaff can confuse a self-guided missile. However, for a ballistic missile that is going to fall to Earth on an unalterable spot, you better get the hell out of the way, or fire a Patriot at it if you have one handy. So, if Trump is a ballistic missile, and Hillz just fired some chaff at him, she used the wrong countermeasure.

Terrorists Welcome

Americans are outraged by the fact that terrorists are allowed to just sashay into the USA and massacre us. But this is nothing new. For example, 25 years ago, the infamous Blind Sheik was given a green card while he was on the terrorist watch list.

There is a reason why this happens: it is policy.

When the “open borders” crowd, of which Hillary Clinton has declared herself a member, says “open borders” they mean exactly that: everybody comes in, including terrorists. So, are they pro-terrorist? No, but their plan is so dumb that they certainly do look pro-terrorist.

The plan is to let everybody in, and then have our police organizations simply arrest the terrorists, and our doctors cure the TB and Ebola carriers. Such a plan could ostensibly work if the number of people coming in were small, but it is not. The fact is that police organizations are limited in what they can handle. It takes an enormous amount of manpower to surveil terrorists. Instead, what you get are no-go zones, of which Europe is now covered with.

Of course, no-go zones are not a problem for robber barons like George Soros & Bill Gates who want the cheap labor provided by mass-immigration. After all, they have their own personal commando units protecting them.

Is a vote for HRC a vote for more terrorism? Absolutely.