A Final Solution for Joe Sixpack

Since the mass liquidation of the American blue-collar middle class began with NAFTA twenty-five years ago, Joe Sixpack hasn’t complained, let alone resisted, very much. And Establishment oligarchs like Mitt Romney were content of have millions of workers pile up on the food-stamp rolls as they were feverishly shipping factories down to Mexico and over to China. The massive profits they made from cheap labor far outweighed any taxes they had to pay to deal with the wreckage they created in the USA.

But now, something has gone terribly wrong. And the pristine status quo of America’s process of de-industrialization has been disturbed: Joe Sixpack is fighting back. He’s voting for Donald Trump.

America’s carpetbaggers are outraged; incensed, that Joe Sixpack is no longer content to live out the life of poverty they have bequeathed to him. I guess they never thought that it would happen. How ridiculous.

So naturally, something must be done. What that is, is not yet known. It’s early in the process. We are only at Stage One: demonizing the enemy.

Establishment organ Nation Review is leading the charge against Joe Sixpack, publishing a shockingly vitriolic attack by theater critic Kevin D. Williamson who doesn’t waste any time calling Donald Trump a Nazi right in the title: The Father-Führer. But don’t bother reading the whole thing because it is largely incoherent. For example, here’s a quote:

“The family-life numbers, on the other hand, came down on us like a meteor. Before the war, divorce had been such an alien phenomenon that it animated such shaggy-dog stories as The Gay Divorcee, a play in which a fictitious act of adultery had to be invented to move the plot forward.”

WTF, right?

In short, Williamson blames Joe Sixpack’s suffering on his own immorality. Exporting over 50,000 factories and importing tens of millions of workers had nothing to do with it. If only Joe didn’t have that divorce, he would have no worries.


There is a chicken-and-egg question here: Did Joe Sixpack turn to OxyContin before or after the plant where he worked was sent to Mexico? Did his wife divorce him before or after he lost his job? Williamson thinks it was before.


Jobs don’t cure all ills, but they do indeed cure quite a lot of them.

Here’s another quote:

“The white American underclass is in thrall to a vicious, selfish culture whose main products are misery and used heroin needles.”

This is the way guys like Williamson used to talk about black people. Not even Vladimir Putin talks like this about America.

What is Williamson’s solution? Keep the borders open, and give Joe Sixpack a U-Haul so that he can move out of fly-over country and get a god-damned job already!

“They need real opportunity, which means that they need real change, which means that they need U-Haul.”

So, let’s see…if we give a U-Haul to each and every one of the 45 million people on food stamps, and then send them to…where exactly? Williamson doesn’t say, but he did mention fracking:

“…get off your asses and go find a job: You’re a four-hour bus ride away from the gas fields of Pennsylvania.”

I guess he hasn’t heard about the glut of oil and gas and the plummeting rig counts. And what about older Joe Sixpack’s and Jane Sixpack? Could they work on drilling rigs? Probably not. The truth is that in Kevin D. Williamson’s America, people would be living in those U-Hauls.

The most telling quote is this one:

“The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets. Morally, they are indefensible.”

This is chilling because the Republican Establishment is also known as The War Party. When they start to demonize you, then you need to fear for your life. Literally. Would they carpet-bomb small-town America just to hold onto power? Perhaps justified with a false-flag operation? Maybe so.

Joe Sixpack needs to watch his back.

Did Chipotle Hose Down Their Scabs?

In the photo below we see Mexican Braceros being sprayed with DDT before going to work on US farms – a process not too different from sheep-dipping:


That was a long time ago, so what does that have to do with Chipotle? Well, if you get your news from the corporate media, you can be forgiven for being baffled as to why Chipotle poisoned so many of its customers. But there is no mystery. Here’s the basic outline of what happened:

Fast-food workers went on strike and won higher wages.

Employers retaliated by sending agents south of the border to put up posters promising “asylum” in the USA.

Mexico cheerfully allowed them to pass through, with employers likely greasing a few palms.

There was a little trouble getting the “refugees” into the USA, but the robber-barons’ PR man, a slick dude called Barack Obama got them in.

The “refugees” were apparently not properly sheep-dipped before being assigned to make tacos at Chipotle, people were poisoned, and the company’s stock was nearly chopped in half.

You can Google up the details.

Would Corporate America poison you just to save a couple of bucks on their payroll? Yes, of course they would. Do “progressives” like President Obama secretly work for the robber-barons? Yes, of course they do. Because in the USA, there is really only one ideology: Neoliberalism, where the ideal of cheap labor trumps all other values, including public health.

Would this change under a Trump presidency? I’m not holding my breath, though Trump’s Romanians at Mar-a-Lago don’t seem to be poisoning the clientele.

Let’s just be thankful that the scabs weren’t jihadis or Ebola-carriers, both of which are also welcomed with open arms. Could a jihadi infect himself with Ebola, come to the USA disguised as a refugee, get a job at a fast-food restaurant and infect thousands of people? Probably.

Note: Being sprayed with deadly chemicals wasn’t the only thing that the Braceros were subjected to, and modern migrant workers aren’t treated much better.

Ted Cruz Sings from the Rockefeller Hymn Book

During last night’s Republican presidential debate, Ted Cruz said: “Smoot-Hawley led to the Great Depression.” But if you look at the chart below, you will see that tariffs during the 1930s were not unusually high by historical standards:

Tariff Table

And I might add that tariffs were very high during the period between the Civil War and World War I when the USA grew into a superpower. And that was no accident. In fact, it was our plan. Tariffs were the centerpiece of the American School of Economics. This is historical fact. High-tariff America didn’t have 45 million people on food stamps like free-trading America does today.

Cruz also said: “…a tariff is a tax on you, the American people…” But that’s only half of the transaction. The tariff would bring some production back to the USA, people would get hired, start spending money again, and your business would have more revenue. Or, if you work for somebody else, their revenue would increase and you could ask for a raise.

Both of Cruz’s statements are straight out of the globalist book of talking points. I wouldn’t go out of my way to criticize him if he weren’t posing as an outsider. But the two quotes discussed here are 100% establishment.

It is painfully obvious that the “grand” experiment of free trade and mass-immigration conducted over the past 25 years has failed. These polices need to be reversed, and Ted Cruz is obviously not the man to do it.

Donald Trump’s Scab Man

PetrinaJust like every boxer needs a cut man, every billionaire needs a scab man to acquire his cheap foreign labor. In Trump’s case, it’s a scumbag by the name of Peter Petrina. According to the New Your Times: “To find foreign workers for his resorts, golf clubs and vineyard, Mr. Trump uses a recruiter based in upstate New York, Peter Petrina. Mr. Petrina, who declined to comment, is of Romanian descent and has an office in Romania, which has served as a labor pool for many European countries.

So, if you have an office full of uppity American workers who feel entitled to a middle-class lifestyle, and you want to kick them to the curb to increase your profits and buy that third jet, Mr Petrina is your man. He will fly in planeloads of his hapless countrymen who will work for peanuts on restrictive visas, and not even dare to dream the American Dream.